Conformity with norms and beliefs. We are

February 20, 2019 February 25th, 2019 General Studies

Conformity is the change in behavior due to the desire to follow the norms of other people. Pressures to conform can be quite strong resulting in the behavior that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Conformity can be positive or negative. It mainly depends on the situation. If the person decides to drive drunk because the group is doing it, that would be a negative conformity. However, there should always be some conformity for the society to function properly. You stop at the red light, which is the norm, therefore society continues functioning correctly. Imagine if people decided to not obey the stop lights and just keep going. From the birth we are part of the society with norms and beliefs. We are taught from early age to conform and obey, otherwise there will be consequences. Solomon Asch proves the pressure to conform is very powerful through his experiment. Even though the subject knew that the answer the rest of the group provided was wrong, he/she still conformed with the group, giving the wrong answer. Mostly not to seem “dumb” or “different” from the rest of the group. Adolescent peer groups play a major role in teenagers lives. As children try to find their identities they are more likely to conform to peer pressures in order to be accepted by their groups. In order to get accepted by the group they would have to conform to the norms and beliefs of that group. For instance if you are hanging out with a group that drinks alcohol, you are more than likely to engage in same behavior or risk being rejected. As a result of group conformity, teenagers tend to run in packs, talking and dressing alike.


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