Cons of plastic surgery

June 6, 2018 General Studies

In this cutting-edge technology to the rapid development of society,people now enjoy a higher standard of living. Consequently,the number of people who did plastic surgery is increasing,however,there have many disadvantages also. The three cons of plastic surgery are possibility of death,imperfect result and addiction. To begin with,plastic surgery is very dangerous and easy to cause death. For instance,a girl named Wang Bei,she was a singer in China. she died after plastic surgery in 2010 and she was only 24 years old. She just want to bone her face,but died because of the bleeding. I felt very upset when I heard this sad news.

If she did not try to do the plastic surgery,her life will be more glorious. Moreover,complications can make people die. Some people allergic to medicine or saline,then they are forbidden to do Plastic surgery,because the process of surgery will take their lives. Occasionally,people die is due to the doctor by mistakes. Maybe some doctors are novices,they do not know how to operate,leading to a big eye and a small eye. Another guess that the doctor perhaps very nervous and shake his hands,make a lot of bacteria enter the body,this is a kind of reason that people will die after plastic surgery.

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So possibility of death is the biggest risk in plastic surgery. Secondly,the result of plastic surgery is not very perfect. If you take a picture of Rihanna to looking for a plastic surgeon and say that you want to become Rihanna,the plastic surgeon can promise that you look like Rihanna in the future? The answer must be no. One of the most famous example is Michael Jackson. He not only make the skin from the black into white,but also make the nose up straight and pretty. As you know,he experienced plastic surgery many times in his life,because he never satisfied with the current.

Obviously,the imperfect result is one disadvantage of plastic surgery. Finally,a lot of people will be addicted to plastic surgery. Jocelyn Wildenstein is a classic example of addicted to plastic surgery. She is a New York socialite,and she did facial surgeries many times with the purpose of just wanted to make face like a cat. She sometimes referred to as”The Lion Queen”or”The Cat Woman”,She spend 500,000 dollars on plastic surgery in previous years and cost more and more in recent years. Her forehead is very high,from the side this bulge is so disgusting. Likeness,her thick lips can make people like it less.

Whereas in her mind,she is the most sexy and mysterious woman in the world. She is a telling example of the plastic surgery addiction,if someone addicted to plastic surgery,it is a big drawback of her or his life. In conclusion,we must recognize the nature of plastic surgery,and know defects are numerous. Actually,the cons of plastic surgery is not only three points. If you from a very ugly girl cosmetic to very beautiful girl,what about your child? Your child’s gene must follow yours,and when people learn of it,they are bound to talk. All in all,there are many cons of plastic surgery,I hope people can consider clear before do it.


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