Conscious Judgments And To Kill A Mockingbird English Literature Essay

August 26, 2017 English Literature

Prejudice is everyplace. It ‘s on the streets and in the edifices of metropoliss. It floats among big groups of people, and it drifts between close friends. Prejudice, defined as the unreasonable, unfavourable judgement of person without valid ground, is prevailing everyplace in society. Peoples may non consciously cognize it, but the ethical motives built inside of them based on how they are raised will impact them in a minimum manner. However, being consciously prejudiced against a certain individual due to something every bit shallow as visual aspect can non fall within the range of “ valid logical thinking ” for being biased against them. And this “ bias ” is precisely what the author Harper Lee observed in her mundane life. In her novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, there are many illustrations of such bias, including those refering to sexism and classism. The most noteworthy mentions to unfair bias are those of racism, and Harper Lee inquiries her society ‘s damaging racism through her authorship.

Harper Lee portrays parts of the lives of inkinesss and shows that they ‘re non truly what other people prejudge them to be. Blacks, in a Maycomb-type society, are considered much lower in societal rank than Whites. They purportedly do different things, think otherwise, act otherwise, and are non really similar to Whites. Harper Lee portrays their existent lives, demoing the white society ‘s ideas otherwise. In one peculiar instance, Lee mentions the faith of the people of Maycomb and how they go about being spiritual. One twenty-four hours, Calpurnia, the black adult female who raised Scout and Jem, brought the two kids to a church specifically for inkinesss. An unpleasant black lady at that place, Lula, was displeased with the white kids being in the church with inkinesss. She complained that the Whites had their ain church to travel to, so Jem and Scout should n’t be at the black ‘s church. Calpurnia simply replied, “ It ‘s the same God, ai n’t it ” ( 119 ) ? Calpurnia ‘s point is that although inkinesss and Whites are separated by location of church, their faiths and beliefs are non separate. This besides ties into how the two groups of people sing their anthem. White people are literate ; they read from a hymn book. Black people are, for the most portion, nonreader ; Zeebo reads lines from the anthem book and the inkinesss follow suit by singing the words with the tune ( 121 ) . The church locations separate them, but their Black Marias pray to the same God. Both groups have different processs, but are both able to sing the words of the anthem books. The reader can non separate what is so different about how the two groups of people think. Another illustration of life style is besides associated with Calpurnia. She is a good illustration of a black life in a close-to-normal life with comparatively just intervention in the Finch house. Although most black nurses are merely in a family when there is a demand for them, and although Calpurnia was needed in the Finch house as a “ nurse, ” Atticus considers her a portion of the household and respects her positions of conveying up kids. He considers her equal and of importance, as implied in his statement, “ Anything fit to state at the tabular array ‘s tantrum to state in forepart of Calpurnia. She knows what she means to this household ” ( 157 ) . Likewise, Scout and Jem both adore Calpurnia ( 137 ) . Cal acts about as a female parent to them. Despite Calpurnia ‘s race, she is non “ rubbish ” or merely a retainer, as prejudiced Whites would probably do her out to be. In Harper Lee ‘s eyes, Calpurnia is but a regular individual with a different tegument colour life with her “ household. ” Blacks are truly non so different from Whites in footings of lifestyle-if lone society ‘s manner of believing would let equality to happen.

The 2nd manner Harper Lee seems to oppugn the Acts of the Apostless of the Whites ( due to society regulations ) is through Tom Robinson ‘s test. Atticus defends Tom Robinson in tribunal because he thinks of Tom as an equal and wants to seek to stand up for what ‘s right even if he knows that Tom is traveling to be convicted. If one were prejudiced against a black adult male, one probably would non stand up for the adult male. However, Atticus takes up the place and presents a well-thought defence instance against the prosecution, and he makes it obvious that Tom Robinson is guiltless. The full courtroom knows what the existent state of affairs was, after it ‘s all explained. Still, the concluding finding of fact is that Tom Robinson is guilty ( 211 ) . Why? Because society ‘s regulations “ province ” that whites have precedence over inkinesss, so the jury ballots in favour of the white adult male, non the black, even if the full jury is cognizant that their finding of fact is incorrect. After the test, Jem calls, “ It ai n’t right, Atticus ” ( 212 ) , and he asks, “ How could they make it, how could they ” ( 213 ) ? He knows for a fact that the jury was unjust, and he is really disquieted over it, although there is nil much he can make about it. His voice is Harper Lee ‘s voice talking out to the reader about how unfair society can be racially and the type of power that its regulations can hold over people.

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Last but non least, Dolphus Raymond is a adult male married to a black adult female and is the male parent of several interracial kids. In fact, he is disliked by many people in Maycomb merely because he does n’t mind inkinesss. He seems to walk around town rummy, and he mingles with people of different tegument colourss. Jem refers to Mr. Raymond ‘s mulatto kids as “ sad ” because “ coloured folks wo n’t hold ’em because they ‘re half white ; white folks wo n’t hold ’em ’cause they ‘re colored, so they ‘re merely in-betweens, do n’t belong anyplace ” ( 161 ) . He besides adds that among the Whites, “ one time you have a bead of Negro blood, that makes you all black ” ( 162 ) . The kids ca n’t assist being half black and half white. It is n’t their mistake that they are treated otherwise because of how they look or how they are brought up. It is n’t just for them to be treated like inkinesss, even if they ‘re merely half-black. Later, Scout and Dill run into Dolphus Raymond, and Mr. Raymond reveals that his “ inebriation ” is wholly bogus ; it is simply a tool to give the Whites an existent ground to dislike him. Raymond does n’t desire to give up his ways of life for what society thinks. He mentions the “ hell white people give coloured folks, without even halting to believe that they ‘re people, excessively ” ( 201 ) , and those are points that Harper Lee seems to desire to stress. He is n’t willing to contend against society as a individual adult male, so he simply gives the Whites a reason-his “ inebriation ” -for why he mixes his relationships with inkinesss. He does n’t care what the others think about him hanging out with inkinesss because he thinks of them as peers.

In decision, Harper Lee ‘s portraiture of the racism in To Kill a Mockingbird makes the reader think profoundly about what the differences truly are between inkinesss and Whites. Is the lone difference in their life styles? Or did the difference in lifestyle semen from unjust intervention by the Whites toward the inkinesss due to contrasting tegument colourss? And all of this for the interest of dividing people by tegument colourss? Ultimately, racial bias is merely non worth the problem that everyone goes through for the “ society regulations ” and the agony that many have to digest. It is non right to believe that one group of people is better than another merely by sing visual aspects. Presents, Americans by and large are non about every bit prejudiced, although in every individual, at least a pinpoint of prejudice still stands. But what people need to retrieve is that, irrespective of visual aspect, everyone on Earth is human. Everyone is human, everyone is the same, everyone is equal.


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