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August 31, 2017 Construction

Procurement Project Client

Construction Contracts Coursework Part 1

Summary of possible procurance paths available:

Choice of procurance method is normally dictated by 1 of 3 things:

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Conlon & A ; rsquo ; s Chemicals have identified that they would wish tight fiscal control over the undertakings. This, in bend allows us the select the most suited procurance method available.

Procurement is briefly defined as & A ; lsquo ; to obtain by attention or attempt, get & amp ; hellip ; & A ; hellip ; .. & A ; rsquo ; . This is better described as the bite of all activities required to finish a edifice undertaking. There are several procurement methods available to the client. These are:

  • Traditional Procurement Method
  • Design and construct Procurement Method
  • Management Procurement Method
  • Alternative/Contemporary Procurement Method
  • Traditional Procurement Method

The most flexible of these methods is the Traditional Procurement Method and this is the most good used. This allows for clients to hold a more self-asserting function in the contract and can give tighter control. This procurement method doesn & A ; rsquo ; t let direct contractual links between the Client and the Contractor. It does nevertheless let the client to stipulate a Undertaking Manager ( normally the Architect ) , who administers the contract from the very origin through to completion. Their functions include fixing specifications, securing subcontractors etc. This besides means that there would merely be a contract between the client and the chief contractor significance that the chief contractor is entirely responsible for the undertaking. The types of contract available for this procurance method are:

  • Lump amount
  • Fixed monetary value
  • Measurement
  • Cost reimbursement

Traditional procurance has different signifiers of contract available depending on the clients demands.

  • Design and construct Procurement Method

This method is likely the 2nd most normally used procurance method and is going used more and more frequently as clients try a displacement more hazard onto the contractors. This procurance method is normally used where an all inclusive undertaking is to be delivered ( i.e. includes all design works, building and even fixtures and adjustments ) and is normally handed over as a to the full functional edifice. This type of procurement method can sometimes even inquire that the contractor find a site for the undertaking but as Conlon & A ; rsquo ; s Chemicals have already identified the site for the proposed undertakings I see no


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