Construction of a Brick Wall in Laboratory Environment

August 7, 2017 Construction

Workshop Objective

The workshop aim is to upon finishing this edifice workshop ; pupil shall be able to build a one-brick wall in English bond finished with jointing or indicating with right patterns and resources.

Workshop Materials and Tools

Bricks, 4 nos. of pail with cement and sand in the volume of 1:3, sufficient sum of H2O, 2 nos. of shovel, 1no. Of timber board, 1 no. of wooden float, 1no. of spirit degree, 2 nos. of brick trowel, 2 nos. of scraper, 2 nos. of packing.

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Workshop Procedures

  1. Fill in and subject the marker strategy provided to lecturer in-charged before the start of each Building Workshop.
  2. Gather the needed stuffs and tools.

Blending of howitzer and plaster ( 30 proceedingss )

  1. Use shovel to dry blend the cement and sand on a moist timber board.
  2. Make a well in the center of dry mix of H2O. Add some H2O, non excessively much as it is easier to add more H2O subsequently, if needed. Blend it all together.
  3. Keep commixture until the howitzer or plaster expressions like gluey paste.

Puting of brick wall ( 30 proceedingss )

  1. Use wooden float and chalk to pull a line on the floor to tag the place of brick wall.
  2. Use brick trowel to distribute a bed of howitzer on the floor foremost and so put bricks onto the howitzer. Mortar articulations shall be about 10mm.
  3. Use spirit degree to set single brick, to plumb the angles of work vertically and to level the class horizontally.

Plastering of brick wall ( 30 proceedingss )

  1. Remove any dust from the surface of brick wall. Use sponge to clean the surface of brick wall before.
  2. Use scraper or packing rod to bring forth one illustration of jointing or indicating for all the surfaces of brick wall.

Housekeeping ( 30 proceedingss )

  1. Upon finishing the plants within the given clip, lecture in-charged will apportion Markss for the quality of work in the marker strategy.
  2. Last, group members are required to work together for the housework in the Building Workshop.
  3. Remove the howitzer and plaster into the plastic bags provided. Use wire coppice to rinse cleans all the bricks and tools and returns them to original topographic points.
  4. Lecturer in-charge will so apportion Markss for the teamwork in housekeeping in the marker strategy.
  5. The taging strategy will be returned to the several group of pupils for entry together with their workshop study subsequently.

Workshop Results

Based on the two image of the one-brick wall, u can see in forepart and the dorsum of one-brick wall. In forepart of the wall is cover by the plaster and it look smooth. And the dorsum of wall U can see clearly the howitzer and the brick. The howitzer between the brick is 10mm midst. And the spread between one brick and another brick is unvarying.


  1. Jointing and indicating are the footings given to the concluding procedure of completing a brick wall to give a orderly visual aspect when stick oning non required
    1. Discuss the differences between jointing and indicating and their several advantages and disadvantage.

Answer: Different between the pointing and jointing is the jointing is the coating of bing howitzer articulations between brick or blocks as the brickwork or block work is built and it can be applied to both new or old brickwork or block work. The pointing is carried out after the brickwork or block work is completed by raking out old howitzer articulation to a deepness of about 20mm and make fulling in with a new cement howitzer which could hold a colour additive. The advantage of jointing is practical, strong, faster and economical in the other manus the disadvantages of it are when raining twenty-four hours will hard to acquire the uniformity of the colour and can non be done. The advantage of indicating is to protect the calcium hydroxide howitzer behind the face of the articulations and it worn off by the air current and rain. Disadvantage is expansive.

  1. With the assistance of studies, place the assorted types of jointing and indicating which can be applied to brickwork and discourse on the state of affairss for which they are best suited.

Flush jointing is leting brick workers to make a smooth wall surface. This type is prevent the wet go into the howitzer. Struck or weathered articulation is having an angled top border and a squared underside border. The pail manage keyed articulation is takes the rounded form of this tool and curves in off from the face of the wall. The deep-set articulation is likewise formed with a tool shaped for the intent and it is more arduous to do but it is more expensive.

The concave pointing is should be pushed up to the tapestries. It can assist to let the H2O to flux out between the brickwork. Weathered pointing is a less common technique will give a great opposition to adverse conditions. Raked pointing is more about looks than existent benefits to the wall in a structural sense. It do non pass a batch of clip make fulling back.

  1. Discuss the different between building half-brick wall in Stretcher bond with daubing and building one-brick wall in English bond with jointing or indicating in footings of the use of bricks and their application in the building of edifices.



After finished concept a one brick- wall in English bond finished, we can cognize about the pointing and jointing. Jointing and indicating are the term to give the concluding procedure of completing a brick wall to give a orderly visual aspect when daubing is non required. They are assorted types of jointing and indicating which can be applied to brickwork and is suited to accommodate in some state of affairs. We can besides larn about difference of the half brick wall in stretcher bond with plaster and the one brick-wall in English bond with jointing and indicating in term the use of brick and their applications in building of edifices.


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