Consumer Society Essay

August 9, 2017 General Studies

Write an essay that outlines the position that a consumer society is a divided society. In response to this statement. there needs to be consideration as to whether or non a consumer society. like the one we live in in the UK. is a divided one or non and if so so where these divisions are displayed. Therefore throughout this essay. I’m traveling to research some possible divides within society. specifically looking at division between the rich and hapless. able-bodied and less able. and in conclusion the division created between those who have power to act upon where we shop and those that do non hold every bit much power. pulling on the illustration of supermarkets vs. little store keepers on the high street act uponing the consumer populace. I will be utilizing thoughts from societal scientists such as Bauman and Susman to foster exemplify my points. As I examine grounds on possible divisions I hope to reason that the consumer society. in which we live in. is furthermore a divided one.

Good. good done a snap debut here Gwen. This is merely all right. First. it could be argued that a division can be seen in a consumer society between the rich and hapless. Because we live in a society where you are judged by what you consume. if you do non hold much money to devour in the first topographic point so it’s easy to see how person who is hapless may experience lesser or on the outskirts. What we ‘are in to’ and hence what we consume non merely gives us our individuality and personality in the modern-day UK ( Susman. cited in Hetherington. 2009. p 42 ) . but besides gives us our value within society. Kevin Hetherington in chapter one of the stuff lives strand. shows us a graph that displays what the mean hebdomadal family outgo on chief trade goods and services in 2007 ( Hetherington. 2009. p 24 ) . *1* Transport is seen to be the top hebdomadal disbursal. as it’s an indispensable.

Peoples might necessitate to go to work in order to do money for a consumer life style ; nevertheless the 2nd highest outgo was. surprisingly. diversion and civilization. This class was higher than nutrient and non-alcoholic drink. Hetherington describes this piece of grounds as ‘noteworthy’ presumptively because it highlights how our society has become a consumeristic. We spend more money on things we ‘are in to’ than food markets in a hebdomad. If you are poorer than the mean individual in the UK. so it would be really hard to suit into a society that revolves around devouring when you can non. *2* Zygmunt Bauman depicts this division between hapless and rich in his construct of the seduced and the repressed ( Bauman. cited in Hetherington. 2009. p25+26 ) . Harmonizing to him. people that live in modern-day western society can be approximately put into two classs.

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The seduced being those who are able to ‘consume effectively’ ; they are employed. or immature and good looking or have a peculiar accomplishment that is valued financially within society. The pent-up might be those that are old without a good pension. or the homeless. These people are repressed as they. more frequently than non. make non hold the agencies to devour efficaciously and are hence valued less in society. This causes a division as they are likely to non experience accepted by the bulk who are able to devour. *1* Good content but seek to be briefer. no demand at all to mention to the faculty: “Hetherington displays a graph demoing mean household outgo in 2007 ( Hetherington. 2009. p 24 ) ” . * *2* Here is where you could helpfully divide this paragraph. the first subdivision could hold your chief point emphasised once more and so this would do a good paragraph on its ain.

Peoples with disablements might besides be seen to suit into the pent-up class Bauman speaks of. as they are non ever able to travel shopping for themselves and a batch of their money arguably goes on easing a life in which it is difficult to acquire around. Furthermore. people who are mentally handicapped might non hold the capacity to cognize what kinds of things to devour in order for them to suit in with the latest manner or with the people they’d like to be friends with. Additionally. people that are physically handicapped might non merely experience excluded by non holding the agencies to devour efficaciously and hence fit in with others. but may besides be physically excluded as most shopping promenades or topographic points of societal activity do non provide for person who is physically impaired. Most shopping promenades in peculiar have escalators. or stepss. or walkways without railings which means those who are disabled are non able to travel into these topographic points.

This creates a divide between those who are able and those who are less able and can be seen to convey. whether it’s carnival or non. that in society. there are victors and also-rans. people who lose out and people who are winning in the capitalistic race. Excellent content. I appreciate this is your ain attack but it is relevant. However. if you find a suited brief quotation mark from the class it would be better evidenced. you can ever make this suitably but paragraphs without mentions merely show you are non utilizing class stuff and drop your Markss down. This word picture of victors and also-rans within society is farther seen in the tenseness between supermarkets and little store keepers on the high street. which can besides be described as those that have the power to act upon where we shop and those that do non hold every bit much power. This tenseness is obviously seen in the local market statistics and the falling figure of independently owned stores. every bit good as mill studies and local instance surveies that highlight poorness and adversity ( Allen. 2009. p93 ) .

Farmer’s markets and independently owned stores on the high street were one time the most popular topographic points to shop and were seen by some to lend to the feeling of community in towns and little metropoliss. *2* However in modern-day consumer society the bulk of people are shopping a batch more at large supermarkets and concatenation shops. ensuing in smaller store keepers traveling out of concern. Consumers may reason here that in supermarkets there’s a batch on offer and for a inexpensive monetary value. Furthermore. supermarkets sell a immense scope of different merchandises. runing from nutrient to furniture to DVDs ( ‘Evidence in the societal sciences’ . 2009. path 1 ) . People these yearss want all the furnishings that come with a consumer life style. and at supermarkets they can acquire these things for cheaper monetary values compared with independently owned shops. which entreaties to the multitudes. *3* It is obvious to see how independent shop proprietors and market stall proprietors may experience some animus towards supermarkets. doing a power-play division.

Excellent content and citing from assorted beginnings. good done *3* You have excessively much of your ain sentiment in the following to last sentence here. besides you need to advert Dennis Wrong’s theory of zero-sum and positive amount games ( Allen. 2009. p. 70 ) . On the other manus nevertheless. supermarkets may reason that their stores contribute to regeneration on the high street as people who might non populate in the country are drawn to it because of these mega shops and hence more people are drawn to high street stores. Furthermore. national market statistics could besides be seen as favorable to supermarkets. *4* Peoples are drawn into purchasing more through these large concatenation shops therefore the economic system is non traveling downhill. Although. the inquiry arises: to what write off? *5* Supermarket proprietors say that the development of people working in sweatshops still benefits the workers. as mill visits and local pay degree comparings suggest improved life criterions ( Allen. 2009. p93 ) .

However one might reason that this is true yet the workers are non in a place to protest as. if they do. the supermarkets will ever happen other people who are despairing to gain money. in that same state or another. who will work for them. *2* This might make a divide in consumer society between those who want to transport on devouring without worrying who’s disbursal it might be at or if the environment is enduring because of it. and those who care about the development of people from 3rd universe states and how the exportation of goods from states that are far off increases our C footmark. *4* We may be a consumer society. but more and more people are going cognizant and active in global issues like poorness and planetary heating. This creates a divide between those that are environmentally cognizant and retailers/ store proprietors that have workers in 3rd universe states and are working them. Again. excellent content

*4* needs citing more. quantitative grounds can be shown by the inclusion of a few relevant figures with a mention instead than a word treatment *5* do non include excess inquiries here. merely answer the one set In decision. it plausible to state our society is seen to be divided in many different ways. The points I have explored. non merely demo the many divisions that come up in a consumer society. but besides propose the inquiry: is a consumer society a sustainable one? Furthermore. is all that we consume globally sustainable? It is possible that our rate of ingestion will one twenty-four hours come to a arrest. Additionally. one might reason that the many divisions that are created non merely between the general populace but between shop-owners show that there are clefts get downing to organize in our society.


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