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A statistic illustrates that in 1950. there is one auto for every 50 people but in 2009. there are more than one auto for every 12 people in America. This illustration demonstrates the increasing consequence of consumerism by the terminal of the twentieth century. Harmonizing to Cambridge Dictionary. consumerism is the state of affairs in which excessively much attending is given to purchasing andowning things. In the visible radiation of this definition. it can be concluded that consumerism normally leads to materialism since materialists claim that felicity can be increased through purchasing and disbursement every bit good. It is inevitable that there exist a dissidence between people about this issue. Writers like Juliet Schor. Annie Leonard and Danielle Todd support consumerism is a foe whereas Peter Saunders and James Twitchell. advocates the thought that consumerism is a friend. Consumerism has many negative results like overspending. overworking. recognition card debts. societal and economic jobs etc. These negative facets of consumerism are in bulk hence consumerism is a enemy. Consumerism is a enemy since it causes overworking by triping the insatiate nature of human. Each individual aims to make a good. qualified life and this aspiration causes competition between people. As Annie Leonard references. we have become a state of consumers ( 9 ) . The ground behind this state of affairs is precisely the competitory life fortunes. each individual buys more and more to be the best.

It is acknowledged that homo has an insatiate nature by birth and the consumerist system triggers this stimulation well since people do non desire to remain out of the competition. Todd states that consumers are good cognizant of the insatiate nature of consumerism. but recognize that in their society it is the lone possible manner to populate ( 1 ) . The most negative facet of consumerism emerges at that point ; since consumers can ne’er be fulfilled with the goods they consume there occurs a circle which tucks people into a trap. The empty and suffering consumers buy more and more goods with the hope of happening fulfilment and making the best. For case. a immature adult male buys an Iphone 4 and merely three months subsequently he sees his friend’s Iphone 5 and decides to purchase an Iphone 5 instantly for making his friend’s degree. To buy more. this adult male obliged to work extremely so his life base on ballss with heavy working conditions. Harmonizing to Leonard. this state of affairs creates a brainsick work-watch-spend treadmill ( 13 ) . This circle amendss people’s lives since it is about impossible to acquire rid of this circle because of the unsated nature of homo. With the being of this circle. people turn into automatons. they can non believe anything except money. working and shopping. Finally. people’s psychological and physical wellnesss are damaged because of emphasis. they become tired. they do non hold single times. they do non hold any avocations. they drift apart from nature and acquire stuck into shopping promenades etc. Briefly. it can be said that consumerism is a enemy since it triggers the unsated nature of people and entrap their lives with the work-watch-spend circle. Ads cause the job of overspending which is the most arch result of consumerism.

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Ads have seven maps like identifiying trade names. providing information. persuasion previewing new tendencies etc. but persuasion is the best map which is related with consumerism. Ads and consumerism decidedly have a positive correlativity since powerful and ocular advertisement directs consumers to buy goods and services. As Juliet Schor provinces. it can be said that the turning importance of telecasting causes consumerism ( 1 ) . It demonstrates that people who watch Television are more inclined to buying more. Schor besides asserts that an avarage degree of Television observation of 15 hours a hebdomad peers about $ 3. 000 per twelvemonth ( 1 ) . So it can be concluded that telecasting is really effectual on people’s purchasing determinations. advertizements direct people to pass more money. These slippery advertizements lead people to purchase excess goods. For case. Twitchell references that he bought a Mazda Miata although he did non necessitate this auto ( 1 ) . Furthermore. he states that he bought the auto because of an advertizement which promotes the thought that if you buy this auto. all of your dreams will come true ( 2 ) . This is a clear illustration of overspending. an effectual advertizement made Twitchell purchase a luxury and redundant good which was reasonably expensive. Twitchell’s experience is merely the tip of the iceberg. the rate of overspending will increase more and more with the turning importance of telecasting.

Due to overspending. people become unable to afford their basic. biological demands since they spend all their money for seeable position goods. Shortly. it is verified that advertizements direct people to devour more and more but this immense consequence of advertizements are destructive since over-consumption makes people unable to afford their basic demands. Credit card debts is another destructive result of consumerism. In Turkey. one million and 60 1000 people have recognition card debts by 2014. This statistical information demonstrates that consumerism is non a friend for one million and 60 1000 people in Turkey. As it is mentioned before. homo has an insatiate nature therefore people see merchandises as a hero and they purchase more and more. Banks take advantage of people’s fralities and give them tonss of recognition cards. This state of affairs brings a problem into society like recognition card debts. Juliet Schor argues that one of the most absorbing things about recognition card debt is how many people are non witting of their behavior ( 3 ) . While purchasing goods people can non be cognizant of what they spend since they are non cognizant that these credits are borrowed. They assume that these credits are free and limitless. Recognition cards are presented as hero by Bankss. consumers can purchase what they want without doing payment by hard currency but at the terminal this dream concludes with a dissatisfactory terminal. hoarded recognition card debts.

Victims of recognition cards have to sell their houses. autos etc. to pay their recognition card debts. So. it can be concluded that although many people believe to the misdirecting friendly face of consumerism really it is merely an unseeable enemy which drags people to debt spiral. Some may state that consumerism is a friend. However. this averment is non true. It should non be forgotten that the capitalist system leads to the happening of consumerism. Saunders defends that capitalist economy is good for the psyche since it gives people a opportunity to populate a good life ( 6 ) . That premise can be accepted to an extent since each individual aims to make a good life. This is a common will of all humanity but it should be considered that human being is insatiate and this system exploits people’s failings which is coming from their nature. As it is mentioned in 2nd and 3rd paragraphs. advertizements exploit people’s failings dramatically by giving the message that they are deficient. Peoples can non reject the desirable picks that the system provides and they become a portion of this system even if they can non afford the demands of a good life. Saunders besides hypothesizes that no socioeconomic system can vouch people a good life. they can merely supply happy and worthwhile lives and capitalist economy base on ballss with winging colourss on this trial ( 19 ) .

There exist a societal stratification in today’s universe so these winging colourss are merely accessable for upper and in-between categories but what about the working category? Their labour is exploited all the clip by this capitalist system. A good system should supply a happy and worthwhile life to everyone. non merely the selected rich 1s. To sum up. it is true that capitalist economy can be seen as desirable and attracts many people’s attending but this does non intend that capitalist economy is a friend since it merely provides slippery and impermanent dreams to a minor group of rich people. In decision. negative facets of consumerism like overspending. overworking. recognition card debts. societal and economic jobs etc. outweigh so consumerism is a enemy. Although some argue that it is a friend. really in existent life it is impossible to back up that statement since consumerism triggers the unfulfilling nature of homo and it is non desirable or good in the long tally. Consumerism is merely a enemy which makes you a victim with empty promises. Schor believes that. to avoid this state of affairs people should diminish the clip they spend in forepart of the Television. use no recognition cards. halt purchasing unneeded merchandises and seek to do logical. consciously determinations while buying ( 4 ) . If people take these suggestions into history. they can make a good life without these slippery systems. It should non be forgotten that disbursement less makes people experience better.


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