Contact Zones in Chicano Culture Essay

July 29, 2017 Cultural

Meeting person from another civilization expands your cognition of the universe. As you receive new information. you are giving some of your ain. The experience of two different people meeting is far less than the experience of two different civilizations of people run intoing. The most common result of these meeting is one civilization dominates over the other. This domination finally leads to hatred towards the oppressors. until the dominated are free. Over many old ages. the dominated population has integrated their civilization with the dominant one but there is still conflict.

In “Arts of a Contact Zone” Mary Louise Pratt writes about the effects of a contact zone. when two different civilizations meet and interact. and why it is good. Contact zones conveying people together to portion thoughts and civilizations but it can besides take to slavery and conquest. We will concentrate on one consequence: literate humanistic disciplines. Some of the literate humanistic disciplines are autoethnography. transculturation. bilingualism. review. and denouncement. These literate humanistic disciplines are ways people use linguistic communication to show a clang of two civilizations.

An “autoethnographic text” . a text that a author uses to react to the manner other people sees their cultural group. uses things familiar with a dominant race to do a point. Pratt gave us an illustration of “autoethnographic text” called New Chronicle and Good Government by Guaman Poma. The title New Chronicle comes from the name of the setup used by the Spanish to show their American Conquests to themselves. Poma uses this to make a new image of the universe by rewriting the Christian history with the Andeans at the centre of the faith.

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The new “Christian-Inca” history resembled European manners and custom descriptions but included the punctilious inside informations of information stored in the Inca societies. Poma used this mode to compose his missive to do a lampoon the Europeans could understand. Gloria’s Anzaldua essays “Entering into the Serpent” and “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” are illustrations of an “autoethnographic text. ” She uses her essays to destruct some of the stereotypes readers have before they read her essays. Some of the stereotypes of Chicano are they are hated by the US and Latinos and have a conflicted individuality.

The thought that Americans and Latinos hate Chicanos comes from the belief that they can non place with Standard English or Standard Spanish civilizations. Since the Chicanos are born in the United States but are ethnically Mexican. they do non “belong” in the United States or Mexico. The hate of Americans and Latinos caused the unknown individuality of Chicanos. Transculturation occurs when two groups of people integrate different facets of a civilization with each other. An illustration of transculturation is Poma’s illustrations in New Chronicle and Good Government.

The images had a European genre but they used Andean systems of spacial symbolism to show values and aspirations. In Anzaldua’s essays. we see transculturation in the faith. “My household. like most Chicanos. did non pattern Roman Catholicism but a folk Catholicism with many heathens elements” ( Anzaldua 73 ) . The Roman Catholicism that was the faith of the Spaniards intermingled with Anzaldua’s “snake religion” to organize the common people Catholicism version of La Virgen Guadalupe as Coatlalopeuh. Transculturation and autoethnography both manipulate linguistic communication.

Anzaldua wrote the essays in English and Spanish to place herself with the Chicano and demo us her experience with English talking people. Poma’s wrote his missive in Quechua and Spanish so both civilizations could understand the chief points of the missive. In childhood we were told that our linguistic communication is incorrect. Repeated onslaughts at our native lingua decrease our sense of ego. The onslaughts continue throughout our lives. Chicanas feel uncomfortable speaking in Spanish to Latinas. afraid of their animadversion. Their linguistic communication was non outlawed in their states. But for a linguistic communication to stay alive. it must be used.

By the terminal of this century English. and non Spanish. will be the female parent lingua of most Chicanos and Latinos ( Anzaldua 89 ) The linguistic communication of a civilization identifies a individual. If someone’s linguistic communication is banned it makes the individual experience unwelcome so to suit in they speak the chief linguistic communication but wonder what is incorrect with their ain linguistic communication. When Chicanos speak Spanish they “spoil” the linguistic communication and when they speak English they are treasonists. This thought of holding a incorrect linguistic communication causes confusion and shame. which will take to non a Chicano individuality but an American individuality. By placing with her civilization. she creates a known individuality for her people.

Chicano Spanish is unlike English or Spanish but a combination of both. which consequences in bilingualism. Anzaldua’s first essay shows us what her faith meant to her. and she blames and criticizes the Catholics for taking away her sexual individuality. Before the Spaniards conquering. the male dominated Azteca-Mexica civilization had replaced all the female divinities with male 1s. This replacing split the female divinities and the female ego. If there were no female ( spirit ) deities so there was no female individuality. harmonizing to Anzaldua. After the Conquest. Guadalupe became a virgin and all the other female divinities ( snake goddesses ) were prostitutes.

The alteration in individuality of these female divinities encourages the virgin/whore duality. This separation of head and organic structure made it difficult for her to happen her sexual individuality. Pratt’s definition of a contact zone makes it a fantastic and atrocious topographic point to be but Anzaldua seems to differ. Anzaldua’s experience with Catholic people seemed to be the worst thing that happened to her. These chapters from her book Borderlands/La frontera merely demo one type of sentiment with no other positive mentalities. Her disfavor of the Catholics inspires her to compose these chapters to demo us how her life was similar and to “blame” everyone who reads her book.

She was non able to hold a true contact zone through her experience so she is unwilling to understand the Catholic faith. Anzaldua’s essays are another illustration for Pratt to utilize in her essay. The construct of literate humanistic disciplines is present throughout. The essays chiefly show the bad parts of Anzaldu’s contact zones but that is the chief consequence of contact zones with a dominant civilization. Even though Anzaldua may non hold this is a contact zone. Her prejudice shows the readers the horrors of her civilizations past to promote a response.


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