Context and Description of the Advertisement Essay

August 14, 2017 Media

The advert. BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER. is the belongings of Burger King Food aimed at advancing the new sandwich that the company has produced for its clients. From the start. the advert makes you believe of something sexual through the image and words that have been used in the advert. The show of the advert is a image of a adult female with her oral cavity unfastened and the sandwich traveling in and at the underside of the advert. There is a caption which states “it’ll BLOW your head away” Using poignancy. for wit and the text of the advert.

Context and Description of the Advertisement

The ad I choose is a more recent advert by Burger King Food. which they have developed to advance the has a adult female with ruddy lip rouge. side position of her with her oral cavity unfastened. with the new BK sandwich. traveling by the name the “BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER” heading into her oral cavity. Right underneath the image it has the caption. “IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY” and in the upper right manus corner it besides reads ; “IT JUST TASTES BETTER” . From the mentality of the whole advert. I believe the mark of the audience was directed chiefly towards the male gender. particularly the younger males from the age of 18 old ages and those whole are middle-aged. This is due to the ground that the image used is that of a immature adult female opening her oral cavity for a sandwich. which is beautifully decorated ( Petley. 2003 ) . The text used besides tends to make some sort of sexual image in combination to the image of the adult female. However. it could besides be fit for adult females every bit good. since it seems to be directed and do the audience believe it is a sexual advert. This is demonstrated through the usage of assorted words like ; “BLOW. Fill your desire for something long. and it merely tastes better” every bit good as have the image of a white immature lady who is opening her ruddy lipstick oral cavity to a sandwich that is claimed to be seven inches in length.

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The company. Burger King is known to be one of the all American fast nutrient articulations that compete with other companies such as McDonald’s. Carl’s Jr. . and In and Out. which besides offer similar merchandises among many others. The purpose of the advert in my sentiment was to make and convey out some signifier of wit for the bulk of the clients who are in the younger age group class of clients ( Petley. 2003 ) . The usage of some signifier of sexual context in the advert was to pull attending of those clients in the age group mentioned above.

The image used in the advert is that of a white adult female. exposing the side position of her face. with some short blonde hair have oning some lip rouge on her lips. The image of the immature lady in the advert displays her oral cavity unfastened and the new sandwich known as the “BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER” sandwich heading directly into her oral cavity. The caption in the upper right manus corner says. “IT JUST TASTES BETTER” and right below the image there is another caption which states that. “It’ll blow your head away” . In the lower portion of the 2nd caption in the advert has the image or image of the sandwich that is being offered with the name of the sandwich being “BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER” . Additional all right print of the advert contains inside informations about the sandwich and it states. “fill your desire for something long” . The usage of colour has been done in such a manner that there is harmoniousness and clearly outlines the inside informations of the advert doing the words legible and the image seeable and attractive ( Petley. 2003 ) .

Analysis of Rhetorical Entreaties

The advert clearly demonstrates assorted rhetorical entreaties and I believe that Burger King Food has made usage of all the three rhetorical entreaties in their advert ( Rosenwasser. & A ; Stephen. 2012 ) . The rhetorical entreaties which have been used include appeal to Logos. Ethos and Pathos.

Reasoning ( Logos )

It is of import that an advert must appeal to concluding and sound logical when person interested looks at the image of the advert in add-on to the image used in an advert. Using assorted texts in the advert for illustration. “IT JUST TASTE BETTER” . as used in the advert. placed in the upper right manus corner. Burger Kind Food makes one see the logic behind the adult female and the sandwich through the usage of the above text mentioned as an illustration ( Rosenwasser. & A ; Stephen. 2012 ) . It is logical since this is a new merchandise placed in a recent advert hence the statement. “IT JUST TASTE BETTER” .

Character ( Ethos )

The writer of the advert. Burger King Food. attempts to appeal to ethos through the image of the adult female used in the advert and the words which may arouse different emotions such as desire. love or some sexually relate emotions ( Rosenwasser. & A ; Stephen. 2012 ) . The writer displays the side position of the adult female with ruddy lip rouge and an unfastened oral cavity in add-on to words such as “Just gustatory sensations better” and “It’ll blow your head away” . In this advert. the image of the sandwich is directed towards the oral cavity of the immature lady who is displayed. which the writer of the advert utilizations to arouse emotions and feelings of desiring to hold the exact same sandwich as the 1 in the advert.

Emotion ( Pathos )

The writer has used the side position of the adult female with ruddy lip rouge and a broad unfastened oral cavity. This brings the feeling of desire for nutrient. particularly sandwich. since it arouses the emotion of desire to seek out the sandwich ( Rosenwasser. & A ; Stephen. 2012 ) . Through the usage of the image of a adult female with an unfastened oral cavity and a sandwich header inside the oral cavity with ruddy lip rouge in add-on to the usage of the words such as “IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY” . evokes may arouse or give the feeling of sexual feelings. Furthermore. in the all right print of the advert it states that. “Fill your desire for something long” in add-on to the rubric “BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER” . This arouses the feelings and makes one to believe that the advert is more of a sexual advert than merely a simple commercial advert that is intended to advance the sandwich ( Petley. 2003 ) .


From the analysis of the advert. I was able to do a reasoning determination on this advert as 1 that has led me to believe that it is in fact a sexual advert. Based on the context of the texts that have been used in the advert every bit good as the image as shown below. the advert is more sexual oriented and is more inclined towards the male gender who may be the clients to be attracted by the advert. Apart from being an advert that seems to portray a different message than what may hold been the purpose of the writer. it is a capturing advert and rather appealing to the intended audience hence I would state that the advert has achieved its chief aim of pulling the audience to do purchase of the new sandwich by Burger King Food.


Petley. J. ( 2003 ) . Advertising. North Mankato. Minn: Smart Apple Media.

Rosenwasser. D. . & A ; Stephen. J. ( 2012 ) . Writing analytically. Boston. MA: Cengage.

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