Continued Growth Of Oreo Marketing Essay

As Oreo is a biscuits, and biscuits are nutrient, so the most of import need the Oreo biscuits satisfy is Hunger. But if we further narrow down the demands, Oreo can be fulfilling more that merely the thrust ( hungriness ) . Oreo satisfies the fostering demand illustration, a female parent holding troubles in feeding her 4 to 6 old ages old kid with some nutrition nutrient, can see Oreo to feed her kid with a sip of milk. Oreo satisfies the imitation need illustration, childs watching the Oreo ad on Televisions while the other childs are basking distortion, creaming and diping the cooky into a glass of milk.This forces the childs to desire that cookies right off and copy the same stairss. Oreo besides adults like to hold merriment one time in a piece separately or even with their childs.

Growth in the Saudi Arabin biscuit market is being driven chiefly by two factors-firstly, the pronounced addition in publicizing spend by multinationals such as Nabisco, Master Foods and Danone. Second, the popularity of emerging merchandises such as chocolate-coated biscuits and staff of life replacements, which have late been launched in the market. Researchs have shown that biscuits, peculiarly sweet biscuits, are by and large sold at low monetary values, averaging between SR0.25 and SR2 ( US $ 0.06-US $ 0.53 ) , or a single-serve battalion and bask first-class distribution in all mercantile establishments.

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The biscuits sector is extremely developed owing to the strength of the local industry in Saudi Arabia, represented by big makers such as United Food Industries. Oreo gross revenues showed a fluctuating consequence during the past 13 old ages. When Oreo ab initio was launched into the market, gross revenues increased to a high extent for about 3 old ages but so gross revenues decreased for a long period during 1997 to 2002. Oreo selling became cognizant of their loses and instantly went back to action and changed their selling mix and started to present several different new merchandises. This attempt resulted with high gross revenues in 2008. Gross saless were amounted to $ 4 billion and market portion 41 % .

2.0 Background Oreo

3.0 Marketing Mix

3.1 Merchandise

The basic design of an OREO cooky has non changed since its debut: two unit of ammunition cocoa cooky wafer joined by sweet vanilla creme filling.

3.2 Promotion

Cardinal factors in the continued growing of OREO are the trade name ‘s award-winning advertisement and best-in-class consumer publicities. The trade name ‘s attack to prosecuting consumers stays true to its kernel: making connexions through the authoritative OREO and milk ritual that brings people together in minutes of childlike delectation. Whether it ‘s writhing, creaming, diping, or a combination of all three, OREO offers mundane minutes of connexion that other bite trade names can non fit.

Throughout the old ages, the trade name has brought to life the powerful OREO and milk connexion in a figure of advanced advertisement and promotional channels. One alone illustration is a bird’s-eye lift in a shopping promenade that dramatizes the traditional OREO and milk connexion: a image of an OREO cooky on the lift dunks into a glass of milk as the lift descends. Because the OREO and milk minute is cardinal to the trade name ‘s individuality, the advertisement tagline was switched from “ America ‘s Favorite Cookie ” to “ Milk ‘s Favorite Cookie. ”

Another alone trait of OREO is the trade name ‘s incorporate worldwide selling scheme. While the communications are translated and adapted for local civilizations, the nucleus communicating of particular minutes of childlike delectation enabled by the TWIST, LICK, AND DUNK ritual utilizing an OREO and milk is consistent across the Earth.

With important investing in publicities and public dealingss, the OREO trade name has forged strong, permanent connexions with consumers. Two signature selling plans over the last 10 old ages have been the OREO Global Moments competition and the Double Stuf Racing League.

In 2008 the trade name hosted the OREO Global Moments competition, which asked OREO fans around the universe to subject videos picturing a particular OREO and Milk Moment. Consumers from eight different states on four different continents entered pictures picturing a broad scope of OREO and Milk Moments. From original OREO-themed vocals and animated skits to household lessons on OREO diping techniques, fans showed their passion for the trade name with every picture entry. The winning picture, which depicted a small miss giving her last OREO cooky and a glass of milk to a soldier, was featured on the YouTube home page for a twenty-four hours.

OREO late energized the popular act of distortion, defeat, and diping by establishing the Double Stuff Racing League ( “ DSRL ” ) . The DSRL is a different manner to bask the authoritative OREO cooky and milk ritual. It ‘s a merriment activity that household and friends can bask together, rushing to see who can complete an OREO DOUBLE STUF cooky and glass of milk the fastest. Racers twist their cooky unfastened, cream off all the creme, stuff shot it in milk, eat the cooky, and imbibe the glass of milk. The first to complete distortion, defeat, and diping wins. Commercials in recent old ages have featured legion famous person jocks as DSRL jocks, which has driven important media attending to this alone run and resulted in really positive consumer response. OREO DOUBLE STUF ingestion has grown about 10 per centum since the launch of the DSRL in 2008.4

In maintaining with the altering media landscape, OREO has elevated its scheme by linking 1000000s of passionate fans to each other ( and the trade name ) through societal media. Social media webs such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are ideal tools for a trade name like OREO, whose scheme is rooted in linking household and friends. The trade name ‘s foundation of connexions in combination with the planetary range of OREO lends credibleness to the bipartisan conversations that societal media platforms enable on a day-to-day footing. Consumers who “ like ” OREO on Facebook besides receive trade name updates, such as sole behind-the-scenes content from OREO publicizing shoots and new merchandise intelligence. By encompassing the new chance to link with consumers, OREO has emerged as a leader in societal media and presently hosts one of the largest consumer packaged goods-branded Facebook pages.5

Whether it ‘s through societal media or lick racing competitions, OREO is making consumers through award-winning advertizements, alone publicities, and public relation runs that continue to construct the OREO trade name equity.

3.3 Topographic point

3.4 Monetary value

4.0 Suggestion Marketing Mix


Develop new sandwiches which contain less Calories, less fat, less cocoa pulverization and less salt.

Customer has been kicking about the packaging for the past old ages. And in order to get the better of this issue, the bundle should be given a new expression to pull more client.

The labeling should be clear and nutritionary information should be specific and non conjectural such as “ May incorporate milk protein ” ! ! !

Monetary value:

Keep their current monetary values.

Keep a fixed monetary value for all specific merchandises overall the Riyadh market.

Topographic point:

Oreo should better their market being. Example: In Hail-Al-Wazarat, his cold shops “ Bagalas ” do n’t hold Oreo merchandises.


Their publicities have n’t shown much about their organisations, Television commercials were for a short clip and of all time since they have n’t shown any other peculiar publicities.

They should acquire in contact with Ad Agencies for better improved commercials.

Their web sites provide less information about the whole organisation ( Internal /External ) .

Aim for different promotional medias as Bill boards, Circulars, etcaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ .

5.0 Decision



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