Continuous Improvement And Innovation In Indigenous Health Services Management Essay

Write an essay discoursing the challenge of implementing procedures for Continuous Improvement and Innovation in Indigenous health/human service administrations.

A theoretical account that is used frequently within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellness and/or human services administrations is the action larning procedure trusting on the whole of community engagement in the plans that we as the administration would present.

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One of the challenges we face within community administrations particularly those in Indigenous health/human service administrations, is the construct of whole of community engagement and supplying a holistic and culturally appropriate execution of uninterrupted betterment.

“ CQI is about changeless acquisition, non merely choice confidence or conformity. While completion and seasonableness are a portion of quality, they are non all of quality. True CQI goes beyond basic conformity and focal points on uninterrupted larning about pattern and results. ” ( National Child Welfare Resource Centre for Organisational Improvement, A Service of the Children ‘s Bureau, 2005, p.3 )

We as Aboriginal people have educated ourselves through life and work experience. It is this experience that so needs to be translated into a format that is suited for uninterrupted acquisition and betterment to follow with criterions that are used to regulate the bureaus we service.

Aboriginal people can frequently be conflicted because of the criterions, policies and processs implemented frequently by a white dominated authorities bureaucratism. We find that we invariably seeking to suit a square nog into a unit of ammunition hole ( we being the unit of ammunition hole ) . The difference is how we invariably bend our cultural beliefs to stay by the regulating bureaus to go on in our function in our Aboriginal Health Services.

“ … uninterrupted quality betterment ( CQI ) is the complete procedure of identifying, describing, and analyzing strengths and jobs and so proving, implementing, larning from, and revising solutions. It relies on an organisational civilization that is proactive and supports uninterrupted acquisition ”

As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander administration we are more frequently governed by a Board of Management, a group of community people elected into their places by the community. Continuous Improvement within our services has to get down from the Board of Management. As the Board of Management their administration over the administration includes developing a strategic program to supply vision for the administration over a three to five twelvemonth period. It besides includes the development of policy for the whole of administration.

This so filters down to the Chief Executive Officers, Managers or Coordinators who are responsible for implementing policy and making processs around this policy to interpret to the day-to-day service bringing required to run hebdomadal plans and manage staff demands. If the Board has a clear vision for their strategic way, this can supply staff with a foundation for uninterrupted betterment within the administration.

The Board of Management and Chief Executive Officers, Managers or Coordinators of the administration demand to guarantee that authorities policies and policies developed by the administration are implemented through the uninterrupted betterment program.

All non-government administrations are funded by either one or more authorities bureaus. With this funding a set of criterions is required to keep to go on being funded for under a service understanding. The service understanding is negotiated between the Coordinators and the authorities bureau. It can besides be used as a tool to help with the execution of criterions, assorted policies and processs to be developed from policies that align with the service bringing.

As Chief Executive Officers, Managers or Coordinators, the uninterrupted betterment theoretical account includes the reappraisal, planning, execution and rating. An initial reappraisal for direction within the service will be the criterions. An illustration of this in Queensland the community and societal services criterions, referred to as Queensland Council of Social Services ( QCOSS ) . These criterions require the administration to measure staff consciousness, policy and processs and administration. It allows all non-government administrations to hold uniformity and supply way for uninterrupted betterment.

“ … uninterrupted quality betterment ( CQI ) is the complete procedure of identifying, describing, and analyzing strengths and jobs and so proving, implementing, larning from, and revising solutions. It relies on an organisational civilization that is proactive and supports uninterrupted acquisition ”

Through these criterions a self rating of your current patterns that include policy, processs, staff cognition and consciousness and administration, it besides includes a community study on the administrations service bringing. This initial ego appraisal provides direction with feedback on the whole of administrations service bringing.

This information can so be translated into a ego betterment program for direction to implement for their uninterrupted betterment. To get down the procedure a reappraisal occurs at the beginning and terminal of each twelvemonth with a smaller reappraisal being conducted half manner through the twelvemonth. It is after this procedure that action can be disseminated to the director. I like to implement the planning and reappraisal procedure at this clip.

This reappraisal allows all staff to show their hopes and concerns for their ain function within the service, how plans were delivered and reflect on results achieved during the period of reappraisal.

The reappraisal is a brooding period, implementing schemes like a SWOT analysis that allows you to look at the strengths, failings, chances and menaces. It provides the squad the chance to openly discourse each plan country within the service. Bing able to reflect on what worked good, what did n’t, place countries for betterment and discourse countries that were non effectual.

“ The SWOT analysis is merely a portion of the planning procedure. It is a combination of a creativeness tool and a checklist. By itself, it will non give your administration a strategic program, or a timetable of aims. ” ( Our Community Pty Ltd, 2009 )

This procedure works good within a little squad ; in a smaller environment it ensures that all participants involved have equal chance to show their countries of concern. This scheme is besides an first-class tool for the Board of Management to utilize when developing their strategic program, but it is merely one tool in the strategic program procedure.

As a director, this is frequently a challenge to maintain staff interested and enthusiastic about their function within the administration. I believe that an administration is merely every bit good as the staff you have employed. The manner you manage the administration plays a really of import function in your existent results.

As Aboriginal people we want an environment that is culturally sensitive to our demands both as professionals and personally. We are ever seeking a balance ; I believe this can be achieved if we are esteeming ourselves, our civilization and the communities we work within. By supplying a supportive working environment for our staff that includes: good administration, flexibleness, culturally appropriate work patterns, an unfastened door policy leting staff the ability to show hopes and concerns and an chance to turn as an person and a professional, the expected results are much higher for staff that truly value their topographic point of employment.

“ CQI involves an on-going rhythm of garnering informations on how well organizational systems are working, and developing and implementing betterments. An indispensable starting point is systematic and nonsubjective appraisal of public presentation and of the systems back uping good public presentation. Good quality information is needed, so the ends can be set and schemes developed for bettering cardinal countries. An accent on engagement by the people being studied, and flexibleness in the attack, makes modern CQI really similar to action research, both being characterised by “ cyclical activities affecting scrutiny of bing procedures, alteration, supervising the evident effects of the alteration and farther alteration ” . ” ( Bailie, et Al, 2007, p 525 )

It is of import that staff positions are heard and in some instances translated into accomplishable procedures during the reappraisal procedure. It is the feedback of the staff and community that contribute mostly to how plans continue to better and germinate with each rhythm. It is the execution of plans that provides the staff members with the chance to prove the procedures in topographic point within the administration.

It allows us to up-skill ourselves and staff to be employable in other bureaus. As directors it is of import to implement a public presentation assessment and preparation program for all staff. This procedure coincides with the planning and reexamine carried out. Through the reappraisal and planning for the administration, the staff public presentation assessment and preparation program provides direction with the chance to pull on the strengths and failings for each staff member, evaluate countries for betterment against the staff member and their function within the administration and so interpret these demands into an identified preparation program. This contributes to the professional development of each staff member within the administration, supplying them with competitory employable properties.

Programs within Aboriginal administrations are frequently an organic procedure, continually turning with the community demand. Through uninterrupted betterment it allows us to invariably reviewed, analyse, adjust, deliver and measure the plan once more. Cyclic plans favour this continual betterment procedure and let direction to reflect on the quality of service bringing through their plans.

“ CQI is steadfastly grounded in the overall mission, vision, and values of the bureau. And possibly most significantly, it is dependent upon the active inclusion and engagement of staff at all degrees of the bureau, kids, young person, households, and stakeholders throughout the procedure. ” ( National Child Welfare Resource Centre for Organizational Improvement, 2005, p. 1 )

Our continual procedure of rating sets a high criterion for our administrations. We know as Aboriginal administrations that we are invariably challenged with the dual criterions afforded to us by the mainstream society. Implementing a uninterrupted betterment program within our administrations, may non fall into the culturally appropriate service bringing method we are used to, but it allows us to vie in an frequently competitory market to fund our administrations.

Our services will finally profit from this continual quality betterment procedure. By analyzing informations collected from plans delivered, this acts a coverage tool for effectual service bringing. It provides answerability for ourselves and the community we service.

Our purpose is to supply best pattern through our service bringing. We guarantee that tracts for all employees through professional development and preparation chances. That our plan and service bringing is aiming all degrees of our community, it is every bit inclusive as possible. That we continue to present culturally appropriate services for our people that does non decrease our cultural capablenesss.

This procedure if performed within all facets of what the services vision provinces can be used to guarantee that the community development and sustainability of our services continues to turn in a positive facet within our Aboriginal communities, ever with the best involvements of our people set frontward first and retrieving that we are merely funded by authorities bureaus non governed, our peoples cultural unity should ever be our first precedence when presenting any service within the wellness and homo services – people and community foremost.


Bailie, R, Si, D, O’Donoghue, L and Dowden, M 2007, Indigenous wellness: effectual and sustainable wellness services through uninterrupted quality betterment, MJA. Vol. 186, No. 10, p.525

National Child Welfare Resource Centre for Organisational Improvement, A Service of the Children ‘s Bureau, 2005, “ Using Continuous Quality Improvement to Improve Child Welfare Practice, A Framework for Implementation ” , p.1

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