Contribution of hrm to achieve jlp goals

As stated by Banfield and Kay ( 2008 ) Human Resource Management ( HRM ) is an attack to the direction of employees that seeks to accomplish the organisation ‘s strategic ends through the development, and wellbeing of a cardinal resource it poses: people.

The organisation a will analyze for the intent of this assignment is the John Lewis Partnership ( JLP ) . The singularity of the Partnership is based on its ownership construction and its commercial success. All lasting employees are spouses and guaranting “ the felicity of all JLP members, through their worthwhile, fulfilling employment in a successful concern ” ( JLP enchiridion 2009, p.5 ) is at the Centre of everything the Partnership does. JLP has 69,000 spouses, who own taking UK retail concern: John Lewis shops ( 29 across UK ) , Waitrose supermarkets ( 219 across UK ) , and Greenbee, a direct service company ( eg. insurance, amusement, travel ) .

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Through this assignment I will analyze how HRM in the John Lewis Partnership contributes to the Partnership organisational ends by placing three HRM activities and its aims, and warranting how these aims were achieved by effectual direction of human resources. In order to back up this I will associate two HRM theoretical accounts to JLP. In add-on, I will analyze three HR planning and development methods, and critically measure their effectivity to make the Partnership aims. Finally, I will analyse ways in which HR public presentation possibly improved through critically reexamining how the public presentation of HR in the Partnership is monitored, and will give suggestion for betterment.

Contribution of HRM to accomplish JLP ends

Three activities of HRM in the John Lewis Partnership are:

Reward – Benefits

Employee voice – Partnership council

Welfare services – Occupational wellness

HRM activities ‘ aims, and accomplishment of these through effectual direction of HR in the John Lewis Partnership


Benefits are a sort of wage, extra to the hard currency wage in any employment. ( Armstrong, 2003 ) .

The aim of the benefit bundle offer by JLP is reward spouses when they are successful, and protect their physical and mental good being ( Partnership Handbook 2009 ) .

In order to accomplish the above, HRM section has created a broad bundle of benefits, some of them fix such as Partnership fillip. Each twelvemonth the net income made on the old trading twelvemonth is announce, JLP separates the financess needed to develop the concern, and the remainder is shared among spouses, which is a per centum of the wage for that peculiar trading twelvemonth, so spouses enjoy the wagess of their ain success. HRM at the Partnership besides deals with Partnership price reduction, which is significant – 25 % in purchases on John Lewis shops, and 15 % in Waitrose – ; promoting spouses, and member of their house clasp to shop in the concern, increasing gross revenues that will assist to accomplish pecuniary marks.

Some of the benefits offered by JLP are flexible, these include PartnerChoice. PartnerChioce includes leisure activities organized locally by every subdivision or particular events organized by the caput office ; price reduction in eating houses, film, hotels, and services such us nomadic supplier, and auto fix services, to advert some. All these contribute to a work-life balance that helps spouses to maintain their enthusiasm at work, taking to accomplish JLP ends.

Employee Voice – Partnership Council

Employee voice is one of the employee engagement ( EI ) patterns, which empowers employees to lend to determination devising in an organisation ( Boxall and Purcell, 2003 ) .

In JLP employee voice takes the form of Partnership Council, which chief aim is to portion the duties of ownership, every bit good as its wagess – net income, cognition and power- , stand foring all spouses and reflecting their sentiment ( Partnership Constitution, 2009 ) .

Democracy is at the bosom of JLP. Every subdivision of the concern has a representative or council member elected by the spouses of that peculiar subdivision ; any spouse can stand for election, and besides has the right to vote. “ The council has the right to discourse, to inquire inquiries, and to do recommendations on any topics it wishes ” ( JLP intranet ) , besides it holds the Chairman to account. Among all the subjects that spouses have influenced the Partnership Board determinations trough the partnership council are: subdivision gap hours, alterations in partnership price reduction ( from 12 % to 15 % in Waitrose ) , and reappraisal of JLP scheme, conveying thoughts from all portion of the concern to guarantee JLP is fit for the hereafter. ( The Gazette, vol. 91, # 22, 2009 ) .

Occupational Health

Harmonizing to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) ( 1950 ; cited by Gilmore and Williams, 2009 ) occupational wellness is the publicity and care of well-being of HR through illness bar, hazard controlling, and accommodation of the work environment to people, and people to their work environment.

The aim of occupational wellness in JLP is to supply advice to all spouses on wellness, and safety within the work topographic point, for their benefit and the Partnership ‘s. ( JLPnet – Intranet site )

The above is achieved through reding on wellness issues raised at enlisting, and doing necessary accommodations to guarantee that will non be harmed by their work. In every subdivision there is a group of wellness professional, nurse, physical therapist and chiropodist, who evaluate hazards and do workplace reviews, in order to place unsafe working conditions or patterns, and base on this brand suggestion for betterment ( Partnership enchiridion, 2009 ) . For illustration, all JLP computing machine users receive a work station appraisal by the physical therapist, where she place the right sort of chair for the peculiar spouse, if pess support is needed, the right high for the screen, among other issues. In the same manner, selling spouses are buttockss by the chiropodist who will urge the right sort of footwear. This encourages spouses to be comfy at work, which help them to carry through their responsibilities.

Two HRM theoretical accounts partly applied at JLP are:

Karen Legge ( 1995 ) theoretical account seems to be present in the Partnership HRM because within JLP flexibleness, numerical and functional, is practiced. In one manus, numerical flexibleness is use as “ The Partnership is committed to supply the best work life balance possible to all spouses… [ who ] are able to do a petition for flexible working ” ( Partnership Handbook, 2009 ) . In add-on to portion clip station, spouses can do agreement to diminish their contractual hours, or alteration working forms, if their personal fortunes alteration ( due to wellness or household issues, surveies etc. ) ; take unpaid leave without losing benefits, or work from place ( if the responsibilities for a peculiar occupation may be achieved out of site ) . On the other manus, functional flexibleness is developed through developing spouses in different facets of the concern, in add-on to the preparation they need to make their peculiar occupation. Such is the instance of boulder clay preparation, all spouses are encouraged to undergo till preparation in order to back up their subdivision at peculiar times e.g. Christmas, exceptional publicities, sale periods.

The Partnership encourages authorization in a direct manner, as proprietors of the concern spouses non merely portion the net incomes, but besides the duty of the concern successes and failures. JLP support spouses to do determinations on the topographic point as hard state of affairs may originate, every bit good as develop new thoughts to better the concern.

Another theoretical account partly developed at JLP is the John Storey ( 2001 ) theoretical account. HR is at the Centre of the Partnership, as stated in JLPnet “ the felicity of spouses is at the Centre of everything we do ” . From the minute of enlisting, and during all the employment in JLP, spouses are reminded of the importance of their function in the Partnership independent of the place they hold. Through informal meetings, hebdomadal communicating meetings, and internal publications, such as the Gazette ( Partnership broad ) , or the Chronicle ( local subdivision magazine ) , to advert few, spouses are invariably reminded that the most valuable plus in the partnership is the people, and are promote to their possible to accomplish personal satisfaction, and at the same clip assist the concern achieve its ends.

In the Partnership HRM is non left to forces specialist entirely, line directors are trained in different facets of HRM. From enlisting, line directors deal with HR, carry oning 2nd interviews, subsequently be aftering developing waies for all spouses under their wing. Line directors besides are concerned with attending and wage, being in charge of PartnerLink, the system usage for these affairs ; they are besides who conduct the Annual Review of Performance ( ARP ) to measure spouses public presentation. These are merely some of the HRM duties line directors assume when working for JLP.

Three HR planning and development methods at John Lewis Partnership are:

HR planning method

Harmonizing to Foot and Hook ( 2003 ) HR planning is a manner to fix an organisation to cover with future HR demands in order to accomplish strategic ends.


A manner of enlisting at JLP is E-recruitment. External vacancies are advertised on the Partnership ‘s vacancies website Applicants fill an online questionnaire, which at the same time creates a personal application Centre, where they can supervise the position of their application ; if the applicant meet the demand for that peculiar vacancy, he/she is ask to book an interview via the personal application Centre antecedently set. Internal vacancies are accessible to spouses through JLP intranet, spouses are able to use to any vacancy, whether external or internal, in any of the divisions of the Partnership, an unlike external appliers, spouses merely have to make full up personal inside informations, including present place, and write statement alternatively of a full questionnaire.

HR development methods

As defined by Armstrong ( 2002 ) HR development is involve with acquisition, development and preparation in an organisation, through which range to better person, squad and organisational public presentation.


Horizons “ is an incorporate attack to acquisition and calling development ” ( JLP intranet ) cater specifically for the Partnership. Horizons offers developing battalions for the different accomplishments required in a retail concern, trough enchiridions, multimedia preparation, on and out-the-job preparation, and classs, to advert some, spouses are trained on the systems usage by JLP such as check-out procedure, stock handiness, stock ordination, and bringing engagement. Spouses besides have the chance to get new accomplishments, or better the 1s they have for illustration commercial consciousness, developing effectual dealingss, presenting consequences, or how to fix for your ARP.

Using similar tools, Horizons besides offers development battalions for spouses that want to progress on their calling at JLP, some of those are draw a bead oning to be subdivision director, which helps spouses to develop leading, communicating, and concern consciousness accomplishments in order to go a successful director.


In JLP the intent of endorsement is to let any spouse to work beyond his/her usual remit and to broaden his/her experience ( JLPnet ) . The Partnership offers two sorts of endorsements: In or outside the concern. Inside the concern endorsements could be in the same subdivision, but in different section, in any other JLP division, covering for a director ‘s long leave, or working in a new subdivision to back up new spouses to acquire this peculiar subdivision unfastened, and afterwards as trade physiques.

Outside the concern endorsements are dealt through the Golden Jubilee Trust, which is the Partnership ain charity. GJT allows spouses to take clip out from their normal work -up to six months- to work for a charity ‘s particular undertaking ( JLPnet ) , where they can develop new accomplishments, or convey back those antecedently acquired that for any ground spouses are non able to utilize in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours occupation. While making this, spouses are paid as normal ; all the benefits remain the same, after the secondment ends spouses are back to their sections.

Critical rating of the effectivity of the above methods to run into JLP aims

The Partnership aims are based on three elements: spouses, clients, and net income.

Belonging to a co-owned concern should convey personal satisfaction to spouses, in this concern they have worthwhile, secure and fulfilling employment and assurance in the manner the Partnership conducts its concern.

The Partnership should enroll and retain loyal clients through their continued trust and assurance in the concern repute for value, pick, service and honestness and for acting every bit good citizens.

The Partnership should do sufficient net income to prolong our commercial verve and typical character, let continued development and administer a portion of the net incomes each twelvemonth consistent with spouses ‘ sensible outlooks ( JLP cyberspace ) .

At JLP enlisting is unfastened to all ; nevertheless as applications are chiefly process on-line – E-recruitment- appliers without good authorship accomplishments possibly turndown, although they may hold good “ people accomplishments ” which is a valuable plus for the Partnership. For station like selling helper, there should be an alternate sort of enlisting, such as unfastened yearss, where recruiters can measure appliers face to confront, and acknowledge their possible and qualities they can convey to JLP.

Horizons has been a really effectual method at JLP. For every spouse the acquisition experience is different, some are acute on reading and self appraisal, others instead to go to classs, some are confident to larn on-the-job, while others prefer to pattern behind the scenes foremost ( off-the-job preparation ) . Horizons allows spouses to custom-make their acquisition and development experience, utilizing as many ways as they want in order to accomplish their peculiar ends that will assist them to better their public presentation, which apart from conveying personal satisfaction, besides brings pecuniary wagess -pay rise- .

Based on personal experience, endorsements at JLP are an first-class manner to better, and larn new accomplishments. However, even if they are unfastened to all spouses, non many apply for them ; spouses that have been in a endorsement are acute to reiterate the experience, and tend to use once more for another, but spouses that have non had this antic experience are loath to make so. In some instances such as in acquired Waitrose subdivisions -those antecedently owned by Safeway, Morrison, or Summerfield- the civilization of the Partnership has non been wholly absorbed, and new direction and spouses are non cognizant of all what the Partnership has to offer or are loath to seek new possibilities. In other instances as in some John Lewis shops, people has been on the same station for many old ages and are non interested in altering their modus operandi for a piece.

Wayss to heighten public presentation in JLP

Critical rating of how the public presentation of HR in JLP is presently indicated and monitored

The Partnership uses several methods to measure HR public presentation, for the intent of this assignment I will mention to those that are use in most parts of the concern.

Annual Review of public presentation ( ARP )

This is a mix between direction by aims ( MBO ) assessment, and evaluation graduated tables appraisal. In the ARP first spouses themselves, and so their line directors evaluate spouses by analysing his/her old twelvemonth public presentation against a standard set of behaviors that correspond to JLP aims and besides specific aims set by the spouse and his/her line director in the old ARP. These are divided in single, squad, vision and creativeness, taking and development, and passionate retail merchant behavior ; and measure up by these headers: do n’t desire to see, desire to see, or outstanding. Second the line director translates this appraisal to a rating graduated table from one to five that depends on the figure of behaviors found under the different headers. Finally, the spouse and his/her calcium hydroxide director meet to discus both ratings, and set new aims for the undermentioned twelvemonth. ARP is a really nonsubjective and effectual procedure, clear and consecutive frontward, as all spouses are evaluated under the same standard, and if there is any disagreement both parties are able to see each other points.


ABC stands for acknowledge, physique and stopping point. Through ABC line directors assess selling spouses detecting their interaction with clients, and utilizing a criterion inquirer which evaluates the spouse ‘s ability to admit a client, construct a sale, and near a sale. It is done about every two hebdomads. Although is an nonsubjective manner of HR rating, line directors non ever can be every bit near as they should in order to be wholly cognizant of the interaction between selling spouses and clients, and this could take to a low grade for the spouse.

Mystery shopper

The Partnership has an external bureau that send people to all portion of the concern to measure HR public presentation ; it is done one time a month, and consists in qualify spouses and the store in general against a standard inquirer and a set of behaviors based on ABC. In add-on to measure spouses, the enigma shopper evaluates the subdivision in footings of the manner it looks -tidy, clean- , stock handiness, clip of line uping at the boulder clay, and others. Mystery shopper consequences non ever reflect the criterions of the spouses and the store, as in the peculiar twenty-four hours of the visit they could be spouses absent ; there could be an issue with the goods coming to the subdivision therefore low or non stock

Balance mark card

At the Partnership the information contain in the balance mark card are portion with spouses. This includes gross revenues on the twenty-four hours before, twelvemonth on twelvemonth, figure of dealing at the boulder claies, mean money spend by clients, wastage, spouses absent, to advert some. At John Lewis shops this information is shared on a day-to-day footing trough electronic mails, communicating meetings, or information boards. At Waitrose, although the information is available, is portion with the caputs of the sections, who non ever go through it to the remainder of the spouses. As proprietors in the concern, spouses are cognizant of the importance of the information in the balance mark card, and are ever pleased to look into these consequences.

Customer feedback

On all Partnership subdivisions there are feedback signifiers available, that clients use to compose a compliment for the service received, to complaint for a peculiar facet of their visit, or a remark when a spouse is acute to inquire them for feedback. Through this feedback spouses have an chance to have direct sentiments from a really of import portion of the concern: the client ; and JLP has the possibility of evaluate spouses ; see if there is any preparation needed at single or corporate degree ; and in the instance of regards give spouses the satisfaction of a occupation good done, which increase moral, and leads to keep the same degree of public presentation.

Suggestion to heighten HR public presentation in JLP

ABC should be done straight by spouses from another subdivision, which would be non known to the spouse that is traveling to be assessed, so the information usage to finish the inquirer is first manus.

Mystery shopper should be done more frequently, in order to analyse the countries that need betterment, and use those betterments, in a short period of clip.

Balance mark card, particularly in Waitrose, should be either put on the information board, or printed and made available to spouses in all sections.

Different ways of preparation and development, that although are good, are non popular within the Partnership such as endorsements, should be promoted non merely in internal publication, but utilizing Sessionss of inquiry and replies where spouses that have been there can give other spouses feedback of their experience.

New line directors should be made cognizant of all what the Partnership has to offer in footings of preparation and development, benefits, wages system so they can go through this information and encourage spouses under their wing.

JLP should promote farther functional flexibleness by allowed spouses to pass few yearss in a different station, which will give them assurance in any new accomplishment learnt, and besides give them the chance of coming back to their section with a fresh position.



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