Copula and Sentence Structure

November 28, 2017 General Studies

Fishing is a great sport for many reasons. Degradable is not so relaxing because one big Jerk is hurling stuff in your head! Also ,Fishing is something almost anybody can do. When you see a fishing show on TV, most of the waiting has been edited out. A yarn strike indicator is better for tracking fish through mild currents. If you are going to be fishing all day, be sure to bring a book and something to drink. ANALYSIS: Unity: Topic Sentence: Fishing is a great sport for many reason.

Subject: Fishing Controlling Idea: great sport Supporting Details: 1 Degradable is not so relaxing because one big Jerk is hurling stuff in your head 2. ) Fishing is something almost anybody can do. Whew you see a fishing show on TV, most of the waiting has been edited out 3. ) A yarn strike indicator is better for tracking fish through mild currents Clinching Sentence: Underlined (Conclusion) Coherence Paragraph order: Logical Structural Devices: not so, because,almost,most, through Composition: Unity Unity in a paragraph or essay means all the sentences should be about the same epic.

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A paragraph about your kitchen, therefore, would probably not include a sentence about the boxes in your attic. Paragraphs or essays without strong unity can sometimes be confusing or hard to read. By referring back to the topic sentence, you can see whether your sentence belongs or not. Composition: Audience All writing has an intended audience. Just as you probably wouldn’t speak to your boss the same way you might speak to your brother, you wouldn’t use the same language in your writing for one person or group that you might use for another.

It is important that your writing always reflects the audience you have in mind. For example, if you are writing to someone who is unfamiliar with auto mechanics, you would not want to use too much confusing technical language. PART 2 – SENTENCE STRUCTURE Fragments A fragment is a group of words that does not form a complete sentence. A fragment may be missing a subject, verb, or both; it may also not express a complete thought. Here are some examples of fragments. Went to the movies. The boy in the well. Unless I ask you. The first example is missing a subject. We don’t know who went to the movies.

In the ext sentence, there is no verb. What did the boy in the well do? In the third example, we have a subject and a verb, but the thought is incomplete. Sentence Structure: Run-ones and Comma Splices A run-on sentence is a type of grammatical error in which two complete sentences are Joined together with only a space between them. Comma splices are another type of error formed by separating two complete sentences with a comma. Both of these are incorrect ways to Join sentences. The correct way to Join separate sentences is with a conjunction (such as but, or, because, if, etc… ) or with a semicolon

C). MODIFIERS : Words or phrases that describe or explain other parts off sentence Sentence Structure: Modifier Placement In English, descriptions should usually be next to what they are describing. A misplaced modifier occurs when a descriptive word or phrase is placed in a way that indicates that it is describing something other than the intended object. This can lead to confusion about what is actually being talked about. Look at the following example: With bright colors, Jeff thought the sunset looked beautiful. This sentence seems to indicate that Jeff had the bright colors, not the sunset.

It should read like this: Jeff thought the sunset, with its bright colors, looked beautiful. This way, the reader can tell that the bright colors belong to the sunset, not Jeff. Sentences can also have missing modifiers in which the subject that the modifier refers to is not present. Take the following sentence for example: Tired from a hard day of backpacking, the bed was a welcome sight. The sentence has no subject. Who was tired from backpacking? The bed? A more correct way to write the sentence would be: Tired after a long day of backpacking, Tom found the bed to be a welcome sight.


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