Corporate financial statement analysis of Volkswagen

September 21, 2017 Management


The chief purpose from this undertaking is to analyse fabrication company in term of ratios analysis and common size analysis. We took Volkswagen Group as a fabrication company and we try to cognize what are the line concern, major rivals, and the ends of Volkswagen Group. Then we start to do common size analysis ( perpendicular and horizontal analysis ) for both income statement and balance sheet from twelvemonth 2005 to 2009 to see the fiscal public presentation of the company over the clip. Furthermore we make ratios analysis to look into the liquidness, solvency, profitableness, efficiency, and hard currency flow of the Volkswagen Group.Finally, the study is traveling to discourse the informations that we found on common size analysis and ratios analysis. Besides the study will include all the one-year study from 2005 to 2009.

Company profile

a ) What is the company ‘s chief line of concern and major rivals?

Volkswagen Group majorly known as the VW group is a German originated automobile fabricating group that is graded 3rd largest in universe as a motor vehicle maker. The nucleus concern of the group includes developing vehicles and constituents for all trade names and fabricating complete vehicles for the Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles trade names. The group has global working of operations but its primary focal point is Europe market.

Major rivals of Volkswagen are Toyotta, General Motors, Ford and Hyundai.

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B ) On what twenty-four hours does the company ‘s financial twelvemonth terminal?

The company Fiscal twelvemonth ends on Dec, 31st

degree Celsius ) What is the largest beginning of hard currency from funding activities?

For the twelvemonth ended Dec 31, 2009 it ‘s “Proceeds from issue of Bonds”

vitamin D ) What is the largest usage of hard currency from puting activities?

For the twelvemonth ended Dec 31, 2009 it ‘s “Disposal of Equity Investments”

vitamin E ) What is the mean income revenue enhancement rate for the financial twelvemonth reported?

Income revenue enhancement rate for 2005 is: 35.2 % , 2006: 9.1 % , 2007:37.0 % , 2008: 29.1 % , 2009: 27.7 % . The mean revenue enhancement rate is 27.62 % .

degree Fahrenheit ) What is the mean issue ( sale ) monetary value per portion of common stock issued as of the terminal of the financial twelvemonth reported?

The mean issue ( sale ) monetary value per portion ˆ 149.42

Company ends and accomplishments

Descriptive information, Compare ends provided in one-year studies with accomplishments in the undermentioned periods, seek for any possible preset criterions and happen out whether the company achieved them in the undermentioned periods.

There are legion aims and ends set by the Management of Volkswagen with the motivation of enabling the company to spread out the range of its concern and generate sustainable success by concentrating on its clients and environment. As portion of concern operations direction, the Board has focused on presenting steps to better cost constructions through procedure optimisation overall and modular scheme execution. The execution of these ends can be seen through the fiscal public presentation of Volkswagen where in footings of gross revenues, the related costs are kept in controlled and balanced tendency with no irregular hikings.

Volkswagen end of serving its clients with most advanced and absorbing vehicles is met with its ability to bring forth increased global gross revenues and improved cost place. In 2007, the company earned a gross revenues record of 6.2 million vehicles.

As portion of Volkswagen ‘s planetary concern scheme, the end of the company had been to implement its multi trade name scheme and present most environments friendly and broadest vehicle scope. Towards implementing these ends, the company in twelvemonth 2009 has been able to get by with the weak industry tendencies due to fiscal and economic crisis overall. It ‘s execution of integrating and partnerships with Porsche and Suzuki have unlocked many growing chances. It is the consequence of such policies of direction that Volkswagen group did non endure from the fiscal crisis to the extent most of the rivals did.

The focal point of keeping quality criterions is besides apparent from the analysis of fiscal statements where each twelvemonth better quality bettering criterions and process are implemented as portion of production procedures to enable Volkswagen in presenting its clients best equipt quality vehicles. Future ends of company include researching more developments in fuel efficiency for vehicles and clime friendly fuels as cardinal constituents of automobility along with driver aid systems to advance fuel efficient drive.

Common Size Analysis

Ratios analysis

Datas Analysis

Having done with a thorough fiscal statement analysis of Volkswagen Group for twelvemonth 2005-2009, it is seen that the company as a cardinal constituent of Automobile Industry has been able to keep its fiscal public presentation with little perturbation in net incomes for financial twelvemonth 2009 as a consequence of planetary depression in markets.

First holding a expression at the perpendicular common size analysis of Volkswagen Income statement and Balance sheet revealed that most points of Income statement and Balance sheet do non show any major fluctuations over five old ages. Year 2007 and 2008 were better executing concern old ages where due to reduced CGS as a per centum of Gross saless, overall profitableness was improved i.e. Operating net income and EBT improved from 2 % in 2006 to 6 % in 2007 and 2008. However, due to an overall market recession profitableness has significantly decreased due to burthen on costs and disbursals i.e. PAT decreased from 4 % in 2008 to 1 % in 2009. The perpendicular common size balance sheet showed the group construction consists of Debt: Equity of 80:20. Other important values are fixed assets, hard currency, stock list and fiscal service receivables.

The horizontal common size analysis of Income statement and balance sheet taking 2005 as base twelvemonth showed a healthy growing tendency for old ages 2006-2008, whereas for twelvemonth 2009, it exposed a reduced tendency of profitableness significantly in operating net income, Net income before revenue enhancement and Net income after revenue enhancement. The balance sheet shows increasing and diminishing fluctuations when looked at single points but overall can be considered comparatively stable and bettering.

The Ratio analysis of fiscal statements is done to measure the public presentation of company in a given twelvemonth utilizing dealingss between different balance sheet, income statement and hard currency flow points. Volkswagen analysis of different fiscal ratios over the period of 5 old ages enabled us in seeing the public presentation of Group under five caputs: Assetss efficiency, liquidness, hard currency flow, profitableness and solvency.

Assetss efficiency:

These ratios are used to look into the efficiency of a company i.e. how expeditiously assets of company are used in bring forthing gross. The fixed plus turnover and entire plus turnover ratios are lower in magnitude over the clip period under analysis. By and large the greater the magnitudes of these ratios the efficient are the assets of a company are considered in bring forthing gross revenues gross. Volkswagen group assets turnover ratios for last five old ages vary within scope of 0.5 and 1.2 which is non rather impressive. The stock list turnover ratio over the last five old ages shows a assorted tendency whereas the receivable and collectible turnover are besides a concern as collectible turnover should be greater in magnitude than receivable whereas it ‘s the opposite instance here.


The net income borders for past five shows an increasing tendency boulder clay 2008, nevertheless for twelvemonth 2009 profitableness is effected due to reduced gross revenues and force per unit areas on costs. The tendencies for Return on assets and equity, are besides the same, whereas the magnitude of these is moderate. The net incomes per portion for the group is attractive plenty merely diminutions much for twelvemonth 2009 i.e. from ˆ4.6 in 2008 to ˆ0.9 in 2009.


These are the ratios derived from balance sheet and step ability of company to bring forth liquid financess to pay its debts. The current and speedy ratios for Volkswagen autumn within the scope of 0.9 and 1.2 for past five old ages which is considered good plenty for liquidness intents. The hard currency transition rhythm is the figure of yearss hard currency is tied up in production and gross revenues procedure. Our analysis shows a assorted tendency which is observed to diminish in 2009 which is a good index. The receivable aggregation and collectible deferral periods are besides in favour of company ‘s liquidness demands.

Cash flow:

The hard currency flow ratio of less is one is declarative of greater opportunities for bankruptcy. Volkswagen hard currency flow ratio over past five old ages is systematically low and need attending.

Debt /Solvency:

These show the overall debt burden of company. The debt as compared to assets does non portrays greater hazards, nevertheless greater dependance if debt as compared to equity additions purchase and so the hazard range for the Volkswagen.


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