Corporate Social Responsibility Of Rio Tinto

There have been a batch of alterations seen in CSR over the past few old ages along with the addition in tendency. The major grounds for this reform are understand by companies for duty towards society, community and environment. Companies are now acquiring frontward and understanding the demand for CSR and are taking actions for take downing the operational impact on society and environment ( Sandor, R. ( 2003 ) ) . Companies are now taking stairss to better on the improvement of community and environment. In this assignment the treatment would be on Rio Tinto & A ; the CSR it follows and how does Venture holder are affected. Introduction subdivision would incorporate inside informations about company profile and Concept of CSR. Then Literature reappraisal which would speak about how interest holder are affected in relation to CSR and some theory about it and about CSR. Then would be followed by analysis which would incorporate how CSR is followed in the company and how are the stakeholder involved and effected. Here I would besides include the different CSR presently followed by Rio Tinto and how is the impact of those CSR activities. Then stop would be Conclusion where I would explicate what I understood and conclude on the CSR followed by Rio Tinto.


Corporate societal duty can be termed as a company ‘s integrated norms towards societal, environmental and economical factors turning into making value and operations of a company and besides turning the values and operations into transparent and accountable mode. CSR is now going an built-in scheme for companies to prolong long term success and growing. In the initial stage of debut of the construct of corporate societal duty in the twelvemonth 1990, corporate societal duty was merely taken as a duty or a charity where companies used to organize fund for allowing fiscal aid for worthy causes ( Commission of the European Communities. 2001 ) . But now the construct of corporate societal duty has changed. Over past few decennaries, corporate societal duty has changed faces from charity and dependence to empowerment and partnership with clients and society. Corporate societal duty has become a tool for companies to construct engagement with community ( Rohmetra, Neelu, and Dhotra J.R, ( 2006 ) ) . Corporate societal duty besides helps a company to construct and advance its companies values in the international market and to develop sustainability in the society.

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In this assignment the company selected is Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto is a taking international participant in the industry of excavation. The company was formed with a combination of Rio de Janeiro Tinto Plc from London listed public company and Rio Tinto Limited which is a listed company in Australian. These two companies joined in as a double listed company into a individual economic entity known as Rio Tinto group ( Company Web site ( ) ) . Rio Tinto is the market leader in the production of happening, excavation and treating the Earth ‘s mineral resources. Rio Tinto is a planetary participant covering in providing indispensable minerals and metals to the worldwide market to run into up the demand & A ; supply. The major merchandises which Rio Tinto trades with are “ aluminium, Cu, diamonds, coal and U, gold, borax, Ti dioxide, salt, talc and zircon and Fe ore ” ( Company Web site ( ) ) . The major purpose of it is to supply returns to stockholders on long term concern group. “ This means concentrating on the development of first category or embodies into big, long life and efficient operations, capable of prolonging competitory advantage through concern rhythms. ( ) ) “

The entire activities or a procedure which companies manage is 30 which include 57 of the controlled activity excavation and operations and a sum of 5 remote excavation operations ( Company Web site ( ) ) . Rio Tinto is spread globally but the major activities or concern spread is in Australia which comprises to about 60 % of the entire operations. The following largest operation centre is in North America and Canada comprising of 28 % . Rio Tinto caters to a Human capital of 33000 employees ‘ universe broad ( Company Web site ( ) ) . On the web site it is clearly given that Rio Tinto is more concern about the wellness and safety side and gives it a major precedence. Rio Tinto puts the group concerns into the sustainability development as the centre of all its operations. Rio Tinto besides looks into supplying environmental effects as an activity to minimise environmental effects on the community and environment and maintaining in head that the local community additions from the determination ( Company Web site ( ) ) .


Legitimacy Theory

In Legitimacy theory, companies need to set about assorted CSR activities to Legitimate in forepart of the community and society. Active companies following CSR activities are prone to alterations as per the demands, precedence and concern towards the society & A ; Community. Pull offing Legitimacy is similar or every bit good as pull offing the community perceptual experience. Companies try and maintain legitimacy patterns in many ways ( Mayer and Rowan ( 1977 ) ) . An organisation works to incorporate the societal legitimacy component in their organisational construction to maximize the endurance capableness and to increase the resource capableness of the organisation. “ Independent of their productive efficiency, administrations which exist in extremely elaborated institutional environments and win in going isomorphous with these environments gain the legitimacy and resources needed to last ” ( Mayer and Rowan ( 1977 ) , p. 352 )

Stakeholder Theory

A interest holder theory trades with the consideration of outlook of the interest holders towards community and society for the Corporate Disclosure Policies. It would take history of rudimentss like the US Trueblood Report ( 1973 ) , Woodward ( 1993 ) where activities like human resources, proprietors, non-equity providers of financess, providers of goods and services, clients, political involvement, the general populace and the physical environment are included ( Capriotti, P. , & A ; Moreno, A. ( 2007 ) ) . Along with the direction squad and stakeholders theory, the company reveals the corporate revelation as a tool for garnering information needed by the powerful stakeholder group. Directors and direction usage this information to pull strings the interest holders who stand to be known for the determination of the endurance of the company ( Amber, T. & A ; Wilson, A. ( 1995 ) ) .

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate societal duty can be defined as an integrated societal, environmental and economical factors turning into values and operations to change over to transparent and accountable mode. It has become a really of import tool for long term planning and concern success and growing ( Palazzi, M. and Starcher, G. 1997 ) . Until 1990 corporate societal duty was merely taken as a duty or a signifier of charity where companies used to open up financess and charity houses and grants for supplying fiscal grants for different causes ( Raynard, P. , & A ; Forstater, M. ( 2002 ) ) . Corporate societal duty is taken in a incorrect manner by companies to understand it as a charity signifier. In existent sense corporate societal duty is more than merely a duty and cost or constrain for a house ( Drucker, P. F. 1984 ) . If corporate societal duty is taken in the right manner can turn companies to bring forth better chance, invention and competitory border and can besides assist a company to understate the societal force per unit area ( Dickson, M. A. , Eckman, M. 2006 ) . To understand and analyze the term corporate societal duty, it is really of import to understand the right significance of the term. Harmonizing to Maignan, I. , Ferrell, O. C. 2004, CSR could be defined as “ aˆ¦.operating a concern in mode that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial and public outlooks that society has of concern ” . With the above definition it is really clear that it works on the harmoniousness of the ternary P construct which is the people, works and net income ( Hopkins, M. 1998 ) . There are really diverse definitions of CSR stated in literature. Harmonizing to Birch, D. , & A ; Moon, J. ( Eds. ) . ( 2004 ) CSR is defined as an emphatic outlooks of society. All these definitions and significance of corporate societal duty province different elements and the operations of concern.

Fundamentalss & A ; Concepts of CSR

Corporate societal duty can be defined as a construct to be followed by companies for a cardinal thought of lending for the societal improvement of the community where they are located ( Birch, D. ( 2003 ) ) . “ Corporate societal duty is basically a construct where by companies decide voluntarily to lend to a better society and a cleansing agent environment ” ( Capriotti, P. , & A ; Moreno, A. ( 2007 ) ) . Corporate societal duty has seen a batch of alterations in the construct over the past few old ages. The major ground for these alterations are due to facts that organisations have started to understand the duty towards environment and society and have volunteered to take step stairss towards society and environment ( Sandor.R,2003 ) . Corporate societal duty is taken in two crease, foremost being disbursement net income and the 2nd about house deviating themselves from the chief aim of merely gaining net income ( Holme, R. and Watts, P. 2000 ) . In the current market castle, companies are touting to corporate societal duty activity but are non able to show answerability hence coverage.

Why is CSR of import today?

Company ‘s repute in the current market topographic point is dependent on the CSR activity by the company and enhanced stigmatization of a good company would intend that a good CSR would construct better image in the market and a negative corporate societal duty would intend that a company with hapless public presentation which in bend would intend a harm in the trade name value of the company ( Capriotti, P. , & A ; Moreno, A. ( 2007 ) ) . Currently companies take trade name image as a cardinal driver and besides believe that corporate societal duty benefits for making good trade name image. A company following corporate societal duty is besides believed to pull good and skilled labors and besides helps company in keeping of old employees ( Buchholz, Rogene A. ( 1991 ) ) . “ A company ‘s environmental and societal public presentation is an progressively pavement placeholder and prima index for three typically under-weighted drivers critical to future profitableness potency: corporate legerity or adaptability ; lastingness of a house ‘s competitory advantage ; and the quality of its strategic direction. ” ( Matte Kierman, EMD of Innovate strategic adviser ) . On and above this many of the institutional investors are besides utilizing CSR as a tool to steer their investing determinations.

Many of the organisations are confronting jobs and the direction have been working on the jobs for old ages now, but as CSR matures at a higher degree and is able to mensurate the public presentation, has saved the direction from many jobs ( Woodward, D.G. ( 1993 ) ) . Today companies are running for net income and money market and each concern work forces is looking frontward to maximize net income by following new and advanced schemes. Economist and strategian are working towards new doctrines to derive higher net income for the company.


The construct of CSR has grown really fast over the past few old ages in Australia. It has besides turned into a concern itself ( Hosmer, Larue. Tome, ( 2005 ) ) . If it needs to be counted on the figure of companies trout for accomplishment so the figure would be near to all, at least in construct. But all these companies do non follow the planetary coverage format for CSR and neither do they print the activities. Harmonizing to the stakeholder theory, companies are utilizing corporate societal duty as a relationship build tool between the company and the community. Corporate societal duty is used as a scheme to construct trust between the organisation and the community ( Raynard, P. , & A ; Forstater, M. ( 2002 ) ) . A client would merely purchase a merchandise from the company if it trusts the company merchandise and the company and a provider would merely tie in with a company if it relies on the sustainability of the company. Even we could see that employees would wish to tie in with companies who have regard and trade name name in the market ( Boatright, John R, ( 2006 ) ) . It is strongly seen that companies would be known to be a victorious company if it proves to supply net income and function value in the long tally for the society and besides survive in the long tally.

The theory of legitimacy IN CSR is used as a tool by companies to construct repute and trade name image in the market. “ Among other things, a good repute affords resource companies their slither certify to drive and improves dealingss with regulators, which help them obtain the needed licenses for their operations with fewer hold-ups ” ( Boatright, John R, ( 2006 ) ) .


The one line motto in Rio Tinto with regard to corporate societal duty is “ The Way We Work ” . Rio Tinto as a company has drafted a series of activities for the society battle. These corporate societal duty activities and battles varies in different signifiers get downing from site relationship edifice with the local organic structures to swear and foundation for local and national degree corporate societal duty to NGOs Partnering for corporate societal duty ( Raynard, P. , & A ; Forstater, M. ( 2002 ) ) . These trust and foundations are formed internally by the company and managed by the company internally. These activities and battles give a clear image of the interest holder theory being implemented by public violence into on forepart of corporate societal duty which is spread over a complex and varied nature ( hypertext transfer protocol: // viewed on 21-jun-2010 ) . Thou the company follows different activities and battles for corporate societal duty but the chief beginning for corporate societal duty activities in Rio Tinto is the NGO Method where the NGos understand the demand and relevancy of Rio Tinto ‘s nucleus concern issues. The partnership manner of corporate societal duty depends on state of affairs of looking at and concentrating on the planetary issues, whether it would impact the planetary range or the community at local. The best illustration of partnership activities by Rio Tinto for corporate societal duty is the attack for the Biodiversity preservation. Rio Tinto Management with interest holders discussed on the Biodiversity issues and decided to spouse with Earthwatch Institute and in 1993 build the family plan where it attached its 24 Employees in the plan. The Following corporate societal duty activity illustration which Rio Tinto got responsible for is the Botanic diverseness in the rain wood of Cameroon and preservation rain wood of Indonesia ( hypertext transfer protocol: // viewed on 21-jun-2010 ) . Rio Tinto as a corporate societal duty activity volunteered for helping the undertaking with supply of valued fund and skilled labour for the undertaking. Rio Tinto as a corporate societal duty has partnered with many NGOs like the Bird life international, WWF Australia, Royal Botanic Garden in Kew and the Eden undertaking in UK. Rio Tinto started their partnership with birdlife international as a corporate societal duty activity because birds are an index of environmental wellness and biodiversity. Partnering the Corporate societal duty activity with Eden undertaking stressed on the station excavation regeneration ( hypertext transfer protocol: // viewed on 21-jun-2010 ) . This was the major ground for partnering with Eden undertaking. The partnering with Royal Botanic Garden served in bettering the environment through practical scientific work. Rio Tinto ‘s employees are ever a portion of any corporate societal duty activity held by NGO on behalf of Rio Tinto to pull off and effectual bringing. Detailed work program is build and reappraisal in regular interval. Rio Tinto gets into partnership understanding with all its partnering associates who feature the BASIC of the aim to be taken attention under the understanding and the relationship ( hypertext transfer protocol: // viewed on 21-jun-2010 ) .

Now let ‘s see how Rio Tinto as a company molds the legitimacy theory activities for its corporate societal duty activity. Rio Tinto holds corporate societal duty activity in their operation likes Corporate Governance, Employment, Land entree, Human rights, community, Political engagement, Sustainable development and Safety. Rio Tinto financess and put a batch in community development as it corporate societal duty activity. A perfect illustration of community investing is sponsorship, contributions, substructure support for the community, educational financess for community and employee, partnering with different organic structures ( Nemeskeri, R. L. ( 2003 ) ) . Rio Tinto has besides been awarded by BRW as the most socially responsible ASX 100 companies in 2006. On the side of Environmental Rio Tinto activities for corporate societal duty includes Sustainable development planning and policies, Day to twenty-four hours direction for environmental planning and Gradual rehabilitation and long term excavation closing planning ( hypertext transfer protocol: // viewed on 21-jun-2010 ) .


These corporate societal duty activities, Battles and partnering aids Rio Tinto to understand the issues and concerns of its stakeholders and the clients. It helps Rio Tinto to acquire a dismay of the hazard in early phase which helps in pull offing better the hazard to Bio diverseness. These CSR activities besides help the organisation to acquire adept cognition on concern concern and critical issues. Through these corporate societal duty activities Rio Tinto gets an apprehension of the long term community development as their nucleus duty of the company. The mine life is ever around 30-50 old ages and Rio de Janeiro Tinto would ever wants to construct trust and repute in the community through corporate societal duty ( Rohmetra, Neelu, and Dhotra J.R, ( 2006 ) ) . Some more advantages which Rio Tinto and stakeholders get due to corporate societal duty activities is as follows.

Stigmatization: Corporate societal duty is used by company as a tool for build trade name of the company and for the merchandise ( Murthy, CSV, ( 2006 ) ) . Companies try to construct trade name of their merchandise and company in the heads of the clients and the society. Branding through corporate societal duty helps companies in increasing gross revenues and in bend gross. Corporate societal duty helps Rio Tinto in edifice strong and long term relationship with the clients and the community. Rio Tinto builds relationship and holds corporate societal duty activities through NGO partnering to develop trade name edifice ( The Way to Work, 2005 ) .

Brand Insurance: Brand Insurance means that a company does non reiterate the same error once more and once more and besides learn from the past experience of ego or from others. In the instance of Rio Tinto, corporate societal duty helps in warning the company of the hazard at an early phase related to Biodiversity. This helps the company to takes stairss in an organized mode. Due to the corporate societal duty and the partnering with Ngo and institutes aids Rio Tinto to feel the hazard good in progress for it to be tackled ( The Way to Work, 2005 ) .

Crisis Management: Corporate societal duty helps a company to bring forth gross at the clip of crisis besides due to the trade name edifice and the relationship edifice between the company and the community and the clients ( Kotler, Philip, and Armstrong, Gary, ( 2006 ) ) .

Changing societal Expectations: in the planetary and competitory market, clients have started anticipating from the company they are associated with. The demand for corporate societal duty activities is besides increasing due to the outlook from client built due to the high dirt, cut downing the trust of the clients ( Baxi, C.V. & A ; Prasad Ajit ( 2005 ) ) . with the aid of corporate societal duty, a company can construct in assurance and trust of clients and community. In the instance of Rio Tinto, corporate societal duty helps the company to construct trust in the country where the mines are located. It besides serves in physique long term relationship with the community ( The Way to Work, 2005 ) .

Increasing Affluence: In today ‘s knowing and competitory markets, the influensive clients buy merchandise by pick and non by force. The picks in the market presently are high due to high competition and multiple participants in the market. These competition can be reduced to a great extend by the corporate societal duty ( Batten, Jonathan A. & A ; Fetherston, Thomas A ( Eds. ) ( 2003 ) ) . Corporate societal duty helps companies to construct relationship with community and client and besides helps in edifice trade name name for long term usage ( Hosmer, Larue ( Tome, ( 2005 ) ) .

Environmental Stability: Every company should demo duty towards environment and to maintain the environment free from injury due to the procedures of the company. A company should avoid intervention on the environmental stableness due to the company ‘s operations. This would assist the company to construct assurance and relationship with clients in long tally ( Boatright, John R, ( 2006 ) ) . “ Rio Tinto is actively involved in lending to the MMSD analysis, concentrating its input on issues such as community development ; the direction of mined waste ; biodiversity ; and, merchandise stewardship ” ( The Way to Work, 2005 ) . All voluntary stairss taken with respects to avoiding environmental public presentation is given in the one-year studies. Regular audit and reappraisal is done for confidence of execution of environmental policies ( The Way to Work, 2005 ) .

Employee Benefit: it is a turning scheme by companies to use corporate societal duty in constructing sustainability repute and trade name leting companies to keep human capital in the company and to pull new skilled endowment into the company. It besides helps companies to construct keeping scheme for employees. In instance of Rio Tinto, It operates the wellness and safety of employees as their precedence. It contributes to sustainability development and works closely with the host state and community and respects the Torahs & A ; Customs. They hire local people at all degrees to avoid unjust and give just opportunity to all and even benefits and chance with favoritisms ( The Way to Work, 2005 ) .

Globalization: Corporate societal duty plays a really of import function in the planetary market for a company due to its relationship physique and trade name edifice characteristics. “ Corporate societal duty can besides be defined as a agency of fiting companies operations with that of interest holder ‘s values and demands ” ( Boatright, John R, ( 2006 ) ) . These characteristics can be measured right if they are followed for run term and are developed continuously. CSR creeps into all facets of companies operations and accomplishing and uncovering the companies value and this can best be done with the aid of CSR ( Boeger, Nina, Murray, Rachel & A ; Villiers, Charlotte ( 2008 ) ) .


With the above treatment it can be concluded that the corporate societal duty activity can be used by a company as a scheme to cut down organisation hazard and to maximise net income by constructing relationship with clients and the community and besides by deriving trust of the clients and stakeholders. Corporate societal duty activity can besides be used as a tool for constructing trade name of the company and repute edifice of the company. Corporate societal duty activity can besides be used to construct strong merchandise in the market and in the heads of the clients. This in bend will assist the organisation to contend competition and stay in the market ( Nemeskeri, R. L. ( 2003 ) ) . Corporate societal duty is a demand for today for companies to last in the free market and with the stuff comfort clients and society. Companies need to work on environmental stableness and societal stableness. It is besides seen that the answerability, transparence for the societal and environment investing work as a cardinal facet in the corporate administration.

Following are few of the recent published CSR activities and norms and policies followed by Rio Tinto on the Web site. It stated that apart from the environmental policy of the company and the associated criterions, company has taken a batch of stairss towards corporate societal duty plans like “ direction of air quality, ecosystems services, biodiversity, clime alteration, energy, land, H2O, and closing ” ( Company website ) . These plans get input from the local authorities and expects from the field. The company besides reviews and improves on the internal control of the company like criterions, schemes, strategic hazard reappraisals and concern unit conformity audits ) . These audits are done to with a position to command on the companies working. Rio Tinto believes on being active in civil society battles. The interest holder attack is a cardinal for CSR to Rio Tinto ‘s success of the concern. The multiple sector coaction is a demand for the challenges of sustainability development. Rio Tinto works with partnership for capturing the synergism of diverse experience and looking frontward for solutions which are acceptable to all. “ Skills and resources can be pooled to accomplish outcomes non likely to be achieved one-sidedly ” ( Company Website ) .

In today ‘s planetary market, every company needs to work on the corporate societal duty activity to stabilise in the long tally and to derive trust of the clients.



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