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October 20, 2017 Commerce

Few concern minutess are carried through successfully without correspondence at some point. Enquires must be answered, citation given, order placed, complains dealt with, conveyance and insurance arranged and history settled. Letterss must be written to clients, salesmen, agents, providers, bankers, shipowners and many others ; they cover every imaginable stage of concern activity. They are the house ‘s soundless salesmen and, frequently plenty, stand for its lone contact with the outside universe. Hence the demand to make a good feeling, non merely of the author ‘s house, but besides of the author himself as an efficient individual tidal bore to be of service.

In our Business classs that follow are to be found over 100 specimen letters covering with a comprehensive scope of minutess of the sort handled in concern every twenty-four hours. They are presented, non as theoretical accounts to be copied, for no two concern state of affairss are of all time rather similar, but instead as illustrations written in the modern English manner to exemplify the recognized rules of good concern authorship. For those wishing to utilize the aggregation as concern tool, dwelling of headers under which missive are classified and grouped harmonizing to capable affair, supplies a convenient and utile beginning of mention.

Every concern missive is written to a intent ; each has its ain particular purpose, and one of the characteristics of this class is its usage of account to demo how the assorted letters set out to accomplish their purposes. Basic legal rules relevant to different types of dealing are besides touched upon, but merely where there is a demand to clear up legal relationships. The exercises the agencies for pupils to use in pattern what they have been taught.

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The many letters included are written in straightforward and meaningful manner of the modern age and should be of particular aid to the abroad user, and particularly to pupils from Raffles College where commercial correspondence is taught either as a general concern achievement or as a readying for the assorted scrutinies.

Business letter/e-mail authorship

Structure of The concern missive

Letter advancing good will

Enquires and answers

Citations, estimations and stamps

Gross saless letters and voluntary offers

Orders and their fulfilment

Ailments and accommodations

Invoicing and colony of histories

Letterss bespeaking payment

Recognition and position enquires


Foreign trade

Banking ( 1 ) place concern

Banking ( 2 ) payment in foreign trade

Transport ( 1 ) route and rail

Transport ( 2 ) sea and air



Travel and hotels

Assorted correspondence

A typical concern dealing

Essential Qualities

The concern missive is the principal agencies used by a concern house to maintain in touch with its clients ; frequently enough it is the lone 1 clients form their feeling of the house from the tone and quality of letters it sends out. Good quality paper and an attractive missive caput play their portion in this, but they are less of import than the message they carry, but it does necessitate us to show ourselves accurately in apparent linguistic communication that is clear and readily understood.

Writing obviously does non intend that letters must be confined to a mere narration of facts, in a manner that is dull and anattractive. When we write a missive we enter into a personal relationship with our reader. Like us he has feelings and we can non afford to ignore them. This is a necessary reminder because many people who are warmand friendly by nature become individuals of rather another kind when they sit down to compose or order a concern missive. They seem to believe that concern missive call for a particular sort of Business English. They forget that they are keeping conversations by station and do usage of impersonal buildings that produce a cold and distant tone. They prefer to compose your missive has been received instead than the heater and homelier I have received your missive, and your ailment is being looked into instead than I am looking into your ailment. They frequently refer to themselves as the author and state. The author visited your salesrooms, when they should state I visited your salesrooms. Personal buildings, with the accent on YOU and I or WE, aid to bring forth the warm and friendly tone more suitable to missive authorship.

The whole secret of good concern missive authorship is to compose merely, in an easy and natural manner – like one friendly human being speaking to another. Make your missive or electronic mail, so sound every bit much as possible like good conversation. You would n’t state on the phone It is regretted that the goods can non be delivered today. You would state I am regretful we can non present the goods today, so why non state it when you write a missive?


1- Think foremost of the reader and reference yourself to his involvements. Tell him wholly he wants to cognize and do n’t go forth him to think between the lines

2-Adopt a tone suited to the juncture and intent of the missive

3- Write of course, as you would speak, utilizing field and familiar words

4- Write clearly and to the point. The dominant demand in all concern authorship is exactness expressed in linguistic communication that is perfectly clear

5-Write courteously and do your missive sound friendly and sincere

6- Avoid prolixity, but at the same clip retrieve that it is more of import to be clear and gracious even if it means utilizing more words

7- Avoid commercial slang with its traffic circle and meaningless signifiers of look

8- Write efficaciously – by utilizing simple linguistic communication, by being consistent and precise

9- Avoid humdrum – by presenting assortment

10- Write to a program if your missive is long or particularly of import

11- Pay particular attending to the gap and shutting paragraphs – foremost and last feelings leave a particular grade on the reader

12- Check your missive or electronic mail

All these are affairs of importance and we shall now take a closer expression at each one of them.

Study your reader ‘s involvements

The letters you send out must make a good first impression.To achieve this, put yourself in your reader ‘s places and seek to image how he will experience about what you write.Ask yourself invariably, what are his demands, his wants, his involvements, his jobs, and how can I run into them? ; What would be my ain feelings if I were to have a missive of sort I propose to compose? Try to image that you are having instead than directing the missive and stress the you attitude instead than the I or We.

Adopt the right tone

If a missive is to accomplish its intent, its tone must be right.Before get downing to compose believe carefully about the manner in which you want to act upon your reader.Ask yourself, what do I desire this missive to make? and so show yourself consequently, being persuasive, excusatory, compeling, house and so on, depending on the consequence you want to bring forth.

Write of course and unfeignedly

When you sit down to compose or order a missive, attempt to experience a echt involvement in the individual you are composing to and in his problems.Say what you have to state with earnestness and do certain that it sounds sincere.Express your ideas in your ain words and in your ain way.Be yourself.Write so that what you say would sound natural if read over the telephone.


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