Corruption Showed in A Raisin in the Sun Essay

August 12, 2017 General Studies

The drama A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry was written to portray the lives of African Americans during the great depression epoch of the United States. This narrative is about a family’s battle with money. bias. life and how obstructions can acquire in the manner of carry throughing a dream. The narrative A Raisin in the Sun money has the ability to pervert people as shown when Walter invests money into a spirits shop. when he walks off from his married woman when she tells him that she is pregnant. and when he considers selling his mothers” house to Mr. Lindner.

Walter Younger is really disgruntled with his life. He decides to put in a spirits shop with his good friend Bobo an this adult male Willy who he dosent cognize. Willy takes there money and runs go forthing Walter with an empty pocket and an empty dream. Which changes the adult male that Walter is. Mama exclaimed. ”No. . . something has changed. You something new. male child. In my clip we was worried about non being lynched. . . You ain’t satisfied or proud of nil we done. I mean that you had a place ; that we kept you out of problem boulder clay you was grown ; that you don’t have to sit to work on the dorsum of nobody’s streetcar—You my children—but how different we done become. ” Mama is stating Walter that he dosent demand to worry about the money that life was about household and togetherness and he needs to halt trusting on the money for the felicity in life.

Ruth become pregnant and she’s pondering on whether she should hold an abortion or non. When Walter return place she planned to state him so he can assist her do a determination. When he returns place Mama says. ”You…you are a shame to your father’s memory. ” Mama is disappointed in her boy for non stepping up and taking action in halting Ruth from holding an abortion. . She wants him to be a good adult male like his male parent was. but he’s altering into a acrimonious adult male due to the cheque that his female parent has received.

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When the Younger’s arrive at their new place in Clybourne Park Walter was doing a determination. He was edifying the household on how he could sell this house to Mr. Lindner an receive more money. Mama says disappointingly to Walter. ”You doing something inside me call. boy. Some atrocious hurting inside me. ” Again Mama is really defeated in the determinations her boy is doing in life. She wants him to acquire together and recognize that his satisfaction is his life with his household in their new place.

Walter Younger has been changed by the dissatisfaction’s in life by how the cheque money has affected him by. puting money on a spirits shop. disregarding Ruth’s abortion. and when he was make up one’s minding on taking Mr. Lindnder”s offer. The power of the money has taken over Walter. He was a great adult male like his male parent and all Walter wanted to make was do his household acquire what they deserved in their lives. He wants them to to go the best they can be. But that power for hoggishness has taken over him and changed him into a different individual A individual his ain female parent didn’t recognize. We can all larn from Walter Younger that money can pervert oneself in without one knowing.


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