Cosi HSC practice essay Essay

October 30, 2017 General Studies

Discuss how Nowra’s position on personal relationships is conveyed in Cosi. The drama Cosi by Louis Nowra is an emotional portraiture of personal relationships in a Melbourne mental establishment ostracised by society. Throughout the drama Nowra’s position on personal relationships develops and alterations through character relationships and development. particularly the development of the chief supporter Lewis. Nowra conveys his position on personal relationships through subjects such as the importance of love and fidelity. the authorization of adult females and larning and self-development.

Techniques such as symbolism. intertextuality and contrast are besides used to farther high spot Nowra’s position. Nowra’s position on personal relationships is chiefly shown through the character Lewis and his personal relationships with other characters in the drama. particularly in his relationship with his girlfriend Lucy. Act Two. Scene Two which features a confrontation between Lewis and Lucy on their relationship is important in demoing this. In this scene. Lucy comes to pick Lewis up to take him to the moratorium meeting and Lewis must make up one’s mind between remaining for the drama and traveling with Lucy.

Nowra’s belief on the importance of the being of love and fidelity in a relationship is shown when Lewis says to Lucy “It’s about of import things like love and fidelity” . Intertextuality is used here through Lewis’ character development and alteration of values that is apparent in this line. This alteration occurred through his engagement in the production of Cosi Fan Tutte with the patients and his exposure to the subjects in the drama. The adult females in both Cosi Fan Tutte and Cosi are frequently compared with the Arabian Phoenix which acts a symbol for a woman’s stability or fidelity.

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“A woman’s stability is like the Arabian Phoenix. Everyone swears it exists. but no 1 has seen it. ” This is quoted by Lewis to Lucy to farther convey Nowra’s belief in the importance of love and fidelity in a relationship. As Cosi was written in a clip where a immense societal alteration was happening and adult females were get downing to hold more sexual freedom with the innovation he birth control pill. a batch of facets of the drama focal point on the authorization of adult females and the dual criterions that exist between and adult females in society particularly when it comes to fidelity.

This is shown in Nowra’s contrast of Act Two. Scene One and Act Two. Scene. Two. In Scene One. Lewis is unfaithful as he kisses Julie but in Act Two he reprimands Lucy for kiping with Nick neglecting to advert his ain unfaithfulnesss. Intertextuality is used in this scene when Lewis claims that a woman’s stability is like the Arabian Phoenix. uncovering his lip service. Through Lewis’ disapprobation. Nowra demonstrates that. although modern society has become more sexually lenient. there are still dual criterions that occur which condone men’s fidelity but condemn women’s fidelity.

It is revealed that Nowra believes that work forces and adult females should be equal non merely in relationships but in society excessively. Julie articulates the message at the beginning of the drama when she says that work forces “want adult females to lead on them because it will turn out their worst ideas about women” which in contrast is confirmed by Lewis’ attitude towards Lucy’s unfaithfulnesss.


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