Costa Rica Essay

October 12, 2017 General Studies

Costa Rica is a really beautiful state and really independent. Costa Rica gained its independency from the Spanish in 1821 but still was mooched off of by Agustin de Iturbide in his Mexican Empire. Easter in Costa Rica is known as Semana Santa. On July 25th they have Guanacaste twenty-four hours. which is the jubilation of the appropriation of Guanacaste to Costa Rica in 1824. August 2nd they have Virgen de Los Angeles Day. Which celebrates the Patron saint of Costa Rica. This is one of the most of import spiritual jubilations.

On September 15th they celebrate Independence Day in Costa Rica. On October 12th they celebrate Dia de la Raza ( Columbus Day ) . Last on December 25th they celebrate Christmas Day. which are Family-oriented jubilations. Costa Rica’s flag has dozenss of symbolism involved saying with the colourss. The white stripe represents peace and honestness. the bluish band represents watchfulness. truth and trueness while the ruddy band represent robustness. courage. and strength. The emblem on the flag contains the vents and their coat of weaponries.

Costa Rica’s figure one economic resource is java and bananas. Costa Ricans unrecorded merely like we do in the U. S. A. Costa Rica and the United States of America get along rather good. Of class there has been a few bump in the route but nil bad plenty to do us hostile. We are good friends because we help each other out by purchasing each others merchandises and such. Costa Rica and its dealingss with other states are keen right now. They have been apart of the international community and have been impersonal to most states for rather some clip.

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Of class it may be hostile to a few states but everyone seems to hold enemies. This state is said to be really beautiful so if I had the clip I would lief see it and pass a few yearss on the beach. Thingss are inexpensive at that place and I can be cheap so it would work out great. This state is a really beautiful state that makes its money off of really natural things and I think that is really good. I think the people are nice and the sum of festivals and vacations they have is really cool.


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