Counselling negative thoughts, or childhood experiences. The

Counselling theories are the basis of the different counselling skills used in practice. Depending on which counselling theory you are practicing, changes which of the supported counselling skills you will use. The chosen theory gives the counsellor the right knowledge and guidance to then make their clients feel comfortable and enable them to be open. This will help the client to feel confident enough to build an effective helping relationship with their counsellor. It ensures the client feels they are in a safe environment, in which they can discuss their problems, negative thoughts, or childhood experiences. The more confident the counsellor is in understanding a theory, the more successful the therapy will be.

This is because the client will feel reassured that the counsellor can truly understand why the client would act out, or feel a certain way. If a counsellor can convey the general counselling skills and the specific skills needed for the theory in practice, then they will have all the knowledge needed to know how to better help the client, from the information the client has given them. A counsellor can then use the experiences they have had with different clients, to reflect on what they did wrong or right and help themselves by learning which way’s work the best.

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