Counselling Skills Essay

1. Briefly describe in your ain words what is meant by the term ‘counselling’ . Counselling is a type of therapy offered to people who is sing any troubles or problems in life. Reding gives them a opportunity to research and turn to their jobs and to calculate out and make up one’s mind how to cover with these jobs emotionally and travel on in their life.

2. What factors may do it hard for a client to perpetrate to reding? What could you make to assist get the better of these barriers? Quite frequently. some people find it hard or awkward speaking to their household and friends about personal issues and are able when speaking to a counselor lay all their cards out on a tabular array. However some people may happen it dashing about stating a complete alien what’s go oning in their lives or possibly worried about how they are traveling to be perceived by other people by seeking aid. It might merely be because they are a closed individual emotionally and is unable to open up. I would seek to get the better of these barriers by first set uping a batch of trust in my relationship as counselor and client. When established the trust between my client I would so promote them to speak openly about their issues and reassure them about the importance of confidentiality and perfectly no-one would hold to cognize that they have been for reding.

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3. What are the ‘Core Counselling skills’ ? Briefly describe each 1. 1. Genuineness – Being true. honest. reliable and wholly non sham. 2. Acceptance – Completely accepting the client for who they are and non judging them in any manner. Being impartial. 3. Empathy – Puting yourself in the client’s places. being able to place with and understand their jobs.

4. In your sentiment. what are the most of import accomplishments required for effectual guidance? Justify your reply. I believe the most of import accomplishments that are effectual for reding are Empathy. Acceptance. Compassion and genuineness. I think that if you can non sympathize with person so it is about impossible to advocate them. If you can non conceive of what it is like to be their place so you can non seek to assist them. I believe credence is of import because if you allow your ain personal positions and sentiments get in the manner so this will impact how good your therapy Sessionss go and what the consequence will be in the terminal. I believe it is of import to be impartial.

This is a rule that I use as a voluntary up the Citizens Advice Bureau. I believe compassion and genuineness are of import accomplishments because if the client thinks that you are non a compassionate. caring echt individual so they will non desire you to advocate them. It will be about impossible to derive any trust between the client and they will non open up and speak about their jobs. Thus therapy will be a complete and arrant waste of clip for them. For illustration if person wants reding for depression and are holding self-destructive ideas. and you appear uncaring. so this might add to their ain feelings of ineptitude and could potentially do the client worse.

5. Think about a clip when you helped person. Write a transcript of what happened and place any peculiar guidance accomplishments you employed. You should besides do a mention to SOLER within your reply. I’m a large fan of the societal networking site known as ‘Facebook’ and over clip I noticed that person who I’m friends with on there which I am merely traveling to mention to as ‘M’ seemed really down and down in the mopess. About everything she posted on Facebook was dark and cheerless. At the clip I didn’t cognize her that well and had merely seen her around the country which I live. I finally decided that I would Message M to see if she fancied a confab sometime and that I had noticed from the things that she had been stating that she seemed really unhappy. Over a period of clip we started speaking on a regular basis. general chit chat largely. and finally she told me that she suffered from a mental unwellness called BPD ( Borderline Personality Disorder ) and that she is Bipolar.

I decided to research BPD and to seek to happen out more about it. I learnt that BPD sick persons can hold utmost temper swings. traveling from experiencing fantastic one minute to suicidal the following. During our confabs online I told M that if she of all time wanted person to speak to so I would ever be at that place to listen. She told me of her feelings of deficiency of ego worth and that in her sentiment cipher truly cared about her. or wanted to listen. non even her friends would do that much of an attempt. She assumed that because of her mental wellness status. non many people would be willing to acquire to cognize her. I was really relentless with M. reassuring her that I wanted to listen to her jobs. I established a batch of trust with M because otherwise she would non of told me these things. After a piece I suggested to M about traveling for a java and a confab. I sat opposite her in the cafe . keeping oculus contact with her and atilt towards her somewhat. interested in everything she had to state.

As we talked I noticed that there was deep cut Markss on both of her carpuss. I asked her about them and She told me that she had tried to kill herself many times and that it made her experience better by cutting herself. That was when I decided that my ain personal end was to seek and shoot some positiveness into this girls life and possibly over clip she would non cut herself any longer? This miss needed to cognize that people did care about her and she wasn’t the atrocious individual she thought she was. After that we met up several times and even to this twenty-four hours we talk on-line. she has frequently thanked me for listening to her and has made me experience really good about myself.

I think she is really appreciative to hold person who is truly interested in her ideas and feelings. I can decidedly sympathize with M because in the yesteryear I have personally suffered from Anxiety and Paranoia. therefore doing me experience really down in the mopess and I besides believed at the clip cipher wanted to listen to me either. Iv accepted M for who she is. non allowing her mental unwellness deter me whatsoever. I’ve learnt something new and find mental wellness really interesting. I think for some people that if they do non understand something so they treat it with ignorance. Hopefully over clip I will assist to construct up her assurance but there is some really serious underlying jobs as to why she cuts herself. This is an on-going advancement but I am determined to acquire at that place one twenty-four hours.



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