Crazy Lady The Yellow Wallpaper English Literature Essay

July 12, 2017 English Literature

“ The Yellow Wallpaper, ” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is a psychological short narrative of a mentally sick adult female. The chief character of the narrative is a adult female who is obviously enduring from post-partum depression among other mental illnesss. The horror narrative of a deranged adult female who has an altered province of head has a reoccurring subject throughout, imprisonment. The subject of being trapped is needed throughout the narrative because it shows the accurate topographic point of a adult male and a adult female in that society.

The narrative begins with talk from the troubled chief character who is besides the storyteller that remains nameless. From the start of the narrative it is evident that the storyteller has something curious about her. In the 3rd line of the narrative she says “ A colonial sign of the zodiac, a familial estate, I would state a obsessed houseaˆ¦ ” ( Gilman 720 ) . This statement does non look out of the ordinary but the existent sign of the zodiac is a sanatorium and she does non recognize it. Her hubby John is a physician and brings her to this topographic point because of her unwellness. The storyteller believes that John does non believe she is ill, but this is evidently non true. Her room inside this sanitarium looks like a typical mental house gaol cell with barricaded Windowss and bolted down furniture. To do affairs worse for the already mental adult female, the walls in her room has impractical xanthous wallpaper. There is one difference to her room and a legitimate mental infirmary, and that is she is free to go forth her room. The feeling of entrapment in the room does non come from the existent room itself, but from her state of affairs within the house and its dwellers. Being stray and holding post-partum depression made the storyteller go brainsick, and without the xanthous wallpaper at that place would non be something to show her mental province. From walking along the wall rupturing off wallpaper, the reader can state that the storyteller has to the full lost her saneness. She can non go forth the wallpaper entirely and it shortly takes over her ideas. Her wakeful minutes consists of her staring at the walls or walking along them to rupture the wallpaper.

Throughout the narrative the storyteller is invariably acquiring worse in her wellness and this straight correlates to her feeling of entrapment within the walls of her room. With every minute in her xanthous room she gets foolish and more irrational in her ain ideas and actions. The narrative is written as diary entries so the subject is portrayed clearly as her Hagiographas continue throughout. Because her hubby would non O.K. of it, she has to conceal her Hagiographas, and holding to conceal and mouse to compose merely worsened her ability to maintain any saneness. The get downing entries seem to bespeak her as a normal and sane individual. As the narrative goes on the storyteller is seen as a dark figure crawling along the walls rupturing the wallpaper off, and the wallpapers purpose was to visibly demo the storytellers insanity. The wallpaper was torn half manner up the wall, to the highest point the storyteller could make. Not being able to rupture all of the wallpaper symbolized that no affair what, adult female would non be able to to the full make anything in society without work forces. The subject of being trapped is forced on the storyteller because she is a adult female in a clip where hubbies ruled the family with an Fe fist and the married womans could make nil to travel against them.

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The clip period of this narrative is a great factor in how the storyteller acted and finally how she was treated. Womans were non allowed to make many things outside of the house and it was non socially acceptable for adult females to move out and travel against her hubby ‘s wants. For the mentally sick adult female to non travel along with her hubby and unrecorded in an uninhibited mental establishment would be traveling against what society says, and she could non make that. She had no pick in many affairs and she made the best out of her state of affairs, but her state of affairs was set up for her death. Populating in an establishment without a considerable sum of contact with others was the intent of the storyteller ‘s hubby, John. Having a brainsick married woman who merely had a babe would hold been the terminal of his calling, so he moved them out to a topographic point off from the populated town. If John could maintain his married woman under the radio detection and ranging and off from other town common people so his life could travel on like normal. Away from the towns people she could still be the obedient homemaker to John, and he wanted to maintain this image for his whole household ‘s interest. Along with being isolated from others, the storyteller could non be with or foster her ain babe because she was in a barricaded room, and the chief function of a married woman was to foster everyone in the family. Before she went brainsick she knew she was being a load to her hubby because she could non execute the most indispensable undertakings a married woman should be able to make.

It may look that the storyteller is trapped in her xanthous room but in fact she is free to go forth at any clip. This is clear when she throws the key for the interior of the door outside in the garden. Her hubby John so tries to acquire into her room but can non because she locked it from the interior. If she was able to lock it from the interior, so her entree to go forth was ever at that place, but she ne’er took the opportunity to go forth. The storyteller was excessively occupied by the wallpaper and the thought that she was ill and had to rest to acquire better. After many incidents where she sees other people crawling topographic points, in which it is truly her, she has crossed the line to acquiring better. She can no longer acquire better and the consciousness of entrapment to the storyteller is a mentally induced feeling. Although she is non physically trapped in her room she is trapped in societies boundaries for a adult female.

The horror short narrative “ The Yellow Wallpaper ” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman exudes the subject of entrapment. With the chief character holding wild actions and mental issues the narrative can be seen by the reader as a psychological thriller. The irrational nature of the storyteller showed the clear subject of being trapped within societies ways in that clip period.

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