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June 23, 2018 General Studies

Thank you very much for the congratulations! It has been my pleasure to work with such a wonderful company for five years. Everything has been running smoothly, the staff in the Catering Department is a joy to work with. It has been a great opportunity to work with such a hard working team of people.

I appreciate you taking the time to check up with me, and I do have a couple questions I’d like to ask you. The first is regarding my vacation time; I was told after reaching five years with the company I should be receiving an increased amount of vacation time off. When will that show on my pay check? Also, if you have time I would love to schedule a meeting to discuss my 401k, along with my salary. Please let me know what day and time works best for you. Thanks again, Catering Director Blue Bay Resorts Message 2:

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Sender: Catering Director To: Margaret Harris, HR Manager; Jane Doe, Supervisor Subject: RE: Important Policy Change: Vacation Schedule Message: Hello Margaret, I have read and understand your updated policy changes for requesting vacation time off. I need to request July fourth to July ninth off, as I am going out of town for the holiday weekend. Please let me know if this is possible, or if other arrangements need to be made. Also, could you please verify how many vacation days I have remaining this year?

Thank you for your help, Catering Director Blue Bay Resorts Message 3: Sender: Catering Director To: Michael Jones, Quality Foods Subject: RE: Today’s Conference Call Message: Good afternoon Michael! I am sorry I was unable to attend the conference call with Chef Bill today; I had to leave work early for a personal emergency. I apologize for not sending you an email. I have attached an excel spreadsheet with the number confirmations you need for the hospital fund-raiser.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions, or need to go over any important information you and Chef Bill discussed earlier. Thank you for all your hard work, Catering Director Blue Bay Resorts Message 4: Sender: Catering Director To: Blake Edwards Subject: RE: Summer Job Opportunity Message: Blake, Thank you for your interest in the summer position at Blue Bay Resorts. I would like to talk with you on the phone for about 20 minutes to hear more about your experience and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Feel free to call me at 630-555-1226. If you would prefer, let me know when and where to call you. Thanks, Catering Director Blue Bay Resorts Message 5: Sender: Catering Director To: Angel Murphy, Kitchen Manager Subject: RE: Confidential Message: Hello Angel, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Please have the young lady contact me immediately so we can set up an appointment to discuss and document her report. Once we have her report on file, we will contact the HR department for further investigation. Thank you.


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