Creativity and English Alphabet Teaching

July 19, 2017 Teaching

Creativity and English Alphabet Teaching Arezou Ebrahimi Touri MBA Student (MR101288), UTM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ([email protected] com) Nowadays in the beginning of three millennia, creativity is that key which differentiates civilized life from Neanderthal one. Creativity helped today child, compared to yesterday one, to step speedily in learning various subjects. One of the goals of teaching and learning is developing thought and creativity, the missing piece of present schools.

On one hand applying more and more traditional approaches in which the teacher is the only pivotal role in class and the teachers who are not aware of creative procedures on the other hand, gradually lead to classes with no opportunity of emerging the students’ potentiality. Therefore, the objective of current study is to present new procedures in teaching English Alphabet for the better performance of learning process in preschool children. Creativity, defined as the act of making something new involving the generation of new ideas or concepts.

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Furthermore, it is a process of either conscious or unconscious insight to make new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts. The strategies presented in the current study are grouped into two; the first group is “The Traditional Strategies”, (Demonstration, Choral Drill, and Look and Say) nowadays teaching methods in kindergartens and all the English Language Institutes of Iran with the aim of recognizing, reciting and writing letter names and sounds of the alphabet.

And the second group, “The Creative Strategies”, is suggested in the present study for teaching the English Alphabet for preschoolers. In conclusion, teaching English as a second language in the countries such as Iran needs more creative strategies at least for elementary students. Although there is an increasing interest in this field which has been very productive lately, it is suggested using some creative teaching strategies of this paper during the stages of Early Childhood Education.


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