Criminal Justice

May 8, 2018 Law

I will compare and contrast the various international criminal justice systems and how these major international crimes and criminal issues will and have been addressed and things that need to change in the criminal justice field to help global crime become more thriving. We have to stick together in this field to make sure that we stay one-step ahead of the criminals so that we that citizen can feel more safe and secure while on the electronic devices.

I have listed below some of the major global crimes that our world is facing today and the parts of the country where these horrible crimes are taking place. Diverse nation states handle law-breaking citizens different than we do in the United States of America and this is a huge problem. We have certain laws that we have to go by when dealing with a criminal because even thought they have broken the law they still have laws under the constitution of the United States of America.

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The FBI and CIA are the head of our Homeland Security and they are the ones that are suppose to protect us from foreign countries but the problem is that they are not communicating with one another so the job is falling through the loops. The CIA wants to take credit for all the work and so does the FBI so this is causing our country to allow cyber crime to reach an all time high. We need to come together in this criminal justice field so that we can catch these illegal lawbreakers and defend a wonderful country of ours. Stephens states “• drug cartels are spreading violence in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The whole of West Africa is under attack from narco-traffickers, that are buying economic assets as well as political power; • collusion between insurgents and criminal groups threatens the stability of West Asia, the Andes and parts of Africa, fuelling the trade in smuggled weapons, the plunder of natural resources and piracy; • kidnapping is rife from the Sahel to the Andes, while modern slavery (human trafficking) has spread throughout the world; • in so many urban centres, in rich as much as in poor countries, authorities have lost control of the inner cities, to organized gangs and thugs; • the web has been turned into a weapon of mass destruction, enabling cyber-crime, while terrorism – including cyber-terrorism – threatens vital infrastructure and state security” (1996). In conclusion, I have identified the diverse major global crimes and criminal issues that have a global impact on national and international justice systems and processes. I compared and contrasted the various international criminal justice systems. I explained how these major international crimes and criminal issues will and have been addressed in the criminal justice field.

In this world today, people need to realize that we face a transgression wave that has developed into a safety measures crisis. This has to be taken into account, we have to come together, and it must be congested before it spreads even more terror, dishonesty, violent behavior and deficiency. The supporting will of our states is mightier than the voracity and firepower of unlawful citizens. Stephens states, “Working together does not mean surrendering sovereignty, it means defending it. So let us enforce the rule of law where uncivil society prevails” (1996). References Stephens, M. 1996. Global Organized Crime. Retrieved from https://www. fas. org/irp/eprint/snyder/globalcrime. htm


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