Critical Analysis Of Rudyard Kiplings Work English Literature Essay

Mary Postgate, Mrs. Fowler, the nephew Wynn Fowler, small Edna, Nurse Eden, Dr. Hennis and injured aviator. The title character of the narrative is Mary Postgate. The narrative concerns itself with loss, fright, repression, and disaffection. The narrative is dismaying anyhow we read it but it can be read different ways. The character of the narrative Mary Postgate is a complex character. In the beginning of the narrative writer introduce her with the words ‘thoroughly painstaking, tidy, companionable, and ladylike ‘ . Mary is a individual adult female. Her relationship with Wynn was like female parent and boy. She did n’t hold any kid and Wynn was an 11 twelvemonth old orphan so she took duty of Wynn ‘s instruction and his raising. She loves Wynn really much and tolerates all his absurdness but Wynn is thankless towards her by naming the name like ‘Gatepost, ‘ ‘Posey, ‘ or ‘Packthread, ‘ but the scene when she went to go to Wynn ‘s funeral and his friends told her that he used to speak about her shows that there was a relationship of common fondness between Wynn and Mary.

After Wynn ‘s decease she decides to fire all his material except his military uniform in the destroyer. She does n’t witness Wynn ‘s decease but she witnesses small Edna ‘s decease. After the incident in the market she hates German. Mary murmurs “ Bloody pagans! They _are_ bloody heathens ” shows her hatred towards the German enimy.When she sees the injured aviator in her backyard she does n’t assist him. She threatens him with the gun, and allow him decease. Kipling was non recommending that all people should move as Mary does ; standing by while a fellow human dies, but the writer wants to animate his reader merely such cold blooded fierceness as Mary shows. Angus Wilson has said “ state which is engaging such a awful war must non let feelings of compassion to acquire in the manner of destructing the enemy ” . The writer creates a portrayal of a adult female who finds in the fortunes of war release from social, psychological and sexual force per unit area:

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in this sense the decease of Wynn and small Edna are non the ground but the alibis for Mary ‘s behaviour.

“ The Gardner ” is a narrative of a adult female whom identifies herself as an aunt of a male child. The existent relationship stays unknown throughout the narrative. The narrative besides circle around the decease of the boy in the war.



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