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August 3, 2017 Communication

The issue in which the two articles “The Day Language Came into My Life” by Helen Keller and “On Being 17. Bright. and Unable to read” by David Raymond is about the power of linguistic communication. Language is one of the cardinal basicss that has set worlds apart from other animate beings and allowed sophisticated civilizations to develop. Imagine a universe without linguistic communication. a universe in which all worlds could populate without depending on anyone for anything. A universe in which people ne’er communicated in any manner or signifier. a universe whereby we did non hold an thought of what was traveling on. This is how the universe we live in today would be without the being of linguistic communication. without linguistic communication every being would be populating in entire confusion. Man would non be able to distinguish or even place the things we see. emotions we feel. and abstract things. One misconception about linguistic communication that people have is this pre-formed outlook that if one does talk English or a national linguistic communication fluently he or she does non understand linguistic communication decently. This is non true linguistic communication can be anything that is used communicates to others. I chose these articles because I personally believe that the issue in treatment has a high importance.

Helen Keller’s “The Day Language Came into My Life” is an autobiography that talks about her personal life before and after she learnt linguistic communication. Helen Keller became unsighted and deaf 18 months after her birth due to a disease that at attacked her. She was used to populating life without linguistic communication. she knew close to nil in life except a few esthesiss she felt such as heat of the Sun on her face and a few emotions largely the 1s she felt such as choler and resentment ( Keller 72 ) . One afternoon she suspected something unusual was traveling to go on so she went to the door and waited on the stairss clueless of what was traveling on. She stretched out her custodies as she felt nearing footfalls believing it were the footfalls of her female parent ( Keller 72 ) . Small did she cognize that her household had hired a immature adult female named Anne Sullivan who was traveling to alter her life. Several hebdomads passed and she learnt what words were and how to spell a few simple words. One trouble she experienced during these hebdomads was stating the difference between a mug and H2O. Miss Sullivan tried to explicate to her the differences but she still thought of them to be the same so she put aside the issue for a piece. The following clip Miss Sullivan brought back the issue Helen threw her doll to the floor and broke it. She lived in a universe where there was no strong sentiment or tenderness ( Keller 73 ) .

Her instructor sent her to a well house and this is when everything changed for her. Miss Sullivan spelt out w-a-t-e-r as the H2O from a spout gushed over her custodies. This was the twenty-four hours that linguistic communication came into her life. from here she learnt that everything around her had a name. she had a new position on life after this twenty-four hours. She started seeing things in a new sight ; she started experiencing emotions that she had ne’er felt before. ( Keller 74 ) This article talks about how one’s life is without linguistic communication and shows how linguistic communication makes an impact on one’s life. The writer of the article “On Being 17. Bright and Unable to Read” tells us his narrative of how he faces troubles with reading and composing throughout his instruction. David Raymond portions his narrative of battles he faced being dyslexic in a universe filled with readers. The writer starts off by narrating a twenty-four hours in his life when he was asked to read to the category by the instructor. He courteously refused the instructors request. he knew the complication he faced anytime he tried to read. The teachers reaction towards his refusal was negative. she got angry and forced him to read. He kept composure in his place without allowing a word out from his oral cavity. The instructor finally got tired of waiting for him to allow out the words in the book. she told him to run into her after category.

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The writer explains that even though he has dyslexia. trial proved that had an above norm intelligence but with all the intelligence in the universe and the inability to read made him experience dumb. This hassle the writer went through cause him a batch of hurting. He would come from school shouting “I’m dumb. I’m dumb- I wish I was dead. ” ( Raymond 77 ) He couldn’t perform most of the undertaking his friends and a normal adolescent could all because of this disablement. His instructors tried to promote him but that hardly made a difference. The childs at his school made him experience bad about himself doing merriment of him every opportunity he they got.

All this changed for the good when he began to go to a regular high school. He still faced problem with prep and others assignments but he would ever acquire aid from his parents or the particular instruction section in his high school or even his private coach. He subsequently on decides to travel to college but he besides worries about what lies in front after college. He gets bravery from well-known people who couldn’t read nor had larning disablements like him and still were successful such as Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci. David Raymond concludes by explicating to the readers that he is tells this narrative to the universe non so they have pity on him but to be considerate when person is holding trouble with linguistic communication because it might non be due to laziness or stupidity but they might be confronting this same job. ( Raymond 79 ) .

These two articles both see linguistic communication to be of really high importance. Helen Keller sees linguistic communication to be something that is needed in one’s life in order for there to be intending. David Raymond’s position on linguistic communication is that it is a really of import tool needed particularly in this epoch where about everybody is a reader. I agree with both articles. I believe most of the points mentioned in both essays are really true and in fact linguistic communication is a really of import facet of life. I agree wholly with the fact that Helen Keller felt lost in life with cipher to portion thought or pass on with. It is really rare to be unsighted and deaf individual at the same clip so I could conceive of how difficult it was to understand linguistic communication.

There are a few things that I disagree with in the article “The Day Language Came Into My Life. ” She stated in her article that she was filled with resentment and anger” and this was a consequence of the fact that she did non cognize any type or signifier of linguistic communication ( Keller 73 ) . Sing things from her state of affairs I would instead be filled with sorrow and sadness alternatively of choler and resentment. I would experience as if I was lonely no affair how much support I got from my household. I think she took her disablement excessively hard on herself. as if it was a consequence from a incorrect determination she made. I besides think if she was to seek to stamp down these feelings she had towards life larning would hold been easier for her. I think the writer puts accent on the fact that she didn’t understand linguistic communication as her biggest job that she faced. but this was clearly non the biggest of her problems. She made it look as if the twenty-four hours she learnt linguistic communication all her jobs were solved.

The article by David Raymond is one of my favourite articles. There are many truths about this article. Many people tend to hold a mentality that people who are dyslexic are stupid. dumb or lazy. David Raymond has successfully proven that this is non true. Reading this article there were a few things that I disagreed with. In this article linguistic communication is really underrated. From the writers perspective linguistic communication is merely letters words and sentences. I think the David Raymond negotiations about linguistic communication merely in the sense that it relates to his disablement. Language is more than words. any system of communicating can be referred to as linguistic communication. David refers to linguistic communication every bit merely text. This is a really narrow position that one can hold about an issue so wide. Apart from these issues that I disagree with. both articles were really relevant and supportive to the subject being discussed.

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