Critical Summary of When God Was a Woman Essay

August 31, 2017 General Studies

In chapter nine of When God Was A Woman. Merlin Stone sought to explicate the Torahs introduced by the Levite priests in Canaan that were put in topographic point to forestall the worship of the Goddess. Members of the Hebrew faith were commanded to kill their ain kids if they worshipped any divinity other than God. Stone argues that the Torahs put the work forces of the society in power. as it was non stated that the hubby should be killed for idolizing the Goddess. The Levites demanded that every adult female belong to a adult male. due to their antipathy for any adult female who was non a virgin or married. so they established the construct of sexual morality to curtail the females.

Stone provinces that given the sexual freedom in the faith of the Goddess. the adult females had to be taught that sexual dealingss to multiple work forces was pure immorality. Any sexually free adult females. or adult females who still worshipped the Goddess. were referred to as prostitutes and prostitutes. Stone elaborates on the new Torahs of sexual morality. saying that a adult female must merely hold sex with one adult male. her hubby. while he could hold sexual dealingss with legion adult females. A adult female could be stoned to decease for losing her virginity or even for being raped. if she was already married. Stone says that merely the hubby could disassociate his married woman. and if so. she would be left with no material ownerships. The divorce Torahs likely led to fearful adult females. coercing them to go submissive retainers to work forces.

I found this chapter of When God Was A Woman peculiarly interesting in comparing to the remainder of the book. The more information I learned about the faith of the Goddess prior to this chapter. the more I wanted to cognize about the Torahs that governed adult females with the initial debut of the male-dominated civilization. Chapter nine kept my attending due to the fact that I was already funny about the sexual morality Torahs. The realisation that I could hold been killed back so for the beliefs I have today besides kept my involvement. Stone did an faultless occupation with her organisation of thoughts. The chapter was easy to follow and to understand. and each thought seemed to flux with easiness to the following.

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Looking back through the chapter. the lone changeless beginning I see her usage is the Bible. Although this is a dependable beginning for the Hebrew Torahs placed upon adult females. I think that utilizing other beginnings other than merely the Bible would hold helped in her overall aim of this chapter. Finding a beginning with the existent morality Torahs stated would hold helped to further corroborate the rough world of these Torahs. Other than this fact. I believe that Stone was really thorough in her description of the Torahs and the inside informations she examined refering to the Torahs.

I do believe that Stone made sensible averments refering to the morality Torahs. Her usage of bible poetries seems to corroborate her statements about the Torahs. However. I can see partial prejudice in her authorship. I can see how this can easy go on. seeing as she relates to the Torahs as she is a adult female. I can sometimes experience the choler and disgust for the Torahs come through in her authorship as certain tones are used. Despite her little sum of prejudice. I think Stone satisfactorily represents and defends all of her points about the morality Torahs.

Most of what Stone exhibits in this chapter was new stuff for me. Although I learned a batch of information. what stands out to me is that fact that adult females could really be stoned to decease merely for holding sexual dealingss with work forces. This truly grabbed my attending as I thought about how our society is today. Even though we still see sex and gestation earlier matrimony as tabu. we have a certain degree of acceptance for it. It is brainsick to believe that old ages ago. many adult females in today’s society would be killed for their actions merely because work forces wanted control over them.


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