Critique of Media

January 5, 2017 Media

The media gives society images of how the world should be, but it ” does not reflect reality,” as David Suzuki said in his essay, “A Major in Television and a Minor in Knowledge.” In fact, society’s upper class creates it. It reflects their opinions and has biases and stereotypes intertwined in it. It portrays certain groups of people in an unfair way. It creates the construct in society’s mind that women have to act a certain way. This is the media. The media which was once used to inform society, has now become a tool used to influence people into buying unrealistic ideas. .

There is no doubt that the media is an integral part of today’s modern life. It is one of the most important instruments that inform society of what’s happening around the world. Media can also act as a great educator. On the other hand, it is also has a great way of influencing people into believing unrealistic ideas such as stereotyping. Our society is divided into many individual groups according to the “media.” For example, the media portrays black males either as basketball players, gangsters that deal drugs, or people that would do anything for money, including murder. Obviously, this has no truth to it whatsoever, but this is the way the media wants us to see it. For example, Denzel Washington, an excellent black actor, has played hundreds of roles during his acting career. One of his first roles was as an attorney in the movie, Philadelphia. Washington did an excellent job in the film, but was left without any major accolades. On the other hand, Washington received an Academy Award for his leading role in the movie, Training Day. Why is this? It can be attributed to Washington’s sudden change of direction from playing a righteous man to that of a corrupt policeman. Why does one have to be what the media portrays them as in order to be well recognized? Could one not just be known for their own, unique talents instead of being the stereotyped image that the media has created for them? .

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