Critique on Genetically Modifying Humans Essay

August 13, 2017 Medical

Richard Hayes has written about a subject that most of us have seldom heard about. but have likely seen in a film one time earlier. In the 1950’s. after Watson and Crick had discovered DNA constructions. it was predicted that one twenty-four hours we would be able to genetically heighten our kids. Since this anticipation. scientists have been detecting specific cistrons that can change such countries as: decrease of the hazard of depression. potentially duplicating life span. turning taller and so forth. Richard goes on to advert that the possibilities of familial alterations are great. since there are 30. 000 cistrons in the human genome.

Mr Hayes sites these claims of genome biotechnology from scientific discipline magazine articles. University scientific surveies. and biotech pharmaceutical company studies. On the same breath. as he talks about all the miracles that can be accomplished by these high tech promotions. he describes the dark side of leveraging these discoveries. Richard worries about this engineering merely being used to forestall medical conditions and non for a enormously profitable decorative and enhancement consumer merchandise. Once the first genetically modified kid is born. it could take to a concatenation of events that could ne’er be undone or controlled.

This new moving ridge of bioengineered worlds would no longer be playing by the regulations of natural choice we all know. These new super worlds could see the non-genetically modified worlds as inferior and see themselves as the Masterss. This potentially can take the universe into dark ages. where they would be the Masterss and everyone else. their slaves. Hayes surely does do some bold claims. but most of which are backed by reputable scientific information. He references University of California surveies. where it has been proven that cistrons are related to life span.

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When it comes to the potency for genome technology. each of Hayes logical statements is supported by a believable beginning. When it comes to genetically modifying “things” . we hear about it all the clip. Now-a-days. we hear about the miracles of root cell research. cloning your Canis familiaris and genetically modified nutrients. What Hayes is talking of sounds wholly plausible. The following measure after successfully bioengineering your nutrient. would be to bioengineer your household pet. so your kids. I would desire a Canis familiaris that doesn’t chew up my slippers. excavation holes in my garden ; or a kid that was immune to disease and had a perfect memory.

Wouldn’t you? This engineering would hold to be made available to every individual on the planet. If it were non available to all. it likely would be misused. in a battalion of ways. I do believe this is something we must make. We must maintain progressing as a species. even if it means technology ourselves. We could engineer our childs to be highly intelligent. unrecorded twice as long and be immune to disease. How else are we traveling to research the universe to detect a new planet to settle on? This article started off as an challenging read and ended up in a dark distorted universe. more like something you would see in a sci-fi film.

It is difficult to state how things would precisely play out. if we allowed cistron alteration. Richard makes all kinds of premises about how the universe would turn out if it is allowed. He talks about how it would be impossible to let everyone entree to this engineering. A few old ages ago a squad of faculty members gathered to seek and calculate out a manner to do this possible. They determined that it would non be executable to convey the new eugenic engineerings to everyone. How do they cognize this to be? Once this engineering is perfected and ready for mass production. it could be every bit inexpensive as an entry degree cell phone these yearss.


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