Cross Culture

By April 3, 2018 Management

Objective In this report, it is aiming to discuss and analyze cross culture in work environment. It will be more comprehensive and convincing to present the cross cultural communication in work place by having face to face interview with three employees who are in different culture. Based on the collected background information, cultural information and issues from respondents, it can provide new and comprehensive insights about the challenges and opportunities of a diverse work environment. At the same time, this report will provide practical recommendations for overcoming the challenges. Last but not the least, this report will discuss the implications that cross cultural diversity has on company’s organizational values, innovation and creativity.Introduction As the business world becomes global rapidly and increasingly, the need for effective cross cultural communication and management is essential. Influence of cross cultural in business plays a vital role in building relationship with international customers, employee relations and business partnerships. Cross cultural communication in business requires effort, technique and the addressing of different hurdles that commonly prevent communication from being effective. Each culture has a different set of values, business ethics, languages, behavior, expected etiquette and expression. Without knowing the differences in the country that the employees or companies are working or doing business can lead to communication barriers that prohibit the messages and communications from being effective.
GuangZhou is an interesting city which has fascinating mix of many different sub-cultures and ethnic groups blending at a rapid pace with the main stream culture. Each groups and sub-group has its own characteristic style of nonverbal and verbal communication styles offering in its wake both opportunities for personal and corporate growth and presents challenges relating to communication. For better…


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