Crossmark and Their Approach to Total Quality Management

December 17, 2017 Management

A few of the companies that Crossbars has contracts with are Wall-Mart, Home Depot, Dollar General, and C.V. Drug Stores. The Crossbars (2012) website clearly displays the mission as “to be the best sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods industry by consistently delivering growth solutions with exceptional service to manufacturers and retailers” along with its brand promise of “guiding our clients along the way to market”.

Crossbars has been working with some of the largest brands for over 100 years and they continue to grow with a strong strategic position. In addition to strong strategic positioning, Crossbars integrates a Total Quality Management (TTS) approach and culture to aid the company with maintaining he high standards of its clients. SOOT Analysis of Crossbars The purpose of the SOOT Analysis is to provide key information to the analysts and strategists who plan the company’s strategic marketing plan, company goals, and company objectives. Ghettos & Davis, 2010, p. 50) Table 1. 1 is a SOOT analysis of Crossbars was conducted with a focus in the vision and mission statements of the company along with the guiding principles that incorporate their quality principles. Table 1. 1 : SOOT Analysts Strengths: Weaknesses: 1. Widely diverse client base 2. Long history offering exceptional results for clients in all retail industries 3. Profitable for both Crossbars and the client by way of increased sales 4. Large employee pool offers quick response for client concerns 1 .

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Extensive knowledge needed in to many areas to be proficient at Job for lower level management and field representatives 2. High turnover 3. Global span 4. Nova’s (duplicate reporting of documentation, training of clients employees on product knowledge) 5. C-level management has disconnect with lower level departments 6. Lack of IT Opportunities: Threats/Trends: 1 . Advertising campaign 2. Scale and scope of organization opens the idea for going public, stockholders profit 3. Capital investment opportunities in Crosstalk clients 1 .

Smaller more localized companies 2. The client 3. Economy 4. Less in-store service 5. Construction services in greater demand 6. Client base is consolidating Four key strengths were identified when performing the SOOT Analysis of Crossbars. The wide range of clients that Crossbars has worked with over the companies 100 plus year history is a key to the company as future customers and employees alike view Crossbars as a liable one stop shop for all their merchandising and in-store retail service needs.

Efficient operations from Crossbars promotes higher sales and service numbers for the clients as they are able to focus more on sales and the face to face interaction with the retail customer. The last key strength that Crossbars possesses is the extremely large pool of full-time and part-time employees across the globe to quickly address any issue that might arise in any store at any time. At quick glance it may appear that Crossbars is stable and that their culture embraces TTS but further investigation is required.

The weaknesses that were identified are the extensive amount of knowledge needed to complete the Job requirements are more than the average person has knowledge about. This knowledge base must cover sales/ marketing techniques to construction skills and product knowledge to assist the customers that one encounters in the retail environment. In addition to the large knowledge base that is needed, there is a high turn over rate at Crossbars, therefore constant training is needed at a high cost to Crossbars.

The global scale and scope of the company is also seen as a weakness from the perspective that a smaller more socialized business can offer more personal, one on one services for their clients. There are several Nova’s when looking at the SOOT analysis. The duplicate reporting of documentation, training of clients’ employees on product knowledge, and inefficient IT hurt the company and Just ends up as an expense as opposed to actually adding value to service that the client or customer receives. Finally, Crossbars seems to be disconnected when looking at the expectations set forth by C-level management and the tools provided to its employees.

Crossbars is a privately owned company that has benefited from mergers and acquisitions and has opportunities in the areas of capital investment and or going public. The immense assistance provided by Crossbars to its clients could spark an opportunity to buy into one of those companies. In addition to investment opportunities, an advertising campaign could generate additional business by those companies that are not aware of Crossbars and their services. A smaller more localized company can offer a more hands on approach to servicing their customers over great distances and industry types.

The client themselves is viewed as a threat due to the client not renewing a contract and taking all the knowledge and techniques used by Crossbars to service said clients. Home Depot experienced large declines in revenues when the economy went into recession and the real estate bubble burst, hence they pulled back and started their own in-store team and did not renew the in-store service element of the contract with Crossbars. Crossbars relies on the ability of other companies to hire them for the purpose of transforming and enhancing the merchandising mindset of those companies.

Trends show with the drop in the economy that retail companies are pulling back in the number of outside service companies being used in the merchandising industry reducing the number clients available. Vision and Mission Statement Evaluation Crossbars is a business that embraces TTS as an organizational culture and mindset with a proactive approach across the entire company. This can be seen in the vision statement of Crossbars and found on the corporate web-site: Respect – Respect and value people, their time, their points of view and overall needs.

Treat all associates, clients, and other individuals with the utmost dignity. Excellence – Commit to excellence, and consistently ensure the highest standards in service performance, quality of work, accountability, and dedication to developing associates. Appreciation – Always appreciate our clients, our community, and our collection of diverse associates. Value their creativity and contributions, and encourage balance in their lives to inspire passion with purpose. Collaboration – Encourage a collaborative spirit to ensure the best solutions for our clients, and the personal and professional growth of our associates.

Teamwork and support facilitate success. Honor – Act honorably, and perform with the highest level of integrity and ethics. Trustworthiness and honesty foster long-standing relationships which are core to our being. (whom. Crossbars. Com) The vision statement reflects a culture of evolution and a proactive approach to the core principles of the company. Respect, excellence, appreciation, collaboration, and honor (REACH) are the principles that help to guide the company towards its goal often and exceeding the customers expectations. Final Thought

When looking at Crossbars and their strategic objectives or goals as it relates to quality and the organizations core principles, it is easy to see that Crossbars displays a TTS approach and tries to embrace the culture throughout the organization. Crossbars has grown from a small company into a national industry leader by way of mergers/acquisitions and the expressed TTS culture throughout the last 100 years. While the size of Crossbars could be viewed as strength but the SOOT analysis exposes that it can also be seen as a weakness or a threat.


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