Csm Command Philosophy

August 19, 2017 Philosophy

Command Sergeant Major’s Leadership Philosophy Leadership is an art, not a science. Therefore, we as senior leaders must professionally develop our junior soldiers through experience, counseling and mentoring. We must mentor our soldiers to be ethical standard bearers and to live up to and enforce Army valves. 1. The following statements represent my Leadership Philosophy that we must ensure as Non-Commissioned Officers and leaders of soldiers that we are working as one team to produce the best trained soldiers in the Army. . Proficient caring leaders: I expect proficient Leaders to demonstrate caring attitudes toward the soldiers in their charge. We must lead from the front and set the example at all times. Caring for soldiers is the foundation of the Army. The most precious asset we have is each other and above all our soldiers in the organization must truly know we care for them and their families. b. Teamwork: As leaders we must work as a team in every aspect of training. Soldiers need to cooperate with each other and become one.

A well-disciplined caring team will build cohesiveness, which is a bond that no force can break. Soldiers will not play the Officer against the NCO if they truly understand you are one. I will personally be involved in individual training and will insist we are trained. c. Communication: Along with teamwork, communication is what soldiers normally see as a command failure. Soldiers must be able to use the chain of command and chain of support, both formal and informal. I expect every soldier to utilize communication to its fullest extent.

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As soon as a leader gives directives to soldiers, I expect the details to be worked out and soldiers to receive the information rapidly. d. Leadership: This is in no way a zero defects business. I expect soldiers to make honest mistakes and learn from the experience… you can expect me to make honest mistakes as well… we will learn together. Leaders are positive, proactive, and look for problems and solutions in their area of expertise. e. Appearance, Bearing and Discipline: Military appearance, bearing and discipline must always be on your mind.

You will maintain a neat, trim and disciplined appearance. I expect you to enforce regulations and not to tolerate soldiers not meeting the standards. No soldier of lesser rank is to refer to his/her leaders by their first name as this sets a bad example for soldiers. Discipline is the foundation of all that we do as an Army. Soldiers expect discipline and expect their leaders to enforce the standards. If I see undisciplined soldiers I will seek the undisciplined leader and redefine my leadership philosophy for that leader. Discipline is the bedrock of our profession. . Loyalty: I expect loyalty not only between the Officer and NCO, but to our soldiers who serve us as well. If we treat all with dignity and respect you will see loyalty from within the command. g. Honesty: I expect all leaders to be honest with their soldiers. Soldiers would rather hear the honest bad news from their leaders than untrue gossip from other soldiers. h. Training: There are few things more important. I firmly believe that we retain our position as the world’s best army due to steadfast focus on quality training.

I believe that the focus of individual training needs to be at squad/sections level by taught by NCO’s. Train as we fight must always a part of the process. Rehearsals and hands on in training are paramount. i. Counseling: I will insist all soldiers receive counseling and I will inspect that counseling with no notice. If an Officer or NCO rater/supervisor is responsible for the counseling and it is not complete, I will bring it to the Commanders attention for his action. j. Awards: Every soldier is deserving of awards during everyday performance and during special missions.

I expect all leaders to recommended soldiers for awards and once approved, present in the right fashion. The Commander’s intent is clear: “Take care of people, Take care equipment, Pay attention to detail and have fun. ” Lead your soldiers all the time. Do the right thing all the time. Remember our soldiers are always watching us as we watch them. Again, we must think as a team, mentor our soldiers and take care of each other. JOSEPH K. MAJOR CSM, LA ARNG Command Sergeant Major


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