January 22, 2017 General Studies

There are a ton of different kinds of art. Cubism is breaking up the picture and reassembling it in an abstracted form. Cubism was started by the great artist Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Cubism had three phases of development. The first was facet cubism, then analytic cubism, and lastly synthetic cubism. By getting rid of the “normal” art they could now use color, shape, form, and line thickness all towards giving out a message. .


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In the analytic phase they were limited to neutral colors like black, white, tan, and gray. They were very rigid and the artist tried to show things as the mind, not they eye, would perceive it. In the later phase, the synthetic phase, they used many more bright energetic colors and most artists continued using the college effect. .

I think cubism is more about feelings and emotions. It’s let’s you express yourself better than traditional art would. You can mess up and it won’t matter that much. It’s a much more relaxed and carefree way of painting. Cubists were very talented but it was a much easier thing for “normal” people to do. They could do it and not feel like a fool if it didn’t turn out exactly like they had wanted it or thought it would be. .

Louis Vauxcelles, an art critic, said, “M. Braque scorns form and reduces everything, sites, figures and houses, to geometric schemas and cubes.” Cubism is more geometric. It uses small brushstrokes with lines and planes. .

I really like this one called “Upper Weimar” by Lyonel Feininger. It looks kind of like houses on a street all jumbled together. I also like “Jour” by Georges Braque. It has lots of different items in the painting. I think it looks cool because it’s just kind of random things all put together. I”m not really sure what it symbolizes or anything. It’s got a knife, and guitar, some fruit, a pitcher, and some other things just sitting on a table. .

“Interior with Palette,” by Georges Braque is another one I really like.


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