Cultural Atittude

March 31, 2018 Cultural

CULTURAL ATTITUDE TOWARD AND PRESUMPTIONS ABOUT WHETHER A PERSON CAN OWN WORDS AND KNOWLEDGE…. Culture is the believe, habit and opinion of a group of people, society, tribe or nation about life generally and the way we live it. Therefore cultural attitude will be individual acceptance and undertaking of these believes habits and opinion of the people. The cultural attitude toward whether a person can own word and knowledge will depend upon the current believes of the individual.

Take my family as an example, am from Yoruba culture in the western side of Nigeria, we are described as Omoaromokeye Omoiwinjobi, because in my father’s compound- Iwoye, they origin of our genetics were fertile and produce many children. The believe were that the spirit- evil spirit were with the children in bringing them in. these spirit were paganism spirit but my father made me to understand that as a Christian we accept that our family is fetile but the children were given by God not by the evil spirit but by the Holy spirit.

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In these believe I can own my own word and head up as a proud descendant of Iwoye and the Abolarin’s, whereas my great and grandparents believe that the god of osun i. e is god of water gave them or helped them to bring these children into the world. I as Christian believe that children are heritage or blessings from the Lord and He is keeping watch over us. More children in those days mean more wealth for the family because those children served them in the farm.

They use them to farm, d larger the number of children the larger the farm and the wealthier and respected the father or family, whereas my parents gave birth to four (4) kids in which am one of them and we believed we were given to our parents by God and we are successful because my parents committed us into the hands of God. I can own my own word to this Christian attitude as against the paganism attitude of my great-grandparents. Another example of the cultural attitude of the Yoruba’s is the believe and practice that when a member of the family dies, those mourning are not upposed to see those who comes to sympathies with them because it is seen as a taboo that one will be harmed. But my parents made me to understand that when you get up to see off everyone who comes visiting it will overwork your body and may fall ill. One must not be worked up. Globalization has now from the first example made me understand that due to Christianity that am not from the evil spirit but given to my parents by God, I no longer fear any evil spirit but fear God.

Similarly the second example because of globalization, I understand the mental, physical and spiritual stand on my health, I know it’s not a taboo, but the understanding of my health. Furthermore, because I understand properly my culture, I can see where other culture differs from mine and respect their attitude and believe, this is because of the easy access to information and mixing with other cultures and information I got. PLAN FOR LEARNING OR HONING THE CITATION AND REFERENCING SKILLS……

According to Kids health, Plagiarism is defined as “using someone else’s words or ideas and pass them off as your own. It’s not allowed in school, college, or beyond, so it’s a good idea to learn the proper way to use resources, such as websites, books, and magazines. Plagiarism is a form of cheating” In the view of Purdue Owl, Paraphrasing involves putting a passage from source material into your own words. A paraphrase must also be attributed to the original source.

Paraphrased material is usually shorter than the original passage, taking a somewhat broader segment of the source and condensing it slightly. I understand that it is of great importance in my study that I must reference correctly and that plagiarism is not accepted. Reference: http://kidshealth. org/kid/feeling/school/plagiarism. html (Accessed: 31st July 2010) http://owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/563/01/ (Accessed: 31st July 2010)


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