Cultural Identity Essay

September 15, 2018 Cultural

Stuart Hall beings his treatment on Cultural Identity and Diaspora with a treatment on the emerging new film in the Caribbean which is known as Third Cinema. This new signifier of film is considered as the ocular representation of the Afro-Caribbean subjects- “blacks” of the diasporas of the west- the new station colonial topics. Using this treatment as a get downing point Hall addresses the issues of individuality. cultural patterns. and cultural production.

There is a new film emerging in the Caribbean known as the Third Cinema. It is considered as the ocular representation of the Afro-Caribbean in the station colonial context. In this ocular medium “Blacks” are represented as the new postcolonial topics. In the context of cultural individuality hall inquiries sing the individuality of this emerging new topics. From where does he talk? Very frequently individuality is represented as a finished merchandise. Hall argues that alternatively of sing cultural individuality as a finished merchandise we should believe of it a production which is ne’er complete and is ever in procedure.

He discusses two ways of reflecting on cultural individuality. First. individuality understood as a corporate. shared history among persons affiliated by race or ethnicity that is considered to be fixed or stable. Harmonizing to this understanding our cultural individuality reflects the common historical experiences and shared cultural codifications which provide us as “one people. ” This is known as the unity of cultural individuality. beneath the switching divisions and alterations of our existent history. From the position of the Caribbean’s this would be the Caribbeanness of the black experience. This is the individuality the Black diaspora must detect. This apprehension did play a important function in the Negritude motions. It was a originative manner of stand foring the true individuality of the marginalised people. Indeed this act of rediscovery has played important function in the outgrowth of many of the of import societal motions of our clip like feminist. ani-colonial and anti-racist.

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Stuart Hall besides explores a 2nd signifier of cultural individuality that exist among the Caribbean. this is an individuality understood as unstable. metamorphous. and even contradictory which signifies an individuality marked by multiple points of similarities every bit good as differences. This cultural individuality refers to “what they truly are” . or instead “what they have become. ” Without understanding this new individuality one can non talk of Caribbean individuality as “one individuality or on experience. ” There are ruptures and discontinuities that constitute the Caribbean’s singularity. Based on this 2nd apprehension of individuality as an unstable Hallway discusses Caribbean cultural individuality as one of heterogenous complexs. It is this 2nd impression of individuality that offers a proper apprehension of the traumatic character of the colonial experience of the Caribbean people.

To explicate the procedure of individuality formation. Hall uses Derrida’s theory ‘differance’ as support. and Hall sees the impermanent placement of individuality as “strategic” and arbitrary. He so uses the three presences–African. European. and American–in the Caribbean to exemplify the thought of “traces” in our individuality. A Caribbean experiences three sorts of cultural individualities. First. the cultural individuality of the Africans which is considered as site of the repressed. secondly. the cultural individuality of the Europeans which is the site of the colonialist. and thirdly. the cultural individuality of the Americans which is a new world- a site of cultural confrontation. Thus the presence of these three cultural individualities offers the possibility of creolization and points of new going. Finally. he defines the Caribbean individuality as diaspora individuality.


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