Cultural Imperialism Is Power Essay

August 19, 2017 Cultural

“Cultural imperialism” is what takes topographic point when a big. powerful. economically dominant state promotes. imposes. or otherwise spreads its ain civilization to less powerful. economically subservient states. A. Examples Cultural imperialism is already apparent throughout the universe: Palestinian Arabs intoning “Death To America” make so while have oning Nike tennis places and jerseies ; Brazilians who curse George W. Bush however cheer for Madonna and Britney Spears ; Turks who protest the on-going business of Iraq may still saunter into a local McDonald’s for tiffin ; MTV reports 280 million endorsers throughout the universe ( Galeota. 2004 ) .

B. Hows and Whys In 1984. Harvard concern professor Theodore Levitt warned that “the world’s demands and desires have been irrevocably homogenized. ” adding that those companies that attempted to suit local gustatory sensations were “doomed to failure” ( Galeota ) . II. The Means Today. with planetary travel and communicating easy and speedy. American Culture can be disseminated more widely and faster than of all time. A. Selling Images are everything. American corporations have been extremely successful at portraying America as “The Land of the Cool” ( Galeota. 2005 ) .

This consequences in an increasing demand for American goods. movies and music. B. Communications The Internet has revolutionized communications. and because of premeditation and planning. the U. S. has come to rule the planetary traffic and market place of thoughts and information. This has created a enormous influence over the gustatory sensations and desires of people all over the universe. III. How It Makes America Strong Darwinism is a fact of life. whether biological. societal. or economic ; merely the strong survive.

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When the powers of Europe began venturing their claims to abroad districts in order to feed their industries and expand their markets. the U. S. had a pick: stay out of the game and go on as a mediocre backwater. or acquire into the game and make its full potency. U. S. power and prestigiousness in the universe owes a great trade to those airy leaders who were willing to coerce open the mediaeval land of Japan in 1854. to annex the Kingdom of Hawaii and prehend Puerto Rico and the Phillipines when the chance was at that place.

Today. America owes its unbelievable economic might to those leaders. who laid the foundations of Empire when Admirial Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay over 150 old ages ago. Decision: For better or worse. American civilization is pre-eminent in the universe today. Ultimately. this will be to the benefit to the full universe. finally doing America a safer. more comfortable topographic point. Works Cited Cohen. Nick. “This Comic Is No Laughing Matter: Michael Moore Is a Bestselling Author Not Merely in the US. but Besides in Britain. Japan. Germany. Australia and Many Other Countries.

Has American Imperial Culturalism Taken over the Left as Well? ” The New Statesman Vol. 132. Issue 4664. 17 November 2003. p. 23. Julia Galeota. “Cultural Imperialism: An American Tradition. ” The Humanist. Vol. 64 Issue 3. May-June 2004. p. 22. Harper. Jennifer. “BBC Airs Global View of Americans ; Many Foreigners Have Love-Hate Relationship With U. S. The Washington Times. 17 June 2003. p. AO8. Rothkopf. David. “In Praise of Cultural Imperialism. ” Foreign Policy. No. 107. Summer 1997. p. 38


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