Cultural Traits Of Thorstein The Staff Struck English Literature Essay

July 19, 2017 English Literature

One cultural trait of the society that is portrayed through Thorstein the Staff-Struck is a individual ‘s repute and how of import it was. When Thorstein is struck in the caput by Thord he takes no action and merely asks that word of the brush does non make his male parent. His male parent does hear of the brush subsequently and face his boy, naming him a coward. “ What can you state me about the Equus caballus battle last summer, boy? ” said Thorarin. “ Were n’t you crush mindless like a Canis familiaris? ” “ It ‘s no recognition to me if you call it a calculated blow, non an accident, ” said Thorstein. Thorarin said, “ I ne’er thought I would hold a coward for a boy. ” Once Thorarin says this to Thorstein he decides to face Thord. “ ( Thorstein said ) I ‘d wish to cognize, friend Thord, whether it was inadvertent when you hit me in the horse-fight last summer, or deliberate. If it was deliberate, you ‘ll be willing to pay me compensation. ” Thord refuses to give compensation and Thorstein kills him. Bjarni hears that Thorstein killed Thord, who worked for him. He brings Thorstein a tribunal action that sentenced him to outlawry for manslaughter. But Thorstein stayed and Bjarni does nil about it. Later Bjarni hears two of his workers speaking. “ Now the brother Thorhall and Thorvald started gossipmongering: “ It ne’er occurred to us when we came to populate her with Killer-Bjarni that we ‘d be swinging lambs ‘ caputs while his criminal Thorstein is swinging the caputs of wethers. It would hold been better for Bjarni to hold been more indulgent with his kinsmen at Bodvarsdale and non to allow his criminal at Sunnudale act merely like his ain equal. But ‘A wounded coward lies low, ‘ and it ‘s non likely that he ‘ll of all time pass over away this discoloration on his award. ” The following forenoon after hearing this, Bjarni tells Thorhall and Thorvald to convey him Thorstein ‘s cut off caput. Thorstein kills both of them when attacked. Bjarni hear of this and does nil for a piece. Then one dark he and his married woman, Rannveig, are speaking in bed. “ This is what people are chiefly speaking about now. ” She said to him, “ They ‘re inquiring how far Thorstein the Staff-Struck can travel before you bother to take retaliation. He ‘s killed three of you retainers, and your protagonists are get downing to doubt whether you can protect them, seeing that you ‘ve failed to revenge this. You frequently take action when you should n’t and keep back when you should. ” “ It ‘s the same old narrative, ” said Bjarni, “ no 1 seems willing to larn from another adult male ‘s lesson. Thorstein had ne’er killed anyone without a good reason-but still I ‘ll believe about your suggestion. ” The following twenty-four hours Bjarni goes to Thorstein to revenge the deceases of his retainers. In each instance no 1 took action until person else says something about their character. Thorstein did n’t desire to acquire even with Thord until his male parent tells him he is a coward. Bjarni does n’t seek to revenge the deceases of his retainers until he hears the chitchat about his repute from Thorvald, Thorhall, and subsequently his married woman. He even says that Thorstein ne’er killed anyone without good ground but decides to revenge the deceases because of what people were stating about him. It seems that a individual ‘s repute and regard from their community were really of import to this society in mediaeval times.

From the work Thorstein and the Staff-Stuck we notice many differences in the characters and their traits. The society was in a cultural passage to Christianity. Some of the characters express their cultural norms while others seem to be in the passage. Thord expresses pre-Christian traits. He is described as really chesty and when he was losing the Equus caballus battle he hit Thorstein on intent. When confronted about it, he is shows his haughtiness by declining via media with Thorstein and say the blow was unwilled and pay compensation. Thorhall and Thorvald expressed pre-Christian traits and we described as scandalmongers and gossipmongers. Thorn pressures Thorstein to contend as does Rannveig with Bjarni, therefore they are both seem pre-Christian as good. Thorstein and Bjarni seem to be in Christian passage. Both characters are loath to contend and merely do so to maintain regard from the community. When they fight each other neither one seem to truly desire to. In one case Bjarni gets thirsty so Thorstein has them halt contending so Bjarni can acquire something to imbibe. Then Bjarni shoe lash is free so they stop contending once more so he can bind it. While he is binding his shoe Thorstein goes the house and brings him a better blade and shield. They besides give each other regards on contending ability. Finally, Bjarni decides to settle the battle. “ It would be a great error in one stoke both to throw off good luck and make incorrect. In my sentiment I ‘d be to the full paid for my three retainers if you took their topographic point and served me dependably. ” So alternatively of one killing the other, Bjarni asks Thorstein to work for him. Thorstein accepts his offer. This act expresses more traits of Christianity instead than the pre-Christian actions of the other characters.

Thorstein Staff-Struck shows many facets of mediaeval Iceland ‘s society. The importance of a individual ‘s repute in the community, their judicial system, and alterations in people in the pre-Christian and Christian civilizations are all expressed in this narrative.

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