Culture Effecting Mobile Phone Purchasing Marketing Essay

A survey of cultural impact on consumer purchasing behavior of nomadic phone buying in Pakistan and UK.Is there any function civilization drama in consumer purchasing behavior of a proficient merchandise?


Mobile phone has become an of import portion of human life.With the innovation of new engineering, along with computing machines, this engineering has ease the work of human being in pass oning with each other ‘s. Before the innovation of nomadic phones, there were land line telephones which besides help human being to pass on with each other ‘s but at a limited graduated table. To utilize land line, individual should be at one topographic point where that phone is installed. But nomadic phones take this barrier by leting clients to pass on with each other ‘s from any topographic point where it has signals. AS this system is connected with the orbiter, individual can pass on without any hurdle. This is the lone engineering on the Earth which is sold at highest Numberss than any other engineering. Out of 6.8 billion people on the Earth, 5 billion usage nomadic phones ( international telecommunication brotherhood, 2010 ) .Two states Pakistan and UK have been chosen for this thesis because these two states are really much different in many prospective. Pakistan is extremely collectivized state where household, friends and community impact on determinations doing of persons. Mobile phones are progressively accessible to bulk of people in Pakistan. Pakistan telecommunication authorization ( PTA, 2010 ) shows that nomadic phone in Pakistan enjoy a enormous one-year growing of 119 % during 2000 to 2007. It is besides being observed that between financial twelvemonth 2006-07, mobile phone incursion increased by 15.5 % . Whereas between old ages 2007-08, it was 55.6 % which is 34.9 % higher than India ‘s for the same period. Pakistan ‘s telecommunications industry maintains its growing tendency in the coming old ages every bit good with the incursion rate in 2009 was 61.8 % and in September this incursion rate ranges to 70 % .On the other manus UK is extremely individualist state where people live their single life. The engagement of household, friends and community in determination devising is really rare.UK nomadic phone market is different than Pakistani market. Harmonizing to study presented by Ofcom ( 2007 ) , the nomadic phone market in UK grew by 41.3 % between 2003 to 2007.In 2010, the incursion rate in UK was 84 % which stay same boulder clay 2011.Mobile phone market is really competitory these yearss as there are figure of companies who are seeking to vie in this market to go the best in the concern. It is really indispensable for the companies to better understand the purchasing behavior of the customers.It gives them an border on the rivals in aiming the right section and acquiring market portion. The buying determinations of consumers are largely affected by factors that have direct or indirect impact on how we live, what we consume and what our environment is. Culture is one of the factors that impact on purchasing behavior of consumers. Culture represents the behavior, beliefs and, in many instances, the manner we act, learned by interacting or detecting other members of society. In this manner much of what we do is shared behaviors, passed along from one member of society to another. Culture play an of import function in interrupting mark market into different sections and so targets the right section. Blackwell et al. , ( 2001 ) demonstrated that civilization has a profound influence on ‘how ‘ and ‘why ‘ consumers purchase a scope of merchandises and services. The choice of merchandises by consumer affect by the civilization and it can assist companies to plan their selling program. Culture shapes the life style of the consumer which affect straight on the purchasing form of the consumer.

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The population of Pakistan is 180 million and it is still turning really fast. Out of 180 million, 30 % of this section is still untasted. With the better understand of civilization, sellers of nomadic phone market can aim this section and can derive benefit from it.Also, from bing 70 % market, they can better their merchandises by utilizing fiscal sectors, cyberspace and other maps to better their market portion from the bing market. Besides, the population of Asia is increasing really fast peculiarly India and China. This survey can be generalised for the whole Asia and it will be helpful for the sellers to do a generalized program for the whole Asia. On the other side, nomadic phone market in UK is really mature so Pakistan. But still debut of new applications in nomadic phone addition the life of this section. Population of Europe is besides increasing but non so fast. Technology is bettering in this section which requires new sections to be created and this will assist sellers to understand this sections.

The cultural comparing between Pakistan and UK about nomadic phone buying behaviors will supply a complete image which will assist understand these two states mobile phone market. Culture defines the life style of the people so it is really of import for the director to understand this factor and design a selling program by sing civilization as a back bone of selling. Companies these yearss are runing globally, selling director should split the aiming section into little sub sections on the footing of civilization to market their merchandise expeditiously. Pakistani civilization represent the most portion of Asia ‘s civilization and British civilization represent the most of European civilization. This intent of this survey to happen the cultural impact on consumer purchasing behavior of these two states so that sellers of telecommunication industry usage it to generalize it for the whole Asia and Europe.

Literature Review

Culture is defined in many different ways that can be used here for the interest of this paper. Culture is defined as ways of life like linguistic communication, arts & A ; scientific discipline, ideas, spiritualty, societal activity and interaction ( Roshan ) .By Hofstede ( 1991, 2001 ) , civilization is an individuality that is used to separate one group from another.Keegan and schlegemilch ( 2001 ) province that civilization is formed by people those are populating in a community for many old ages and has a life that pass on from one coevals to another. This mean that civilization has a starting point and finish point. So it ‘s all about the life manner of a group of people whom codification of life is represented by culture.Doney etal ( 1998 ) defined civilization as a system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people and that when taken together represent a design for life. So by Doney civilization is the design of life. There are many different civilizations exist and these civilizations represents peculiar group of people who really adapted that design. It besides depend on the persons whose life manner consequence on the culture.Doney & A ; Lowe ( 2008, 73 ) believe that civilization is made up of three necessities constituents. Those are ( 1 ) Beliefs: refers to the mental and verbal procedures that reflect people ‘s cognition and appraisals of things. ( 2 ) Valuess: used by people as usher for what is appropriate behavior. ( 3 ) Customss: Overt manners of behavior that constitute culturally approved or acceptable manner of behaving in specific state of affairss.

To be really precise every bit far as this undertaking is concerned, above definitions of civilization are generalised. Actually subject of civilization that is more suited to this thesis is that civilization defined manner of life, behaving, moving in a peculiar state of affairs, covering with others and organizing oneself. That is manner it is really of import for the sellers who are covering international concern peculiarly should understand the importance of this phenomena. If they understand this construct and so aim peculiarly section on the footing of civilization so it will be easy for them to establish the merchandise in the right section. So civilization is the medium for communicating for sellers that transmit these beliefs, values, behavior and norms into determining the attitude and behavior of homo. It help the members of such group in make up one’s minding what, why, where, how and when to make different things and how to move in a peculiar state of affairs. So it means that civilization is non a inactive construct. Its dynamic and it can alter with the transition of clip and influence one ‘s ain behavior although they besides contribute to the civilization.

Customer purchasing behavior is another factor that affects consumer picks and tendencies. Acknowledging consumer behavior ‘s importance to concern, sellers attempt to develop agencies on measuring or mensurating how a client behaves ( Bailey and Schultz, 2000 ) . Consumer purchasing behavior is said to be different from one concern to another in a manner that consumer purchasing behavior tends to hold different attitudes about the demands and intent of purchasing while the business-to-business attack is one which is more on supplier-company relationship. So consumer purchasing behavior is the process which shows what, how, when and where people buy the merchandise as they do. Thus this is an effort to understand the determination doing procedure in purchasing the merchandises. The first thing is seeking to understand the purchasing behavior of the person from the same group. Then generalize it to the whole group because all the persons in the group have same features. But determination devising procedure is non easy. There are different degrees of determination devising signifiers. Some are low-involvement determination devising procedure, some are high involvement determination doing procedure. So it all depends on the merchandise itself every bit good. Mobile phones are non high engagement determinations doing merchandises. But these determinations are besides depend on consumer perceptual experience, attitudes and apprehension of the given merchandise based on the educational background, social background, fiscal state of affairs and more significantly societal and cultural environment. Culture here play an of import function on the consumer purchasing form as persons can non populate entirely. They are portion on civilization and the manner they behave all depend on the cultural environment in which they live. So it is really of import that to understand the cultural to analyze the purchasing behavior of consumer and this thesis is all about this.

Pakistan and UK are two different civilizations. Both these civilizations have strong influence on the purchasing behavior of its consumers. Hofstede ( 1991, 2001 ) split civilization into two different types. One is called individualistic and other one is leftist. Harmonizing to this thesis UK is extremely individualistic state in which people largely decide separately about the purchasing of merchandises. On the other manus, Pakistan scores extremely as a leftist ‘s state where household, friends or group influence the purchasing behavior. Individualist and leftist are two out of five cultural dimensions which Hofstede find out when he was seeking to happen an account for the motive of IBM employees around the universe.

Hall ( 1960, 1981, 1990 ) presented civilization as high and low context civilizations. He explains that civilization can be divided into two groups. One is called high context civilization and other one is called low context civilization. The subject of difference between these two civilizations harmonizing to Hall is the single relationship. He stated that high context civilization is based on the close tie between person ‘s personals relationships such as household, friends and co-workers etc. and in this group information and cognition is portion entirely. Peoples in this group are societal and they care each other, listen to each other ‘s, sometime depend each other ‘s and discuss information between each other ‘s. Hall ( 1960. 1981, 1990 ) stated that high context civilization is more common in East. And every bit far as this undertaking is concerned, it represents Pakistan. On the other manus, low context civilization is belonging to outer group. In this civilization, people live their single life. They belong to their personal web. Family, friends and co-workers are all separate to each other ‘s. All of them live their single life. Thingss are portion less entirely. Peoples are more independent and do their ain decisions.UK is the 1 in this thesis which represents low context civilization. Here society in non societal plenty to act upon the determinations of others. Peoples live their ain life and they seldom involve in the determinations doing procedure of others.

Industry Background

Telecommunication industry is the fastest turning industry in the universe. This is because of the fast growing in engineering sector and progressively going portion of human life style. With 73 % of the universe population is utilizing nomadic phones, the web covers the 90 % of the universe country ( mob thought, Oct2010 ) .Mobile phone industry started manner back in 1970 ‘s when foremost mobile phone launched in Japan.After that this industry ne’er look back and continuously turn with different passage period. During the last 40 old ages it have undergone a passage from engineering focused for professional concern to a aggregate consumer market and go an built-in portion of life style. With the transition of clip, it is non merely used as a communicating tool but besides it is assisting consumers in other concerns like of cyberspace, fiscal dealing, tracking device, picture conferencing and many more.

Pakistan and UK mobile phone market is really strong in the sense that Pakistani market is still turning and it need to cognize more about consumer purchasing behaviour.UK nomadic phone market is besides turning but more attempt is needed to make concern with the bing clients. Culture of an of import function in consumer purchasing behavior in both these market which is why this research is being done to allow sellers understand the deepness in the market. The comparing between these two sections will assist sellers understand that how to aim the bing section and how to make new sections within the bing section.

Research Aim

The purpose of present research is to analyze and measure of cultural impact on Mobile phone buying of Pakistan and UK consumer.


The chief aim of this research is to find the cultural impact on the purchasing behavior of consumer. With the completion of this research, this survey will accomplish the undermentioned aims

To cognize the purchasing behavior of people from Pakistan and UK

To cognize the relationship between consumers of these two sections to better understand the purchasing behavior of general populace.

To happen out ways of how to better the selling of merchandises by larning the behavior of the targeted section.

Research Question

The primary research inquiry of the thesis is ; “ what function civilization plays in the purchasing behavior of consumers of two psychologically different communities ” .


H 1. There is no difference between Pakistan and British consumer when buying mobile phone

H 2. There is no difference between Hofstede cultural dimension of individuality and Bolshevism and their relation with Pakistan and UK consumers

Research methodological analysis

The Purpose of this research is to supply utile cognition to mobile makers and sellers to better understand the purchasing form of consumer and better develop their merchandises in transverse cultural context. That is why this survey is conducted to research the relationship between civilization and purchasing behavior of nomadic phones. For this research, two states Pakistan and UK have been chosen to analyze the buying form of nomadic phones for the ground that these two states have differences in civilization.

8.1 Research Doctrine

Research doctrine is the regulations that will be followed during research. In research there are two footings those are used to specify the game regulation. One is called positivism and other is interpretivism. These are different but both guide research workers to happen the replies of the research inquiries. Positivism is about separating what is true from what is untrue. It is chiefly trade with quantitate research and consequences are based on the sample that us taken from that peculiar section. So these phenomena can be generalised for the whole population. On the other manus, interpretivism trades with specific consequences instead than generalised consequence. ( Saunders et al 2007 ) Interpretivism require research worker to see through other people eyes and construct their theories based on the interpret events from their point of positions.

Because the nature of this undertaking, research worker will utilize positivism attack in this thesis as the consequence of the sample will be used to generalised for the whole population. This is due to the nature of the research undertaking which is to detect the societal world. The relationship between capable significance and the usage of nomadic phones and their purchasing behavior will be explore in this undertaking. Existing theories, proving them based on the societal world and decision drawn from the consequence will be involved in the research.

8.2 Sample and informations aggregation procedure

Data is the most of import thing that is needed to understand this subject. In today ‘s technological environment, informations is easy accessible. But informations that is needed for a peculiar undertaking demand to happen out and analysis should be done so that it is suited for that undertaking. Data aggregation is the first measure that is needed for this research. Two types of methods will be used to roll up the information. First is primary informations in which information will be collected by utilizing questionnaires and 2nd one is secondary in which diaries, newspapers, cyberspace and other medium will be used.Questionnairs will be given to the nomadic phone stores in Islamabad ( Pakistan ) and in Birmingham ( UK ) .Secondary informations will be used largely for the intent of this undertaking as it is easy available. There are different beginnings available in which most of import is internet. Different web sites are at that place those behaviors studies about Pakistani and British consumer purchasing behavior and civilization impact on them.

In the 2nd measure, qualitative informations will be collected through semi structured interviews in order to farther lucubrate the relationship between civilization and consumer purchasing behavior of nomadic phones. Telephone calls will be used as a medium to carry on interviews. The information that will be gathered from interview will assist to turn out the questionnaire consequences and will supply an chance to the writer to understand in deepness the relationship between civilization and consumer purchasing behavior. There are relevant diaries, literature, undertakings and talks about civilization of Pakistan and UK. Besides there are legion literatures about the consumer ‘s behavior in Pakistan and UK. Mobile phone market study and information is besides available which will assist in coming to the decision of this research subject. So finding secondary informations is non an issue, merely analyzing of that informations harmonizing to the demand of this subject will be necessary.

8.3 Research Approach

Two types of research attacks will be used to analyze the information.One is called inductive attack and other one is deductive attack. Inductive attack will be used to construct theory based on the information that is collected through interviews. It starts with the observation of the specific issue and so to set up generalization about the phenomenon by probe ( Saunders et al 2007 ) .This will analyze the sample foremost and happen out the relation between civilization and consumer purchasing behavior, so generalize this consequence to the whole population ( Pakistan and UK ) .Second attack is deductive attack which will be used to happen out from the bing literature if there is any suited stuff for this research. This attack will underpin the research doctrine because of the nature of the undertaking which is being search to generalize the relationship between two variables. In this undertaking, the relationship that needs to happen out is between civilization and consumer purchasing behavior of nomadic phones.

In order to explicate the relationship between civilization and consumer purchasing behavior of nomadic phones, a positive research method will be adopted with a cross sectional attack to obtain the qualitative every bit good as quantitative informations. For the aggregation of quantitative informations, a purposive sampling technique will be used in order to choose member of the mark group who are best able to reply the research inquiry. All the respondents that will be chosen will hold an experience of 7 to 8 old ages of utilizing nomadic phone. The order of inquiry will be varied harmonizing to the flow of the conversation and extra inquiry will be added or omitted if necessary. The respondents will be encouraged to reply in their ain words to take the barrier of formality.

Restrictions of the proposal

The research worker chief purpose will concentrate on the probe of cultural impact on the purchasing behavior of nomadic phones in Pakistani and UK consumers. The information that will be gathered will be collected from primary and secondary beginnings. The primary beginnings will be the self-administered questionnaire prepared by the research worker and secondary beginning will be diaries, newspapers, magazines, articles, cyberspace and Television.

Time will be the greatest restriction to this research, which may impede long-run result aims. Environmental factors, such as socioeconomic factors, are beyond the control of the research worker and can make many variables within the research. As this survey will be using a little sample of participants, the consequences may non efficaciously represent the general population.


Time will be divided for each activity harmonizing to its demand. Time direction will be of import but timetable can be changed if there is any unmanageable factor.

Research Gantt Chart

Capable to alter with the entry day of the month of thesis



















Meeting with research usher

Literature reappraisal

Planing the questionnaire

Data aggregation from primary and secondary beginning

Data rating and hypothesis preparation


Dissertation layout and first study

Writing the thesis and concluding bill of exchange

Time for alterations ( if needed )

Dissertation entry


Resource Implication

Easy and extended entree to the literature is necessary for the completion of this undertaking. I will utilize Birmingham Central Library and University of Wales online library for the resources. Online resources like Emerald, docstoc and Mintel will besides be used to roll up secondary informations.



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