Cupid and Psyche

March 30, 2017 General Studies

Cupid and Psyche Cupid is symbolized by what people consider is love all the time. He has according to legend a very beautiful golden hair, snow-white and delicate cheek. Once his arrow inserts the heart of young men and women, it can make they love each other deeply. In Greek mythology, he is called Eros, the young son of the love and beauty goddess Aphrodite and Ares. In Roman myth, he calls Cupid, his mother is Venus and his father is Iris. Frankly speaking, Cupid and Psyche’s love story is one of my favorite stories among Greek mythology. That’s why I chose this story to perform in our presentation.

Now, let me narrate their long story as follows. Psyche was a beautiful princess of a little-known small city-state in Greece. People in the city-states had a temple to respect the goddess of love and beauty—Venus and they always gave the best offerings dedicated for her. However, the situation seemed to be changed because of Psyche’s beauty. The temple got ignored and fewer and fewer people went to sacrifice. As a result, Venus was very jealous of Psyche’s beauty and ordered her son, Cupid, to punish Psyche. Cupid accidentally, however, surprised by Psyche’s beauty and hurt himself by his arrow.

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What made Venus angry was that Cupid loved Psyche and asked her to be his wife. So Venus cursed Psyche no one would marry her. One day Psyche was brought to a wonderful palace where she enjoyed an abundant life. Cupid had been with her every night although Psyche didn’t see him. Because of Psyche’s depression, two of her sisters came to visit her. Of course, they were jealous of where she lived and lied to her that Cupid was a devil, encouraging her to kill him at night. In fact, Psyche didn’t know Cupid’s real identity, so she decided to kill him. Cupid was awakened when Psyche lighted an oil lamp and flew away angrily.

Psyche regretted of what she had done. She determined to look for Cupid. Psyche overcome various difficulties and finally completed the task given by Venus and Pluto’s wife. Finally, Cupid and Venus were both deeply moved by her painstaking effort, so they forgave Psyche. What’s more, Jupiter, the king of god, gave her a bowl of soup immortality, and sealed her as goddess. They became husband and wife. After reading Cupid’s love story, I was deeply moved by Cupid’s faith and Psyche’s persistence of love. On one hand, Cupid impressed me as a match-maker before. I have never thought that Cupid also had his own love story.

And I appreciate Psyche’s most for the simple reason that she was so faithful to love. She did make a mistake before, but she made up for it through her own effort. No matter how difficult the task was, she still conquered it. Without true love, how she could do these things all beyond our expectations? On the other hand, I become aware of the importance of trust when falling love with others. We shouldn’t believe other’s bad words on our lovers blindly but try to discover the fact by our own. Otherwise, the valuable love will become vulnerable. ???? ?? 092 ??? 20090201108


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