Cupping therapy

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Types of cupping

Stairss of cupping

Curative benefit of Al-Hijamah


1. To cognize what is cupping and where it started

2. To cognize types of cupping therapy

3. To cognize the mechanism of cupping therapy

4. To cognize the Islamic position on recent cupping therapy


Before I start discoursing sing this sort of medical therapy, I would inquire reader some simple inquiry. Make you of all time hear about Cuping before? Have you of all time done Cuping before? It is my pleasance to hear from the community, particularly the Muslim community that they did cupping before. The statistic shows 60 % of the Muslim population in Malaysia ne’er heard about cupping therapy earlier. This statement is rather of import for us to cognize because this sort of therapy method is encouraged by our prophesier Muhammad ( PBUH ) . Cupping is a medical therapy method that had been practiced worldwide throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Middle East for many times ago. It has been proven since the ancient epoch of the Greeks and Egyptians where Avicenna and Hippocrates were used cupping as their best method for handling many types of disease every bit good as continuing wellness. Besides that, in the early 1700s and 1900s, cupping therapy had been widely used by the medical community throughout Western Europe and America, cupping has been used as the chief intervention for about 10 decennaries due to worsening in usage of modern physicians during that epoch.

Cuping technique has undergone a batch of invention. Al-Hijamah has been practiced by Arabic medical establishment and is reported to handle many diseases. Cuping therapy method is more to pull out the toxic substance from the blood by application of the negative force per unit area to the tegument. The modern medical specialty method is different from cupping method, the method is more to the debut of the pharmacological drug to the organic structure in order to command and handle the disease, the modern medical specialty has no ability to divide the toxic substances from the blood and interstitial fluid as in certain diseases like in instance of high serum cholesterin, high serum uric acid in urarthritis and besides in instance of Fe overload. Surprisingly, Al-Hijamah may hold the curative consequence of those jobs by pull outing the toxic substances from the blood.1

However, Cuping technique about disregarded presents, due to quickly developing in modern medical specialty. Nowadays, there is much perceptual experience of the community sing this sort of therapy, some might state this sort of therapy give no benefit in handling disease, this sort of intervention is non rational and it is an antediluvian technique that can non be used presents.If we compare literally Cupping and modern medical specialty, cupping technique has a batch of advantages in term of cost of intervention, side consequence and direction of certain disease.

The demands and demands of cupping therapy are increasing in proportionate with the increasing happening of certain diseases like high blood pressure and lipemia. Due to that status, Al-Hijamah has been known as bloodletting therapy. In add-on, some of research done states that, the combination of the pharmacological intervention and cupping may potentiate the curative consequence in certain diseases. Briefly said, Cuping technique can be divided into two, which are dry cupping technique and wet cupping technique, both technique was said to arise from Arab states and this technique is still practiced there2,3,4.

Cuping therapy is known as prophetic medical specialty by a Muslim. The prophetic medical specialty term is given to any medical cognition gained from the Hadiths, workss and advices of prophesier Muhammad ( PBUH ) related to disease intervention and wellness5. In add-on, research done by Loukas et al provinces that any medical cognition mentioned in the Quran and Hadiths can be an of import point in medical cognition6.

Types Of Cupping Therapy

Basically, there are several types of cupping therapy, the different types of cupping technique are merely different in their method of application. The purpose of the therapy is to make negative force per unit area by application of the cups to the tegument. Briefly, there are 3 types of cupping therapy, the first type of cupping is called Dry Cupping. Briefly, Dry cupping is performed by the application of suction merely. It is done by application of the cup to the surface of the tegument, by which negative force per unit area is applied within the cup by utilizing a pump. In this method, the negative force per unit area within the cup will pull the blood and fluid from the inflamed country to the surface of the tegument. The advantages of this technique are it can be performed at any clip and it merely lasted for 15 proceedingss. Besides that, legion cups can be applied at the same clip. This method can be repeated day-to-day and can be done at place. Furthermore, the force per unit area inside the cup can be adjusted for grade of low, medium and high.

The 2nd type of cupping technique is called wet cupping. This Techniques is called Al-Hijamah, this technique is about similar to dry cupping. Briefly, this technique applies the combination of suction and controlled medical hemorrhage. For this technique, there will be suction by the dry cupping to make vacuum country at the site of redness, and so a little scratch is made at the site of cupping by utilizing a unfertile blade. Then, the cup will reapply once more at the site of the inflamed country to pull out the accrued toxic blood.

The 3rd type of cupping is massage cupping, as the name applies, it is normally used among the massage therapy and other wellness practician. In this technique, before using the cup, oil is applied on the surface of the tegument to do it smooth and to observe the country of congestion and tenseness. Then the vacuity is created by puting the cup on the affected country. However, in this sort of technique, the cup is non inactive, the cup demand semivowels over the affected country chiefly in the country of the dorsum. This sort of technique more excessively painkilling, furthermore, people will fall into province of relaxation and comfort.

Stairss and Medical facet of Cupping Therapy

Sterilization is the most of import component prior to cupping therapy, everyday sterilisation is done at the anatomical site of cupping country, therefore, it is of import for the practician to place the exact anatomical site of cupping therapy for the success of intervention7. Basically, there are several stairss in cupping therapy, it differs harmonizing to the type of cupping technique and the curative indicant. The first one, is called individual measure, this measure is applicable in dry cupping technique, this measure devoid any extraction of blood and fluid from the organic structure and the lone measure is suction without any scratch made to the tegument.

The 2nd measure is called dual measure cupping technique, this measure is applicable in traditional Chinese moisture cupping technique, whereby, there will be merely individual application of cupping after scratch or puncture has been made to the tegument, therefore this technique achieve the extraction of the inflamed blood from the organic structure. The 3rd measure is called three stairss technique, this 3 stairss technique besides knows as Al-Hijamah, this technique combines both stairss of therapy in Arabic manner mode. In Al-Hijamah, the first measure is by doing suction by application of a cup on the surface of tegument, therefore, this will make the vacuity negative force per unit area inside the cup, this will be followed by puncturing or scarification of the tegument ( shartat mihjat ) in the signifier of multiple little short gaps of the tegument before 2nd cupping take topographic point for resuction of the inflamed blood.

Al-hijamah cupping technique was frequently been confused with another cupping technique. Besides Al-Hijamah, the Chinese cupping technique is besides celebrated worldwide. Basically, the Chinese cupping technique about resemble and carry through the standards of Al-Hijamah but both chines prohibitionist and wet cupping technique take merely partial signifier of Al-Hijamah technique. Furthermore, the scientist from China, Huang, had done some research that confirmed the difference in methodological analysis of between Chinese wet cupping technique and Arabic wet Cupping Technique ( Al-Hijamah ) . Besides that, there were research reported that the theory of the Al-Hijamah is based on Taibah Theory. Taibah theory is an excretory signifier of intervention that clears toxic and unwanted substance signifier blood, interstitial fluid and lymph. As I mentioned merely know, Al-Hijamah technique was frequently been confused with another type of cupping technique, Al- Hijamah should be distinguish with them in term of many facet, I will explicate about it subsequently.


Figure 2, this figure shows the image of the mechanism of Al- Hijamah based on the Taibah Theory, the negative vacuity force per unit area is from inside the cup taking to clamber lifting in the signifier of dome form, inside the tegument lifting, filtration of the tegument capillaries takes topographic point and the blood starts to roll up at the site of cupping beneath the tegument. The accumulate blood is composed of toxigenous and pathological substance and smaller atoms may go through the tegument barrier by tegument pores, whereby big atoms can’t.

The curative benefit of Al-Hijamah cupping technique

Al-hijamah has many curative benefits with a less side consequence despite the simpleness of the technique2, 3. I will explicate the benefit one by one harmonizing to the system. The most of import benefit of Al-Hijamah is to pull out the unwanted substance from the blood such as extra cholesterin, serum triglyceride, LDL-cholesterol, uric acid1autoantibodies and cytokines16.Besides that, it has the ability to unclutter the blood from unnatural increased pathologically blood constituent such as Fe overload. Besides that, some survey provinces, the excretory consequence of Al-Hijamah is much better that filtration by the kidney, as Al-hijamah has the ability to pull out big supermolecule from the blood regardless of hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules. By taking the unwanted substance from the blood, it is believed Al-Hijamah has detoxification consequence. Therefore, indirectly Al-Hijamah lessening the load work of filtration and elimination by the kidney, this show the nephron-protective benefit of the cupping.

In footings of circulation, this sort of technique will better the hemodynamic and cellular perfusion by cut downing the vascular congestion and stimulates the release of the azotic oxide that dilates the vas, therefore improves circulatory and lymphatic flow. In term of pharmacological, surprisingly, AL-Hijamah non antagonist the consequence of drug introduced to the organic structure. By taking the unwanted substance, Al-Hijamah is believed to potentiate the consequence of the drug. Besides that, Al- Hijamah has benefit in physical therapy, it has benefit in bettering the blood flow to the ischaemic tissue, and furthermore, some research states that, Al-hijamah has a better physical therapy in patient with station shot hemiplegic shoulder hurting and myotonia instead than stylostixis.74

Al-hijamah besides has respiratory benefit, particularly in wheezing patient on medicine ( pharmacotherapy ) , by bettering the diurnal and nocturnal symptoms, aggravation and respiratory map trial24.Al-Hijamah besides has benefits to handle concern15by handling the underlying factors such as high blood pressure and hurting causes substance16.In add-on, this sort of technique is believed to has hepatoprotective consequence by its detoxication ability and by diminishing the side consequence from the pharmacological intervention, surprisingly, there is surveies provinces that, Al-Hijamah may assist in handling viral hepatits22,23. Besides that, this technique has cardio-protective consequence, it was reported that Al-Hijamah improved the ischaemic induced arrhythmia without impacting the baseline bosom rate and blood force per unit area43.In add-on, this sort of technique has the ability to stabilise the autonomic instability by exciting the peripheral nervous system.

Some surveies province that Al-Hijamah has the benefit of anti-infection and anti-allergy due to elimination of the bacterial and toxins as in cellulitis and elimination of the IgE, interleukin 2 and C3 from the serum. Recently it has been reported, Al-Hijamah besides has benefit in handling the vitilligo through interrupting tissue adhesion44.There was besides grounds that Al-Hijamah has anti-cancer benefit, this is because due to the potentiation the consequence of the drug and stimulation the elimination of azotic oxide during Al-Hijamah that believe has anticancer and anti-proliferative consequence.

Comparison between Al-Hijamah and different types of cupping.

Al-Hijamah technique ever being compared with traditional Chinese moisture cupping technique. As I mentioned inside informations sing Chinese cupping therapy before, let’s we discuss farther sing this type of cupping. It was originated from Chinese traditional medical specialty and being practiced throughout the worldwide, chiefly in the East Asiatic part. The methodological analysis of of this technique is a dual measure technique alternatively of 3 stairss technique done in AL-Hijamah, in Chinese technique, the principal is the scarification is preceded the suction procedure. Compared to Al-Hijamah, the scarification procedure tends to do moderate to severe hurting to the patient, besides that, this mechanism is better than Al-Hijamah in term of bloodletting but less effectual in term of blood clearance. However, the curative benefit of the traditional Chinese cupping technique is similar with the Al-hijamah. The side of Chinese technique is minor, merely minor scarring, burn and sometimes bullae. The happening of major complication like shot and anaemia were rare

On the other manus, some might confound Al-Hijamah technique and venesection, let’s discourse further what s venesection, venesection is a process where the vena is cutting to shed blood to diminish blood content and the substance nowadays in the blood. The indicant of venesection is to diminish blood constituent in instance of polycythemia and Fe overload, besides that, it is besides indicated in remotion of unwanted substances. This technique does non divide the blood and toxic before cutting is done, hence this technique is more prone to anemia and shed blooding. Compared to AL-Hijamah, sterilisation of the anatomical site of cutting is non done.


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