Current Business Issue Challenge Or Problem Management Essay

& gt ; Supply a really short debut to your organisation and your function, every bit good as the cardinal resources in your organisation, with a brief remark on related allotment and direction issues. This will supply a context for your assignment

& gt ; Identify a current concern issue, challenge or job within your organisation

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& gt ; Analyse the state of affairs utilizing the class stuffs from both plan faculties

& gt ; Highlight the of import factors to be addressed

& gt ; Propose a class of action, probably to present concern public presentation betterments

& gt ; Justify your class of action, bespeaking the likely concern benefits


In 1979, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago ( GOTT ) established The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago ( AATT ) a statutory organic structure established by the Airports Authority Act, No 49 of 1979. It falls under the portfolio of the Ministry of Works and Transport ( MOWT )

The primary authorization of the Authority is to develop and pull off its airdrome estates, focused on client satisfaction while supplying safe, secure and efficient air power services.

1979 to 2008, a period of 20 nine ( 29 ) old ages, the Airports Authority of Trinidad & A ; Tobago ( AATT ) has changed significantly and expanded to suit air power and non-aviation activity. During this period, the AATT by Certificates of Titles has acquired 1777.63 estates of land at Piarco, Trinidad. At Crown Point International Airport, Tobago a different agreement exists with the Tobago House of Assembly, nevertheless the operations are managed by the AATT ( information supplied by COT Vol 3554 Fol 21, Vol 4475 Fol 185 Vol 3634 Fol 317 )[ 1 ]1

On May 27, 2000 a new province of the art terminus, now called the North Terminal, Piarco International Airport, Piarco was commissioned ( see aerial exposure ) .

Piarco International Airport


The Airports Authority of Trinidad & A ; Tobago commenced as the organisation with the duty of pull offing the airdromes of Trinidad & A ; Tobago.

This demand to develop an AATT relieved the Civil Aviation of Trinidad & A ; Tobago of the duties of pull offing the air power industry whilst being the regulator.

The very location of where the AATT operated was an issue and holding to develop this existent estate needed a vision.

In 1979, the composing of the AATT included the Board and three other members of staff.

In that dispensation, the Chairman was an Executive Chairman.

Chairman /General Manager

Executive Assistant



All determinations operational and strategic were taken and executed by the Board.

After a period of asceticism, the AATT authorization became evident that more staff was needed to pull off and procuring the air power ports of Trinidad and Tobago.

At that clip, AATT was germinating. Jamaica Airports Authority had aid from Transport Canada with set uping the Airports Authority of Jamaica. The construct of an AATT to pull off and run the installations of the airdromes of Piarco and Crown Point.

During this clip, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed with the Government of Canada, as Trinidad & A ; Tobago formed portion of the Commonwealth to help with developing an AATT.[ 2 ]2

After the term of the so Board, it was decided to take the place of Executive Chairman and replace with a non-executive Chairman and spread out the organisational construction.

Some thought went into this construction and while looking at it now it was non ideal at the clip, it was felt sufficient to pull off and run two ( 2 ) airdromes along with an disposal Centre.

The really idea of set uping a vision and a mission at that clip was non deemed necessary as the AATT needed to set up a construction to expeditiously run and pull off these valuable assets of the people of Trinidad & A ; Tobago.

The AATT construction incorporates a Board lead by a Chairman and antecedently nine ( 9 ) other members, now it is headed by a Chairman and six ( 6 ) other members with a General Manager and four ( 4 ) Deputy General Managers.

In the resulting old ages, the AATT has developed an organisational construction that continues to be organic.

This organisational chart did non provide for an Aviation Security Training Centre far less an Aviation Business Centre. The nucleus concern was and still is “ aviation supplier of services ” .

It can be stated the McKinsey 7S Framework has been adopted with the formation of an organisation construction that continues to develop. Apart from the construction, a system has been developed, schemes have been implemented, staff with the necessity accomplishments has been hired and shared values have been rolled out.[ 3 ]

The construction centered on the General Manager being supreme and a batch of accent was placed on this one individual with an spread outing airdrome operations. The fiscal and concern development units were non of import at that clip ( see org. chart below )

General Manager

Manager Airport Operations ( Piarco )

Manager Airport Operations ( Crown Point )

Financial Controller

Corporate Servicess Manager

Engineering Manager

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Information Technology Manager

Corporate Secretary

Human Resource Manager

Further development was needed and hence schemes had to be employed and hence the organisational construction was enhanced to suit more professionals. A General Manager and a Deputy General Manager along with a direction squad.


General Manager

Deputy General Manager

Finance Mgr

Security Mgr

Human Resource Mgr

Facilities Mtce Mgr ( Planning, Construction and Engineering )

Manager Airport Operations

Information Technology Mgr.

Corporate Servicess Mgr

Corporate Secretary

As the AATT evolved, so excessively did the civilization. A study called the Benedeth Report was completed by this adviser hired under the MOA from Canada and the AATT organisational construction began metabolism.

In 2002, the AATT decided to spread out its nucleus concern activity and therefore developed the Business Development, Corporate Services, Operations and Crown Point Units describing straight to the General Manager. An organisation construction is shown below.


General Manager

Deputy General Manager – Piarco

Deputy General Manager- Estates Planning & A ; Business Development

Deputy General Manager – Crown Point

Deputy General Manager – Corporate Servicess

Corporate Secretary

Mgr. Corporate Communications


& A ; Growth

These units/divisions were allowed to develop Piarco International Airport and Crown Point International Airport.

The period 2003- 2005, the Board along with its executive squad decided to make full the spread by enrolling the necessary set accomplishments for operating and pull offing these installations.

Each Deputy General Manager ( DGM ) expanded their squad to go functional hence developing the assorted units. Some were already on the construction, whilst others antecedently were described by another name.

Therefore the unpacking of the organisation called AATT.

The construction now is as follows: –

General Manager

Deputy General Manager- Estates Planning & A ; Business Development

Deputy Manager- Corporate Services

Deputy General Manager- Piarco

Deputy General Manager – Crown Point Operationss

Property Manager


Information Technology



Human Resource

Administration & A ; Logisticss



Health & A ; Safety


Facilities Maintenance

Corporate Secretary

Mgr. Corporate Communications


& A ; Growth

As Property Manager for Estates Planning & A ; Business Development with duty for reexamining all bing rentals and readying of agendas ; negotiate and supervise the leasing of airdromes lands, airdocks and edifices ; fix commercial footings for complex rentals, understandings and contracts ; guaranting renter conformity and measuring rental and license applications ; develop lineation for finance and building understandings ; novice and keep positive renter dealingss guaranting favorable on the job agreements ; organize all work affecting airport building undertakings with renter, set up contact with regulative bureaus and inspect, evaluate and proctor airdrome leaseholds and installations for conformity with prescribed utilizations. This place is responsible for the supervising of planning, developing and managing of all activity at the airdromes of Trinidad & A ; Tobago. My direct line of coverage is to the Deputy General Manager – Estates Planning & A ; Business Development.

The place I sit in the organisation, allows me to be able to interact with al the other line directors and be a portion of the executing of the directives issued by the executive.

Using the Anthony ‘s trigon, there is a perfect correlativity of the AATT whereby the Board strategises, the executive is involved in the tactical planning, the direction squad is allowed to put to death holding the necessary set accomplishment and cognition of their environment and the operational side whereby the environment has to be managed.[ 4 ]




Degree of Firm

Groups Server

Management Tactical Planning



Operationss Level







Human Resource


What is phenomenal, the AATT in its formative old ages, no scientific logical thinking was adopted to develop and run this administration and while it can be said, no organisation follows the perfect theoretical account, as a reappraisal is being done, similarities can be used to demo scientific similarities can be illustrated to foreground the uses of theoretical accounts.


The VMOST construct has been adopted clearly jointing the manner frontward.

Its VISION to be the prime supplier of air power driven concern.

Its MISSION to develop and pull off safe, secure, efficient and client oriented airdrome estates and accessory concern in a sustainable mode, by optimizing returns on all employable assets.

Its OBJECTIVE to be the best Airport Estate Developer/Operator in the Caribbean.

Its STATEGIES to better client service ; increase grosss and hard currency flows ; cut down cost and better institutional strength are the strength the organisation is built upon.

Its TACTICAL policies employed realized the critical success factors in security services ; client service ; passenger motion and service ; cargo motion ; installations care ; quality direction and installations ; low cost at a prescribed client service degree and gross aggregation.[ 5 ]

It is of import to observe, these positions are non that of the author but that articulated by the administration ‘s Board and executive that has developed these rules that drives the organisation in its push to offer improves solutions for the going public and the smooth and safe operations of pull offing the environment.

The administration ‘s shared values is based on the doctrine of offering sustainable chances in a secure and safe environment that allows for the easy motion of people, goods and services while developing its concern schemes in an efficient mode.

The schemes that underpin the shared values are concentrated in being able to efficaciously complect all of the administration ‘s groups, roll out the shared values with an apprehension of what are the ends. And what are the ends?


The construction of the organisation is organic and continues to germinate. There have been many alterations in the organisation, more so since 1995 to show. Employment security at all degrees of the organisation has been affected and merely within the last six ( 6 ) old ages some stableness has been employed. Selectivity in enlisting has been varied due to the degree of rewards being paid to pull the really best. Although there has been a strong presence to use quality staff across the organisation. Employees are yet to hold a sense of ownership. Information sharing has been inconsistent and lost at times. Worker engagement is being encouraged thereby taking to empowerment. Training and development is a tool employed but non appreciated. There is non much cross use of accomplishments and really small transverse preparation.[ 6 ]

The AATT in its thrust to pull increased air power and support services has identified Piarco and Crown Point International Airports as a discriminator finish offering distinguishable services for the tourer, VFR and concern travellers. The Duty Free shopping is alone that it caters to surpassing and incoming travellers. There is a focal point on the schemes being employed and the costs associated with the usage of the installations. All of the above relates the administration ‘s mission and values.

Staffing is a job, nevertheless this is endemic of the economic system of Trinidad & A ; Tobago as the national employment rate is below 6 % . At the AATT there are 744 people employed and of that 642 are lasting.[ 7 ]

There is a demand to understand the yesteryear, the history and committedness by staff of the old epochs. Soon there is a gulf from the past and while some can regurgitate, others do non hold any information associating the yesteryear.

The Culture of the organisation has non changed that much over the 20 nine ( 29 ) old ages of being. There is definite gulf from the executive to the line staff where there is no sense of ownership and apprehension of the shared values. The staff has been able to pull off systems in their several environments hence leting for alteration to be effected. However, without concern re-engineering, no promotion will be made.

Within the last five ( 5 ) old ages, the executive have recruited forces with the necessary set accomplishment to consequence transmutation in the work topographic point, but in making so at that place have besides been a turnover of staff at all degrees of the organisation.

This has created instability at the organisational degree. Simultaneoulsy this has advanced the place to upgrade, re-tool employees as good and appreciate the customer/end users of the installations.

This besides has contributed to the civilization and the manner things were done in the yesteryear.

As clip has evolved, the civilization of the organisation changed therefore ensuing in a displacement of the working paradigm. In the early period, it was one of comraderie and there evoked a sense of dependence that emanated over the clip and there have been no version to the altering environment. In kernel, from the emotional intelligence position, the people have non evolved.

It is interesting to observe, the AATT has many alone properties, nevertheless due to its restraints holding to describe to the cardinal authorities and mandated by its act of 1979, this quasi authorities bureau is trapped in a beauracratic environment that prepares for transparence, does non give acceptance to concern stimulation and thereby stifles the leading in many respects.

Management has strived to consequence operational efficiencies trusting to achieve the highest productiveness overall while consistently introducing new thoughts, merchandises and services.

The direction soon is trying to utilize best patterns by using assorted scientific theoretical accounts to increase efficiencies. In making this good corporate administration is required along with clear and precise accounting as the executive are apt for the operational efficiencies of the organisation as defined by the Integrity Act 2000 that makes them blameworthy for any lacks in the operational elements with a strong sense of unity.

At best direction has adopted Michael Armstrong definition of “ Human Resource Management is the strategic and consistent attack to pull offing an 12rganization ‘s cardinal resources towards its aims thereby making a benefit or net income ” .

Within recent times, the economic system of Trinidad & A ; Tobago has created a batch of dilemnas. One of them being staff keeping particularly as the AATT are compelled to vie in a fast paced technological air power environment. As vanguards, the employees help to take a breath life into the strategic program of the organisation.

It has to be stated that a systems believing attack has been adopted leting for transmutation of the organisation to be systematic.

Another critical issue of the AATT, there is a demand to fit the cognition, accomplishments and competences of human resources available to accomplish the coveted result ( s ) .

Having to make this assignment, a methodological attack utilizing concern research and the model of pull offing people procedures and systems and strategic thought to develop decisions.

Different theoretical accounts were looked at such as systems believing, quantum thought and complexness, value based relationships, organisation construction, so and now, Anthony ‘s trigon and value concatenation analysis. Business development schemes employed to take out complexnesss of the organisation and give a consequence while explicating the usage of Michael Armstrong ‘s definition of Human Resource Management along with the HR Value proposition.

Management demands to take out the organisation from a holistic position. There are excessively many distractions that allow for an inefficient organisation. The AATT besides has to postulate with a nonionized environment that is non associating to direction vision for the organisation. There is besides distrust as it is perceived that direction ever have hidden dockets.

Although direction has rolled out its strategic aims and using the balance scorecard construct for a better grasp of their aims, this is non being accepted. The AATT has the Estates Police Association that is the bargaining organic structure for the Airport Security Force and the Public Services Association the bargaining organic structure for other categories of workers employed straight by the AATT. Other spouses on the estate have their ain bargaining units.

Diagram of the Balanced Scorecard



Business Procedures



& A ; Growth

The organisation is invariably looking to benchmark its public presentation degrees and that of its direction squad. In making the above scorecard can be identified as a utile tool although it is no rolled out as a concern theoretical account for reappraisal. However the organisation can be looked at: –

fiscal position whereby a balance sheet, net income and loss history and cashflow statements are prepared monthly and yearly for audit with back uping agendas.

The Estates Planning and Business Development Division have to invariably present existent clip public presentation so the gross watercourses are perpendicular and sustainable. Continuous analysis has to be done to guarantee sustainable development is unafraid and following positions are adopted: –

client position relates steps of client satisfaction, client keeping. The inquiry is how is this to be measured?

In an air power related environment where the footstep is continuously lifting, clients are categorized into differing constituents: going public, users of the installation and concessionaires – air hoses, car leases bureaus, land animal trainers, retail mercantile establishments, nutrient and drink mercantile establishments and freshness stores

concern processes placing cost throughput and quality. On a uninterrupted footing, the cost of making concern at the airdrome has to be continuously buttockss and reassessed to guarantee quality deliverables are provided.

Learning and growing. The AATT has undergone some self-contemplation within recent times, but employees are still disillusioned with the way of the organisation. Employee satisfaction is at a low, employees are continuously choosing at the first chance to go forth and utilizing the organisation as a presenting country to garner experience, hence employee keeping is going harder and harder.

Vacancies are taking a longer period to make full, thereby increasing emphasis degrees. Staff with the needed experience can non be solicited. Wages are non promoting at the professional degree

Another challenge confronting the AATT is the realisation of airdrome commercial direction. For the organisation, ordinance is at the head of most determinations.

The issue of bring forthing grosss is a challenge as there is the political position to fulfill, the economic position to fulfill, the regulative position to follow with, the monitoring and supervision of rates and charges and voluntary understandings that are established.

Each position includes aims that are comparative to maximising returns.

Growth is identified in quantifiable agencies. Net income, client keeping, internal rate of return, client satisfaction through appreciative agencies and productiveness. Guaranting strategic purpose is aligned to human resource capital.

Analysis of concern ratios such as profitableness, liquidness and debt are used to mensurate growing.

A major hurdle experienced is the turn overing out of the strategic program to the lower degree staff that is required to back up the program. In most cases there is no lucidity.

Communication is a major challenge. Due to the deficiency of communicating, the strategic aims are ne’er understood and with ailment will that every bit permeated the organisation, it is hard to develop the strategic purpose.

It is interesting to observe, Ghoshal, S ( 2005 ) wrote “ bad direction theories are destructing good direction patterns. ”

Can this be so at the AATT?

Is it a scenario that executives expect failure? The expected behavioral forms of direction and employees are such that patroling and misgiving are the norms with an outlook to catch the bad behavior.

Is the AATT prepared to follow a strategic program that will let the organisation to be runing at its upper limit or will it merely run as the dictates of outwardnesss allow?



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