Customer of Customer Engagement in modern business

February 25, 2019 Business

Customer Engagement: It is an interaction of a customer with a brand or we can say it is the relationship of a customer with a brand which takes place either online or offline. Customer can engaged online through social media such as facebook posts, links, likes instagram pics, tweets, blogs post on you tube and many more. Moreover, customer engagement focus on satisfying customers by providing good values to gain their trust and to establish long- term relationships. (Robert W. Palmatier, V. KuCustomer Engagement
Role of Customer Engagement in modern business environment: Customer engagement is the direct route to a modern business. It is the pathway to everything good that a business could want such as customer loyalty, customer purchase, long-term relationship, increase sales and revenue.
Customer engagement increases customer loyalty due to which customer stick to one particular brand. That brand will be in top of mind whenever customer thinks to buy. (Naresh K. Malhotra, Can Uslay, Ahmet Bayraktar, 2016)


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