Customer Profiling And Determining Customer Preferences Marketing Essay

By September 23, 2017 Marketing

Magazines are intrinsically publications, by and large published on a regular agenda, incorporating a assortment of articles of a peculiar genre of intelligence and information. They are by and large financed by agencies of advertisement, a purchase monetary value, magazine subscriptions, or all three.

This peculiar survey is engineered to concentrate forthrightly on the subgenre of strictly Business centric magazines, with a topical accent on the Goan Diaspora with the aim of deducing consequences which would finally help Business magazine publishing houses like Business Goa mulct tune their offerings and finally derive better gross revenues by presenting to the people what they demand for based on the findings of this peculiar study.

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The survey was carried out through an extended research preceded by an unfastened ended pilot which sourced informations through primary and secondary beginnings of informations. Executives, academicians and insouciant concern magazine readers were surveyed through the agencies of a Questionnaire By agencies of a graded Random Sample, to understand their penchants likes and disfavors on a broad array of subjects runing from Content to pricing.

Finally after collating the aforesaid questionnaires, they were so tabulated and findings were derived.

Finally a scope of suggestions were put frontward on the footing of the pilot and concluding study.

Scope of the Research:

The research undertaking covers merely respondents who read Business Magazines.

The survey is limited to the geographic boundaries of the province of Goa.

The research covers Businessmen, Academicians, Students and insouciant readers/Subscribers of concern magazines of all ages.

Restrictions of the survey:

The research was conducted in a limited continuance of 9 hebdomads.

Some Respondents were non privy to unwraping personal information on the questionnaire.

The Questionnaire was a Two-Part survey which clubbed a general survey on client penchants and a satisfaction/customer profiling study for readers specific to Business Goa in one compact questionnaire. In ideal conditions two separate studies would hold revealed better consequences but due to dearth of clip such an project was non executable to the research worker.


Research Design

The aim of the undertaking survey was accomplished by carry oning a systematic research


Quantitative design: Raw information was acquired from the pilot study and cardinal column generic to taking Business magazines were discovered. Subsequently converted into questionnaire and so circulated to readers all over Goa. After that the information was converted into graphical signifiers coupled with findings.

Qualitative Design: based on the quantitative informations research opted for qualitative methodological analysis based on the undertaking intent. A unfastened ended questionnaire was formed to inquire the respondent. The interview permitted more direct comparison of responses, inquiry variableness had been eliminated and answer variableness was assumed to be existent. It has to be noted during the class of interview the interview ‘s neutrally was maintained. During the class of interview behavioural observation survey was besides done on the interviewee ( non verbal behaviour, excess lingual behaviour ) .

Pilot trial: The qualitative research trial was done with little sample of magazine readers from reputed establishments like B.I.T.S Pilani, Goa and GIM. The inquiries were so derived on the footing of these replies.

Research Plan: Once the job was identified, the following measure I took was to fix a program for acquiring the information needed for the research. The present survey was to follow explorative attack wherein there is demand to garner informations execute an analysis before doing a decision.

The magazine published in London, is considered to hold been the first general-interest magazine. The editor Edward Cave, who edited The Gentleman ‘s Magazine under the pen name “ Sylvanus Urban ” , was the first to utilize the term “ magazine ” ,

Harmonizing to bookmans, the word ‘magazine ‘ comes from the Arabic ‘Makhzan ‘ significance ‘storehouse ‘ .

The original magazine was a topographic point where grain and other goods were stored. This explains why the portion of the gun which contains the slugs is called a magazine, as it is a depot for the ammo.

As a affair of fact before the nineteenth century even ordinary books were called ‘magazines. But so once more general sense dictates that books are nil but a depot of cognition after all.

Hence it was merely in the nineteenth century that the word ‘magazine ‘ began to mention strictly to periodicals.

Magazines today have evolved to go the unequivocal voice of a state and is a powerful tool for determining public sentiment. Magazines in India are abundant and divided into Nationwide giants Like Business World and ambitious “ indie ” monthlies like Business Goa.

Finally it is the autonomous duty of such magazines to exert their power carefully for such is the nature of the power they wield.

The power to animate and steer a state,

The power to mislead and destruct a state.

Such is the power of print in the modern universe.

The Modern Business magazine

The modern concern magazine is used by people of all strata ‘s of society in general.

They are considered needed reading for decision-makers and sentiment leaders who need to be good informed about concern and the economic system,

Magazines today can be found in the offices of the state ‘s most powerful organisations.

Magazines make for a must read for executives at any and all degrees, Businessmen, Students, academicians and anybody and everybody who have a wish to remain in the cringle with the on departures of a concern magazine in India and abroad.

Even though the Indian Readership Survey has been bespeaking diminution in readership for most of the magazines in assorted markets and linguistic communications, the concern magazine genre has continued to witness growing in AIR ( Average Issue Readership ) Numberss in 2010. However, except a few, public presentation of concern newspapers has declined in the Q4 consequences of IRS.

In the Q1 and Q3 consequences of IRS, merely two out of the six English concern magazines had shown diminution, therefore doing the image not-so-grim for the magazines. And now, there is much to hearten for concern magazines in Q4. Barring Outlook Money, wholly five concern dailies ( which are registered with IRS ) have seen hiking in AIR Numberss as against the Q3 consequences of IRS 2010.

With an Air of 3.70 hundred thousand, Business Today is the most read concern magazine of the state as per the Indian Readership Survey. Following that, with AIR of 2.16 hundred thousand, Business India is ranked 2nd among the most read concern magazines. Outlook Business and Businessworld occupy the 3rd and 4th places with AIR of 1.95 hundred thousand and 1.83 hundred thousand, severally. Business & A ; Economy has witnessed a growing of 9.46 per cent in Q4 as compared to Q3 consequences of IRS.

Outlook Money is the lone concern magazine that has witnessed diminution in AIR at 8.80 per cent as compared to Q3 consequences. In the Q3, Outlook Money had recorded positive growing of 8.70 per cent ( as against the Q2 consequences of IRS ) .

And with the coming of the universe broad web, content suppliers like traditional print media are merely happening it tougher to remain relevant in today ‘s age of instant information that is Free, Fast and merely a mere Click off.


Business Goa is Goa ‘s first and merely concern magazine dedicated to industry, trade and commercialism. Launched in July 2010 by Savoir Faire Media, the magazine has managed to capture the imaginativeness of everyone who is connected to concern in Goa and beyond.

For a province with a population of a mere million-and-a-half, Goa has a unusually vibrant, diverse and plucky print media landscape, with legion day-to-day newspapers in English and Marathi, and besides one in Konkani. In add-on, there are weeklies and monthlies in all three major linguistic communications, ensuing in a state of affairs that would make a province 10 times as big proud.

But one deficiency that has frequently been felt has been that of a Goan concern magazine, which has meant that concern affairs in Goa do non acquire the coverage they deserve. Though the bing newspapers and magazines do transport concern intelligence, they can non counterbalance wholly for the deficiency of a magazine dedicated to this sector. This besides means that Goan concern ends up as a mere bead in the Indian concern ocean, and does non acquire the coverage it merits.

This spread has now been filled by Business Goa, the inspiration of editor Harshvardhan Bhatkuly and Rajiv D’Silva. Through his advertisement bureau ‘Savoir Faire ‘ , Bhatkuly has been closely involved with Goan concern affairs, and the deepness of his and D’Silva ‘s cognition of the Indian concern sector can be gauged from the fact that they have excelled in the most esteemed concern quizzes in India.

He has already cut his dentitions in the corporate universe, is at the top, or on his manner to the top, of his calling or concern. He travels often on work and pleasance, is good read and educated, expects intelligent, thought supplying concern content to maintain abreast of the latest developments in concern, trade, authorities policies and the economic system.

But being on a higher round economically does non connote he is careless with his money gold contraire the mean Reader of concern magazines remains unwilling to loosen his bag strings and demands a knock for his had earned buck particularly for magazines like Business Goa.

A common suffering or beginning of major dissatisfaction that the research worker came across during besides lay along the same lines.

Business Goa needs to present more value on their offering and hence justify their brawny monetary value ticket of Rs 25 for a 45 page monthly magazine.


An Indigenous Business magazine by and for the cheery province of Goa seems to be a really ambitious project by the laminitiss of the magazine and a major reverse boulder clay now has been in the fact that about a twelvemonth down the line the gross revenues of Business Goa have yet to pick impulse adequate to prolong operations and interrupt even.

This job was the major ground for the project of this study and at the apogee of this survey a few causes have been discovered,


In today ‘s digital age of instant information it is imperative for Business Goa to non merely remain relevant as a monthly capsule of intelligence and events in the province of Goa.

It is imperative that the magazine add more content to pull aficionados of concern magazines and non merely insouciant readers ( which is its current placement )

The pilot study and concluding questionnaire contain some really specific concern columns which are decidedly the demand of the hr.

The magazine besides needs to present value for money by increasing the figure of pages in the magazine and therefore maintain up with its countrywide rivals.


The frequenters of Business Goa need to warrant bear downing a cover monetary value of Rs 25 either by increasing the sum and quality of content or by take downing the monetary value ticket to a more low-cost nog.


The trademarks of any great publication prevarication in its claims of genuineness and biased free coverage, unhappily this once more seems to be missing in this offering. The study revealed that readers were non wholly convinced on the genuineness of the magazine after pin indicating repeated errors and factually wrong articles.

The magazine hence demands to sharpen its redaction and proofreading systems to avoid such fatal oversights of reliable coverage.


In decision while it is cheering to witness the coming of a Business Magazine in the sleepy province of Gait is still excessively early to start the bubbly and observe its success, for the magazine yet has far to travel to go a true blue concern magazine.

The research worker hopes that the consequences of this study will travel a long manner in turn toing the inherent and perceived mistakes in the magazine. and finally assist the magazine in lasting and blooming into a great periodical.


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