Customer satisfaction and loyalty for Toyota products

1.0 Customer Demographic

1.1 Gender, Age, Race and monthly income

Demographic of clients was included as a factor that might play a function in finding a trade name image and trueness. Harmonizing to Toyota client demographic research, the higher buying rate on Toyota vehicle is 20 – 30 old ages old which is 78 people, the lowest buying rate is people who are below than 20 twelvemonth old which is 0 people ( mention to calculate 1, image 2 ) . Otherwise, in race position, Chinese is the largest consumer ‘s base which is 98 people and the smallest consumer ‘s base is other races which is 8 people ( mention to calculate 1, image 3 ) . Therefore, from monthly income position, it show that 98 people is the class from RM 4001-5000 income which is the highest scope among the remainder of classs and the lowest class is from & lt ; RM 1000 income which is 2 people merely ( mention to calculate 1, image 4 ) .

Figure 1: Customer Demographic

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2.0 Customer Satisfaction

There are four chief elements that use to find client satisfaction on Toyota Motor Company which is Toyota merchandises quality, Toyota merchandises monetary value, Toyota merchandises advanced and originative ; and Toyota services. The respondents were exposed to the inquiry sing the specific trade name that they like and they like to buy. This four elements is the most of import factor that influence or affect clients determination doing while consider to buy Toyota merchandises. Datas were assembled on inquiring inquiry from the users of the Toyota that whether they are satisfied with the Brand they are utilizing. The consequences of the quantitative research are demoing at below harmonizing to different component.

2.1 Product Quality Perspective

Product quality is a really of import factor to find client satisfaction on Toyota merchandises. Harmonizing to the informations aggregation most of the respondents are agree of of import of merchandise quality which is 45 % . The 2nd highest is 38 % which is strong agree that merchandises quality is the of import factor when a client ‘s purpose to buy Toyota merchandises. The lowest per centum is strongly disagree which is merely 1 % ( refer to calculate 2 ) .

Figure 2: Merchandise quality

2.2 Product Price Perspective

Therefore, merchandise monetary value is another of import component that will impact Toyota client satisfaction. In the research consequence, most of the respondents are strongly agreed that merchandises monetary value is really of import when they choose to buy Toyota merchandises which are 52 % . On the contrary, there are merely 2 % of respondents which is strongly disagreed on the impact of merchandises monetary value ( mention to calculate 3 ) .

Figure 3: Merchandise Monetary value

2.3 Product Creative and advanced Position

A characteristic of a merchandise permits a certain map which in bend leads to a benefit and is considered a value add-on to a peculiar merchandise. The importance of characteristics of a merchandise can non be ignored, because of this, users were asked about characteristics of the Toyota. Particular characteristics that were included in the questionnaire were picking of vehicle, siting capacity, economic system of fuel & A ; care, position symbol, public presentation, dependability and resale value. Harmonizing to the consequence, there are 32 % of respondents agreed that merchandise advanced and originative will impact Toyota client satisfaction. This is the highest per centum among the remainder. Beside it, the lowest per centum is 11 % which is strongly disagree that merchandises advanced and originative will impact client satisfaction on Toyota merchandises ( refer to calculate 4 ) . Through this consequence, Toyota can find that Innovative and creative of their merchandise is non the largest fondness that affect client on buying their merchandises and enhance clients ‘ satisfaction.

Figure 4: Merchandise advanced and originative

2.4 Customer Service Perspective

To find client satisfaction on Toyota client service position, three chief elements are separate out which is shop atmosphere, service adviser and besides proficient service ( mention to appendix 26 ) .

2.4.1 Shop Atmosphere

Harmonizing to the informations aggregation consequence, the highest per centum from the respondents is 45 % which is strongly agreed that shop atmosphere is really of import to heighten the clients buying rate of Toyota merchandises. Beside it, the lowest per centum is impersonal which 1 % is merely ( mention to calculate 5 ) . Through this per centum figure Toyota are able to understand that there are a large chitchat among the client on shop atmosphere position but, the bulk of clients are expect to hold a good quality of shop ambiance.

Figure 5: Shop Atmosphere

2.4.2 Service Advisor

From the consequence, the highest per centums from the respondents agree that service adviser is of import to them which are 42 % . Therefore, the lowest per centum is impersonal which 1 % is merely ( mention to calculate 6 ) .

Figure 6: Sevice adviser

2.4.3 Technical service

Through the consequence, the highest per centum from the respondents is 46 % which is strongly agreed that proficient service is really of import to heighten Toyota trade name image. Beside it, the lowest per centum is remain impersonal which 1 % is merely ( mention to calculate 7 ) .

Figure 7: Technical Service

From the client service position analysis, it shows that service of a company is really of import to increase the client satisfaction on a merchandises or Company. In order to increase client satisfaction degree, Toyota has to stay and increase the quality of service on every section to fulfill clients ‘ demands and wants.

3.0 Customer Loyalty

Questionnaires of client trueness is to find whether Toyota are able to carry and profess Toyota clients to go Loyal to their trade name. This is an of import factor that leads Toyota to success in the car industry. It is because more loyal clients will increase the net incomes of Toyota Company. Harmonizing to the research consequence, most of the respondents are taking ‘Yes ‘ which is 60 % answering norm are taking ‘Maybe ‘ which is 33 % and 7 % respondents are taking ‘No ‘ ( refer to calculate 8 ) .

Figure 8: Toyota Customer trueness

Otherwsie, through the research, its shows that there are 63 % of the entire repondents are prefer to buy Toyota trade name merchandises compare to the other trade names. Beside it, the per centum of respondent who will non prefer to Toyota set merchandises is remain last which is merely 6 % ( refer to calculate 9 ) . Harmonizing to this research consequence, we can cognize that many clients are loyal to Toyota trade name.

Figure 9: Customers prefer Toyota trade name comparison to others?

Furthermore, through the research data most of the respondents which are 63 % choose Toyota merchandises because of the trade name image. Customers feel dependable and confident on Toyota merchandises. Beside it, there is merely 1 % of respondents choose Toyota merchandises due to others ground ( mention to calculate 10 ) .

Figure 10: Customer choose Toyota because of trade name image?

Harmonizing to the consequence at figure 11, there are stated that 64 % and 1 % of respondents will urge and non urge Toyota merchandises to their comparative or friends.

Figure 11: Will client urge Toyota merchandises to relative or friend?

Otherwise, the respondents were besides asked sing their repetition purchase continuance mechanism. Several optioned were put besides them. They were asked that after how many old ages they repeat their redemption determination. Different sentiments come out of the informations, but the consequence shows an undistinguished relationship between repetition purchase continuance and Brand Image and Loyalty. Harmonizing to figure 12, there are 57 % of respondents say ‘YES ‘ which is they will reiterate purchase Toyota trade name merchandises in the hereafter. Therefore, Merely 6 % of the respondents say ‘No ‘ which is unwilling to buy back Toyota merchandises.

Otherwise, figure 13 show that the highest continuance that clients will take to reiterate purchase on Toyota merchandises is 7 to 9 twelvemonth. Thus, the lowest continuance those clients will reiterate purchase on Toyota merchandises is 1 to 3year.

Figure 12: Customers willingness to repuchase Toyota Products.

Figure 13: Customers repeat purchase continuance

4.0 Rating for the elements that affect client satisfaction to Toyota merchandises

Harmonizing to client evaluation from Penang respondents, Toyota are able to cognize that the chief elements that client focal point on while they choose to buy Toyota merchandises. Harmonizing to the consequence, most of the clients will concentrate on the merchandises monetary value foremost. Second, clients will concentrate on merchandises quality and follow by quality of service. The last component that clients will concentrate on is merchandises advanced and originative ( mention to calculate 14 ) .

Figure 14: Customer Rating

5.0 Determine the current Automobile Market state of affairs

The respondents were asked about how many vehicle and the trade names that they are presently utilizing in their household today. Many trade names were compared in this respect, which included Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Proton, Perodua and others. Through the informations of research, Toyota is able to find and place current market state of affairs, Toyota client trueness and Toyota trade name image in Penang car market.

5.1 Entire vehicle of household

Harmonizing to the research, most of the household have more than one auto. Under this Toyota questionnaire research, among 192 respondents, there are 91 respondents have 1-3 autos in each household which is considered as the highest record in this research. Otherwise, the 2nd highest is 87 respondents which have 4-6 autos in each household. Therefore, the lowest class is more than 8 autos in each household which has 5 respondents merely ( mention to calculate 15 ) .

Figure 15: Entire vehicle of each household

5.2 Brand of Vehicle in each Family

Harmonizing to the research, there are many different trade names of vehicle in each household. The highest vehicle that the respondents purchase is Proton which is 31 % . The lower per centum from the research is 2 % merely which is Nissan. In the research, we can cognize those Toyota trade names vehicles are under really high per centum among the remainder of trade names which is 24 % ( refer to calculate 16 ) .

Figure 16: Trade name of vehicle in each household

5.3 Rating on current car in usage

Harmonizing to the evaluation tabular array, its shows that most of the respondents are rate perfect and first-class on Toyota vehicle which is 26 on perfect rate and 20 on first-class rate among 46 entire Toyota merchandises user. In the tabular array, most likely of respondents have proton vehicle in their household which is 59 entire vehicles ( refer to calculate 17 ) . But through this tabular array its shows that the evaluation on proton merchandises is on good evaluation. From the tabular array, it can reason as many respondents have positive respond on Toyota merchandises. Therefore, quality of vehicle merchandises is really of import factor which will impact the client satisfaction.

Figure 17: Rating on current vehicle in usage

In conclude informations aggregation from the research shows that Toyota is good in keeping and control merchandises quality and trade name image comparison. Therefore, the consequence from the respondent are largely agree, or strongly hold to the inquiry which is inquiring in the research inquiry. Otherwise, harmonizing to the research questionnaires, the consequence shows that degree of client trueness of Toyota is high comparison to the trade name. Perfect keeping on client trueness is the of import factor that fuelled Toyota to be success in car industry.



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