Customer Satisfaction and Quality Care Essay

September 19, 2017 Medical

What started out as a community infirmary has grew over the past 50 old ages into a healthcare organisation comprising of seven distinguishable units assisting 300. 000 people every twelvemonth. Such development and growing has been motivated by one ground taking attention of the people that call Houston County and nearby peoples place. Houston Medical Center is a typical infirmary in Warner Robins. GA. and has 237 beds. The most recent statistics study reveals that 67. 439 patients stopped at the hospital’s exigency room. there were 14. 179 patients admitted to admittances 1. 987 inpatient surgeries and 9. 816 outpatient surgeries.

While the extra facts of the quality attention study the demands of the infirmary. doctor. and client. the patient’s demand to be heard is overcome by a measuring of satisfaction. Frequently. the information collected from the studies is good for the infirmary to mensurate itself and its achievement in maintaining a minimal criterion of attention and prolonging the customer’s needs. 33 Studies have shown that each patient who is dissatisfied will inform up to ten other people of this dissatisfaction ( Sitzia & A ; Wood 1997 ) . For case let’s say with the information given on the per centum of dissatisfaction of patients non being explained what the medical specialty is they are taking that patient could state that he was given the incorrect medicine because you have non told him the medicine he is taking.

I am rather certain this type of dissatisfaction could take to a case. Three barriers that existed at Houston Medical Center were the clip they had to wait to have aid. account of medical specialty non given earlier given to patient to take. and the suites and bathrooms were non every bit clean as they should be. These three barriers could hold a immense significance on the installation. These barriers I am certainly impacted the client satisfaction at Houston Medical Center. The barriers affected whether or non the patient would return to the centre due to the installation non being clean. hapless communicating. and the delay clip. All these factors would do a patient disbelieving about returning to the centre. One tool Houston Medical Center could hold used to analyze a procedure barrier related to customer-satisfaction would be the Pareto diagrams or charts. This tool could be used to supervise when the bathrooms were cleaned. patient arrival clip and delay clip. and besides to enter the medicine given to the patient leting the nurse to at the clip of giving medicine to explicate what the medicine is for.

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Sitzia J. Wood N. Patient satisfaction: A reappraisal of issues and constructs. Social Science & A ; Medicine. 1997 ; 45:1829–1843.


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