September 28, 2017 Marketing

Selling is a comprehensive term and it includes all resources and a set of activities necessary to direct and ease the flow of goods and services from manufacturers to consumers in the procedure of distribution. Businessmens refer marketing procedure as distribution procedure. Human attempts, finance and direction constitute the primary resources in Marketing.

Selling encompasses all activities of exchange conducted by manufacturers and jobbers in commercialism for the intent of fulfilling consumer demand. Marketing Management is responsible for forming, directing and commanding all selling activities included in the procedure of selling.

Marketing consist of a set of rules for taking mark markets, placing consumer demands, developing wants. Satisfying merchandises and services and presenting value to clients and net income to the company. More successful companies owe their success to practising a thorough client orientation. They make consumer needs the footing of company chances.

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Definition of Marketing

P. Kotler defines selling as the set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchanges. The kernel of selling is exchange of merchandises and the dealing is to fulfill human demands and wants.

The American Marketing Association defines selling as the public presentation of concern activities that direct the flow of goods and services from manufacturer to consumer


Customer satisfaction, a concern term, is a step of how merchandises and services supplied by a company meet or surpass client outlook.

Today in the client goaded economic system, all houses are engaged in a rat race to pull clients construct long term relationships with their clients.

The key to client trueness is client satisfaction. A satisfied client will move as a interpreter of the company ‘s merchandise and convey in more clients. All the attempts put in by the seller in the terminal comes down to fulfilling the clients.

Customer satisfaction, a concern term, is a step of how merchandises and services supplied by a company meet or surpass client outlook.

Certain ways in which client satisfaction can be achieved:

Undertaking the demands of the client.

For defter client satisfaction a house has to right find the demand of its client. The best manner to understand their demands is through roll uping the sentiment of the client and happening out what they truly want.

Carry throughing the demands of clients.

To a client a merchandise represents package of outlooks. If the public presentation of the merchandise falls short of outlook, the clients are dissatisfied. So a house must seek to carry through the demands of the clients.

To analyze the clients demand in the market.

Customer demands are continuously altering. It can lift or fall. Therefore the house should be careful and be able to fulfill the client demand.

Good quality merchandises

The house should ever be able to fulfill the clients by supplying them with good quality merchandises and be able to keep the quality of the goods.

Good service at purchase point and after gross revenues service.

Good quality services are helpful to increase the satisfaction degree of the client. Good after gross revenues service prevents dissatisfaction, defeat and ailment will among clients. It can besides construct up and keep marketer good will and better company image.


To happen out if the clients are satisfied with services offered by NOKIA and besides to happen out if they have any job with the services.

Finally acquire the clients view on NOKIA services and besides how to convey about betterments


To track clients attitude towards NOKIA

To happen out client satisfaction with regard to the services offered by NOKIA

To happen, if the services are rendered on clip to the clients and to happen out if the clients would desire any alteration in NOKIA selling scheme


The range is to analyze the Customer Satisfaction on the Servicess provided By NOKIA in UK. It looks at the general satisfaction degrees of the clients of NOKIA. It besides tries to happen out how long the clients has been associated with NOKIA, the research besides seeks to supply the company with suggestions for bettering the services provided by them and besides provides information to the company about the lifting competition faced by them.


Data aggregation instrument is an instrument through which information is collected every bit accurate as possible. It should be easy to utilize convenient for obtaining informations and the research worker should happen it easy to garner accurate informations utilizing this instruments used in research are-


These contents a set of inquiry which are all the people respond back by replying inquiry pick replies. It is the most common method.


This instrument is a questionnaire but it is sent by mail and response is besides obtained by Mail, However, the response could be low.

Apart from this there are besides other mechanical or electronic devices which are besides used for acquiring informations.


About the company

Nokia Corporation ( NYSE: NOK ) is one of the universe ‘s largest telecommunications equipment makers. It has since established a taking trade name presence in many local markets, and concern has expanded well in all countries to back up client demands and the growing of the telecommunications industry. Nokia besides produces nomadic phone substructure and other telecommunications equipment for applications such as traditional voice telephone, ISDN, broadband entree, professional Mobile wireless, voice over IP, radio LAN and a line of orbiter receiving systems. Nokia provides nomadic communicating equipment for every major market and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA.

SWOT Analysis of the Company: Nokia


Nokia has largest web of distribution and merchandising every bit compared to other nomadic phone company in the universe. It is backed with the high quality and professional squad in the HRD Dept. The fiscal facet is really strong in instance of Nokia as it has many profitable concern.

The merchandise being user friendly and have all the accoutrements one want that is why is in great demand doing it No-1 selling nomadic phones in the universe. Wide scope of merchandises for all category. The re-sell value of Nokia phones are high compared to other company ‘s merchandise.


Nokia has many strengths and some failing. Some of the failing includes the monetary value of the merchandise offered by the company. Some of the merchandises are non user friendly. Not concern about the lower category of the society people. Not aiming publicity toward them. The monetary value of the merchandise is the chief issue. The service centres in India are really few and panic. So after gross revenues service is non good.


Nokia has ample of chance to spread out its concern. With the broad scope in merchandises, characteristics and different monetary value scope for different people, it has an advantage over the rivals around. With the chance like ‘Telecom incursion in India ‘ being at the peak clip, Nokia has an chance to increase its gross revenues every bit good as the market portion. As the criterion of life in India has increased the buying power of the people every bit increased as good


Nokia has many menaces to undertake to keep its place as market leader. The menaces like emerging of other nomadic companies in the market. The companies like Motorola, Sony Eriksson, Cingular ( U.S ) etc. these companies have come to the base of tough competition with Nokia in the field of Mobile Phones. Menaces can be like supplying

inexpensive phones, new characteristics, new manner and type, good after gross revenues service etc. So, Nokia has to maintain in head the turning competition about. Nokia has to do schemes to undertake jobs in the present and the close hereafter. The turning demand of WLL web can do bead in gross revenues for Nokia, as Nokia provides many less CDMA phones to the



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