D. heavily. Therefore, she paid all her

February 6, 2019 February 25th, 2019 English Literature

D. H. Lawrence, an English writer of the 20th century,
is one of the most important people in English literature.
He tried his best to pursuit man’s soul in his works, which
have been paid great attention in the literary world. Sons
and Lovers, containing many autobiographical details,
is Lawrence’s masterpiece. It tells the story of a miner’s
family-the Morel family. Mrs. Morel was disillusioned
with her husband, who was a miner drinking heavily.
Therefore, she paid all her attention to her sons, especially
Paul, and as Paul growing up, this relationship developed
abnormal, and also influencing Paul’s affection with
another two women. Because of the strong abnormal
maternal love from his mother, Paul has the Oedipus
complex, and so Paul’s life became a tragedy


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