The components of PICO

By February 9, 2019 General Studies

Dalmonique Burleson
Quiz 2 Qualitative
List the components of PICO that are embedded in this article.

The population in this article were 21 men receiving ADT for metastatic prostate cancer.

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The intervention, influence or exposure of this study was the effects experienced by the men involved receiving the ADT treatment and the impact of the andropause symptoms on these men
The outcome of this study was that the most frequently mentioned adverse effects were hot flashes and night sweats, gynecomastia, cognitive decline, and changes in sexual function. The hot flashes impacted everyday functioning, and the night sweats regularly disturbed sleep patterns causing them to feel irritable and tired. They also complain about the lack of being able to control the hot flashes.

Are there any indications of possible conflict of interest that could contribute to a potential bias between the author and the research conducted?
There seems to be some bias in opinion pertaining to the report of hot flashes as it relates to the experience women have during their menopausal phase.

What is the Research Problem?
The research problem was the adverse effects of ADT and the impact of the symptoms experienced by the patients and the effects on their daily living.

4. What is the Statement of Purpose or Objective in this article?
The objective in this article was to explore the experience and impact of andropause symptoms, particularly hot flashes, among men undergoing ADT for metastatic prostate cancer.

What are the Research Questions given by the author?
The research questions given by the author were, “what have been the main effects of these symptoms/ adverse effects on your daily life?” and “what have you done to cope with these symptoms/adverse effects?”.

Is there a hypotheses? If so, what is it?
No, there is no hypothesis.

7. Are there independent variables? If so, what are they?
The independent variable is the treatment and its effects on the patient.

8. Are there dependent variables? If so, what are they?
Yes, there is a dependent variable. The dependent variable is the patient with prostate cancer being treated with the ADT
9. What key words would you use to search for other studies along this same topic?
Some key words to use when searching for other studies along this same topic include: andropause, ADT, prostate cancer treatment, hot flashes and men
10. How can this study benefit patients with the issues named in this article/study?
This study can benefit patients by making them more aware of the adverse effects expressed in this article. It allows patients to hear the point of view from others that have previously received this treatment, making them more aware of what to expect before beginning treatments. It could also give patients the opportunity to discuss ways of preventing some of these effects or allow them to discuss other treatments to offset the effects while being treated for the prostate cancer.


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