Damages; Pain, Suffering and Loss of Amenity

September 7, 2017 Medical

Advanced Legal Method ( Brief )

Pain, agony, loss of agreeableness

This header of amendss is normally under general amendss. Since this is a non-pecuniary loss, there is no exact figure to enforce on it. The degree of amendss varies from different claimants. Here, VR will be able to claim amendss for the hurting, agony and loss of agreeableness as a consequence of enduring the hurts from the accident. The scope of amendss that will be here has been subjected to the 10 % addition in general amendss as decided in the instance ofSimmons v Castle. [ 1 ]

First, VR suffered bruises to his brow. He was kept overnight at the infirmary, had mild sickness for 2 yearss and 2 hebdomads of concerns which responded good to normal doses of paracetamol. He recovered to the full by 26ThursdayMay. Harmonizing to the Judicial College Board Guidelines ( JCB ) this will be classified as a minor caput hurt and amendss would run from ?1,788 to ?10,340. Lowest terminal of the bracket reflects on full recovery within a few hebdomads. VR recovers from the hurt within 3 hebdomads. He would likely have around ?1,800 as compensation for hurting and agony. VR does non endure any loss of agreeableness

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Second, VR besides had a simple undisplaced break of olfactory organ. Harmonizing to the JCB Guidelines, amendss under breaks of olfactory organ without supplanting will be in the scope of ?1,375 to ?2,035. Since there was no lasting harm to VR’s nose, he would non hold any loss of agreeableness. He could to acquire approximately ?1,400 as compensation for hurting and agony.

Finally, VR sustained crush hurt to his right manus. Initial intervention alleviated hurting and uncomfortableness but he had to undergo farther operation. After the operation, physician said that VR will ne’er retrieve full sleight in that manus. The loss of usage is about 10 % usage of the manus. This will most probably be classified as Moderate Hand Injury under the JCB Guidelines. Damages would run from ?5,060 to ?10,725 where top of the bracket is appropriate where lasting disablement remains after surgery.

The hurt had go oning impact to his manus and gives VR trouble in numbering money, composing and some types of carving gesture. His manus besides gets stiff and uncomfortable in the cold which puts him off his former avocation of bird of Minerva watching which he used to make twice a month. Since the hurt has impacted VR significantly, he would likely have amendss at the top terminal of the bracket which is ?10,725 for the hurting, agony and loss of agreeableness he has to digest.

The entire amendss that VR would acquire for hurting, agony and loss of agreeableness would be ?13,925.

Particular Damagess

First, VR will be able to claim for his spouse, MsCarter’s loss of rewards due to taking 10 yearss unpaid leave to supply attention and support for him. MsCarter earns ?420.60 per hebdomad and since she lost rewards for two working hebdomads this sums to a entire loss of ?841.20. VR will be able to claim this sum since it was incurred due to MsCarter moving as his caretaker.

Second, VR can claim for his medical disbursals. His determination to run at CUPA instead than at Loptown General due to the 3-months waiting list will non impact the sum of amendss he will have because he has a statutory right to have private intervention. [ 2 ] In decision, VR will be able to claim the full ?4,600 for his medical disbursals in which he paid to the full.

Third, VR was off work for 10 on the job yearss due to the hurts. Since he was still paid his normal take place wage during the 10 yearss away, the loss he suffered here was his overtime wage during the 10 on the job yearss. He usually works 3 overtimes hours a hebdomad at ?22 per hr which amounts to ?66 per hebdomad and ?132 for two hebdomads. Furthermore, he had to take two yearss unpaid leave for medical assignments in which he lost 16 hours of wage at the rate of ?16 per hr. This amounts to a loss of ?256. Hence, the entire loss of rewards suffered by VR is ?388.

Additionally, VR can claim amendss for the fix of his auto at his usual garage at the cost of ?1,544. This is besides the lowest quotation mark he found. VR can besides claim for the cab menus in which he took to the infirmary twice for medical scrutinies. One was ?34 and the other was ?32.50 adding up to a sum of ?66.50. Furthermore, VR can claim for the ?220 paid by the house to obtain a formal missive from the physician sing his status and intervention. Finally, VR can claim for the ?220.50 in which he spent at Debenham’s for replacing vesture which had been damaged by the accident.

VR can bring forth grosss from the garage, from Debenham’s, and from the cab company he had used to travel to the infirmary. The entire sum of particular amendss VR can claim is ?7,880.20.

General Damages

Pain, agony and loss of agreeableness are a portion of general amendss but it is already covered above. The other type of claim under general amendss which is valid to VR would be a claim for loss of future net incomes.

Harmonizing to VR’s employee, VR was come oning good and might be promoted to Master Carver in 12 months where he would be gaining ?36 per hr and ?42 per overtime hr but his decreased ability to transport out all right work as a consequence of this accident has taken VR out of the consideration of his employee for the Master Carver place.

In decision, VR will be able to claim for a loss of future net incomes. However, to be able to make so I would necessitate his instruction degree and besides his preferable age of retirement which was non available in the papers.

Other factors impacting degree of amendss

The hurts suffered by VR were consistent with him being thrown frontward by an impact and the hurts could hold been avoided had he been have oning his seat belt. Since VR hurts was partially his ain mistake, he will be deemed to be conducive negligent. However, being conducive negligent will non get the better of his claim. [ 3 ]

In the instance of ­Froom V Butcher, [ 4 ] Lord Denning stated that amendss should be reduced by 25 % in instances where hurts would be prevented wholly if a seat belt had been worn. After that, in the instances ofJ ( A Minor ) V Wilkins[ 5 ]and Gawler V Raettig[ 6 ] , the tribunal stated that 25 % is merely a guideline but so far, it can be seen that the tribunals are loath to travel above this figure.

In decision, VR’s entire amendss will most probably be reduced by 25 % because all his hurts could hold been prevented had he been have oning his seat belt.

Summary of quantum of amendss to be claimed

Pain, agony and loss of agreeableness = ?13,925

Particular amendss = ?7,880.20

Contributory carelessness harm decrease = 25 %

Entire amendss = ?16,353.90

The entire amendss that VR can claim for is ?16,353.90 excepting the loss of future net incomes which can non be calculated without his instruction degree and retirement age.

Table of Cases

Froom V Butcher [ 1976 ] 1 QB 286

Gawler V Raettig [ 2007 ] EWCA Civ 1560

J ( A child ) V Wilkins [ 2001 ] RTR 19

Simmons v Castle [ 2012 ] EWCA Civ 1039

Table of Legislations

Legislative acts:

Law Reform ( Personal Injury ) Act 1948

Law Reform ( Contributory Negligence ) Act 1945

Statutory Guidelines:

Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases


Deakin S,Markesinis and Deakin ‘s Tort Law( OUP 2013, 7Thursdayedition )

Horsey K and Rackley E,Tort Law( OUP 2012, 3rdedition )



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